Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in federal gun trial

Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in federal gun trial

Hunter Biden was found guilty of all gun charges at his federal trial in Wilmington, Delaware. #FoxNews

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Hunter Biden has been found guilty on All counts in his Gun trial federal trial in Wilmington Delaware all right Leo your first Response my first response is I go back To the Harris fauler Leo trell segment About six months ago when you asked me That question uh is there any way that Plea deal could be stopped I said the Judge the judge played a major role in The rule of law by saying I'm not going To agree to this plea deal questions and That's why we're here today the American Public needs to know that that is the Rule of law and I applaud the judge that She did an outstanding job in following The rule of law Andrew do they appeal What does this look like because September is going to be here in a Heartbeat and you've got that tax fraud Trial which you say is stronger than This well Hunter got exactly what he was Asking for he wanted this trial he got It and he got a big guilty verdict Because what he did over the years his Actions and his words that uh provided The the government the evidence for that What he I think has done through this is Left open the possibility of an appeal The Second Amendment issues related to Having this kind of drug addiction or Drug use at the time of buying or Possessing a gun is not necessarily Settled law through the Supreme Court so

I see this going through an app pellet Channel where they're they're Challenging the underlying basis of the Law not his conduct itself aren't they Looking at that right now I mean I know The US Supreme Court has a lot on its Plate I don't know if they'll get to That one yeah there's various versions Not this exact question before them Right now but the issue of whether uh Guns and gun possession is more Consistent with um preventing people who Have like a mental illness versus people Who are on alcohol alcohol itself Typically not something that uh Prohibits gun possession or ownership um But mental illness may be so the Supreme Court is looking deep into uh exactly When the Second Amendment uh can be Essentially revoked from an individual With regard to their mental condition or The substances that they use uh Jonathan Turley if you're still with us I I I'm Going to ask you about what this does Overall to the tenor in the United States I mean this case was very Different than how former president Trump was treated in a lot of different Ways two different cases so we can Understand some of it but not all of it He's still under a gag Order well this was a very fair judge in My view uh she ruled for the defense and For the prosecutors on different issues

She went right down the middle of the Road uh and I think in the end uh Justice was done here uh this jury was Able to overcome a nullification Strategy I think part of the problem was That Abby LOL the defense attorney put Forward a bunch of defenses in the Opening statement uh that collapsed Within 48 Hours uh the prosecutors did An extraordinarily good job here they Were focused they were disciplined and They Methodically took apart each of these Defenses in front of the jury And when you pursue a nullification Strategy it can go too far sometimes it Can it make the jury feel like they're Being treated as Chumps and I think that Here the jury followed instruction we're Seeing the first lady Jill Biden walk Into the courthouse so it's taken a Little bit longer for all of the family Members to reassemble we saw Hunter Biden go a few minutes ago uh back into The courthouse but we knew that once a Verdict had been reached uh at least Would return and and maybe even all of That family previously we saw Joe Biden's brother James go in too so they Are reassembling ahead of the reading of This verdict Jonathan finish your Thought well you know that was an Interesting moment to have the first Lady come in because I'm sure the

Prosecutors were not happy with having a This a array of Biden family members Very famous figures uh behind Hunter it Reminded this jury that this is Biden Town you know this is this is Wilmington This is where the bidens reside and it Says a lot about the jurors that they Overcame that uh there was obvious Sympathy for the defendant I had Sympathy for the defendant when you hear His account of his struggle with drugs You can't be anything but empathetic but There was also an unavoidable series of Criminal acts in all of this and by Saying things like he might not have Checked the box or he had a moment of Sobriety or maybe he was just just using Alcohol uh really I think might have Insulted some of the jurors the way that LOL made it sound is that the question Meant are you doing drugs while you're Purchasing this weapon I he narrowed it So much right right right and with the Witnesses told right down to his Ex-girlfriend who was the wife now Widow Of his brother Bo was just how extensive That drug use was around about the time That he bought that gun and she knew how Bad it was let's just remember she knew How bad it was that's who went to search The truck for paraphernalia and came up With the gun

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