Hunter Biden’s lawyers to meet with DOJ prosecutors

Hunter Biden's lawyers to meet with DOJ prosecutors

Former FBI special agent Nicole Parker joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the possible charges he could face as the investigation into the president’s son continues. #FoxNews

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[Music] Hunter Biden's attorneys will meet with Doj officials this week after Revelations from a whistleblower that The investigation into his business Dealings is being mishandled prosecutors Are considering charging Hunter with two Misdemeanor counts for failure to file Taxes a felony account of tax evasion And a felony count related to a gun Purchase former FBI special agent Nicole Parker joins us now Nicole great to have You back on the program look this doj Still under the auspices of one Merrick Garland who's under the auspices of one Joe Biden so how can we be assured that The preferential treatment that this Whistleblower complained of won't Continue in this meeting between Hunter's lawyers and the doj That's a very important point to make I Think all eyes are on this case in this Investigation right now you know in America we're hearing that no one is Above the law and that's right no one is Above the law and no one should be above The law and we've been hearing that over And over in the news lately through Different investigations and this will Be a true test is no one above the law Um we'll see what happens yeah we will See especially when it usually is just Directed toward the right when they say That no one is above the law but if that

Goes to the right it goes to the left as Well you know Nicole one thing that I'm Most concerned about are the Implications that President Joe Biden Has with this entire investigation in This story James Comer says several Biden family members could have Benefited from Hunter's dealings listen To this When we hear about the the Biden family Lawyers are meeting with the doj to talk About a potential indictment of Hunter Biden it would be impossible for the Department of Justice to just cherry Pick hunter Biden for an indictment and Not do anything to the eight other Biden Family members because they were Essentially doing the same thing and Receiving the same types of payments for My adversaries around the world that Hunter Biden was doing gosh Nicole he Makes such a great Point what do you Think do you agree with him You know everyone should be treated the Same if one person's committing a crime Fine but if an entire family is Committing crimes that needs to be Looked into equally as well I think There's an important point on this case Um you know based on the reporting there Is a whistleblower from the IRS that has Come forward and wants to speak to Congress from what I understand this is A supervisory special agent with the IRS

That would mean that they are the Supervisor overseeing the case likely The investigator is you know turning all Of their paperwork into this supervisor They're seeing everything that's coming Through and it takes a lot of courage to Come forward as a whistleblower there is No real benefit to having a potential Target on your back for speaking up and When someone does that they have a very Strong moral compass that they have to Do the right thing when we are sworn Law Enforcement Officers we are taking an Oath to uphold the Constitution to Operate with the highest level of Integrity and I have to commend this Whistleblower from the IRS that he has The courage to come forward I mean this This is a very sensitive case but when You see something you have to say Something and if he's not able to sleep At night because he doesn't feel like It's being handled appropriately then He's doing the right thing by coming Forward and we need to see what he has To say it's very important and this was A blower went to Congress but that leads To my confusion on all of this because Calmer is obviously uncovering a lot of Evidence through his investigations we Now have the Whistleblower but if you Listen to my introduction these are Involving tax charges presumably the doj Hasn't been investigating tax charges

For years now did they not go to the IRS Once in other words how has the evidence That Comer is uncovering how is that not Found by the doj in the course of this Investigation on tax charges for years Now You know I think another thing that We're also hearing is that there's an Extreme amount of frustration coming out Of you know investigators from the FBI Is what we're hearing reports of it's Not that it hasn't been uncovered it's That the FBI and other law enforcement Agencies conduct the investigations they Gather the evidence and then the Evidence is presented to the United States attorney's office it's an up it's Up to them to make the prosecutorial Decision and at the end of the day it's On their shoulders and we'll see what Happens in this um you know you can do All the investigations you want and I Know it's a special agent with the FBI We conduct very thorough investigations But at the end of the day I present the Evidence to my U.S attorney's office and The prosecutors and it's up to them to Make the prosecutorial decision to Charge so let's see what happens with This whistleblower coming forward very Interesting timing Um you know doj is going to be meeting With uh I understand his you know Hunter Biden's attorneys and we'll see what

Happens and see if charges do come Forward soon you know you said it was Interesting timing with this Whistleblower coming forward why do you Say that what about the timing You know I just think that you know Every we're coming up on an election It's a very people people are watching What's happening on all sides of the Spectrum and I just think that for him To come forward after all of this time There must be something that he felt you Know I I have to speak up not Necessarily because of the election but Because he has something that he feels Like is not being properly addressed we Understand that he feels that an Appointed official did not speak Truthfully before Congress uh you know We assume that he's speaking about the Attorney general and if he feels that Someone is not making proper statements Before Congress he wants to have his Voice heard I can tell you that when you Are a sworn law enforcement officer you Are supposed to be completely apolitical And unbiased and if you feel that you're Seeing things that are not completely Unbiased in apolitical then you have to Say something that's the standard and we Have gone so far from that before we let You go in your career when dealing with Similar charges guns taxes is there Always such a delay like we've seen with

Hunter You know This case I think again that's where the Frustration is stemming from from Different investigators and people that Are looking at it from the outside you Do not know unless you are the person Conducting the investigation but I can Tell you that from what I understand This investigation has been completed The IRS apparently had their Investigation completed the FBI had Their portion of this investigation Completed a year ago why is it taking so Long you know these types of cases yeah They are complex white-collar cases Could be extremely complex but once the The evidence is done and you presented It to the U.S attorney's Office I've Worked investigations where you have Done everything in your power as a law Enforcement officer to make sure that no Stone is left unturned you've uncovered Every ounce of evidence and then you Give it to the prosecutors and it's up To them to make the prosecutorial Decision it certainly feels like when You put all the evidence together the Doj is slow rolling this The Whistleblower reportedly came out and Said the person who's leading the Slow Rolling is one aging Merrick Garland We'll see if that's truly the case and What it means for him going forward call

Parker we appreciate your time as always Thank you Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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