Hunter Biden special counsel testifies before Congress

Hunter Biden special counsel testifies before Congress

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss his take on Weiss and the DHS reportedly working to censor free speech on campus. #FOXNews

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Here is including this minutes ago we See David Weiss now going into the Closed door question and answer session This video moment ago uh from inside Jake Gibson just filing that a minute Ago uh closed door hearing house Judiciary Committee about the hunter uh Biden investigation want to bring in Republican out of California darl i s to Talk about this member that panel sir Good morning to you I don't know what You're going to get out of it but I'll Ask you that question in a moment first Your counterpart Jamie raskins a Democrat out of Maryland he said this About expectations for today I expect We'll learn what we've learned from Pretty much every other interview which Is that there's been no political Influence or leverage used in this Process and there's no crime well how do You see it sir what do you think you'll Peel back today if Anything well we'll get answer to a Question we hope which is why would a Skilled and uh almost 40-year uh Prosecuting attorney give a blanket a Blanket all known and unknown crimes uh To Hunter Biden in return for a Misdemeanor when in fact felonies had Been allowed to lapse these questions in More go to the very question not of Specifically was their coordination we Expect him to deny most of the

Coordination he'll talk about Consultation but he'll say no no it was My decision we want to know why and how You could make that kind of a boneheaded Decision uh you if you get a felony or You slightly reduce that happens but the Idea that you give somebody a free pass For Crime After Crime that are felonies Uh makes no sense and we want answers And we deserve answers because you're Dealing now with the hunter crime family James Hunter uh and some other bidens uh All of whom seem to lead to a president Who is now refusing to answer the simple Question will you show us how your Brother gave you 200,000 and we don't See any record if you're ever loaning it To him the president is clammed up and Refused that tells us a lot about how Important today is does David Weiss ever Testify publicly so so we can watch it Make up our own Minds absolutely one of the challenges We have because he is still uh in his Position is that the justice department Will push back very very hard on any Sort of a public State uh testimony and We want to be understanding of that he Coming in because we insisted on him Coming in because we have a need to know As part of our investigation but I would Fully expect we'll see him again all Right other topic here is called the Election Integrity project known as the

EIP takes a little bit of an explanation Here created by the government the Summer of 2020 and the allegation on Behalf of you and Jim Jordan other Republicans is that the government Created this to censor certain aspects Of American Media let's say Jim Jordan sent This tweet out call for four guys he Says here's how it works EIP Stakeholders including the federal Government would submit misinformation Reports EIP would analyze the report and Find similar content across platforms EIP would submit the report to Big Tech Often with a recommendation on how to Censor this dealt with Senator Tillis Out of North Carolina president Trump Shan Hannity Molly Hemingway uh Charlie Kirk The Babylon B um what are we to Understand about how this worked and how It applied to the election of 2020 well it's a good example of why This sort of an organization shouldn't Exist period uh if they were looking for Civil rights violations we would Understand but when you're looking for What is in the eye of the beholder an Opinion of what's inappropriate the bias Comes in very very quickly and that's What happened here uh conservatives were 9 plus to one uh taken down or throttled And I repeat repeat that last part part In some cases we were reduced in what

What was seen not completely taken down That's the the Cruestv where you don't know that you uh That no one's seeing you but virtually No one's seeing you is the EIP still in Existence and will it be in 2024 yes or No in 2024 it may be in 2025 with a new President we expect these systems not Just one name but many names including At the state department Department to go Away and that's going to be a job for The next president is to actually take Down these institutions some of which Were formed during co uh to get rid of This kind of uh point is if you feel Like you've been Ag reeved and it's Still standing 12 months from now you Got to watch it it could have an effect If your claims are true uh darl Isa Thank you we'll follow the headlines on David Weiss's testimony today thank you Dana I'm Steve I'm Brian Kil and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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