IDF confirms killing of Hamas leader involved in Oct. 7 terror attack

IDF confirms killing of Hamas leader involved in Oct. 7 terror attack

FOX News’ Jonathan Hunt reports. #FoxNews

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A Fox News Alert Israeli forces say they Have killed the Hamas commander who Directed some of the horrific Terror Attacks on Israel that took place on October 7th you're watching Fox and Friends first here on a Tuesday I'm Todd Pyro and I'm Carly shimkus Greg palot is Live on the ground near Israel's Northern border with Lebanon but we Begin with Jonathan hunt in Jerusalem With the breaking news Jonathan K and Todd good morning to you The Israeli Defense Forces clearly Consider this to be one of the most Significant gets since war was declared Against Hamas following the horrific Attacks of October the 7th they say they Took out Nim Abu aen a commander in Hamas's Northern brigades they say that He was responsible for directing as they Put it some of the attacks of October 7th attacks that were launched from the Northern part of the Gaza Strip and Significantly they say in taking out Nim Abu aen they believe they have Significantly reduced hamas's ability to Disrupt the idf's ground operations in The northern end of the Gaza Strip so They clearly believe he was a very big Player in hamas's Northern Gaza command In the meantime those ground operations Continue and what the IDF appears to be Trying to do is encircle Gaza City up in The northern end of the Gaza Strip

They've gone down the western side which Would be the coastal side of Gaza they Are coming in from the north and east And they appear to be trying to encircle The entire GA of entirety of Gaza City And therefore squeeze the Hamas Fighters Back in to the center of that City then They will take them on on the ground and In the tunnels and we are hearing from The IDF this morning that that is indeed What they've been doing striking Hundreds of targets both above and below Ground the IDF also very relieved to Announce just yesterday uh that they Rescued one of their own an IDF Soldier Uh who was kidnapped on October the 7th Taken into Gaza was rescued by IDF Forces and she is now reunited with her Family in the meantime prime minister Netanyahu is saying there is absolutely No consideration being given by the Israeli government to a ceasefire which Has been called for by some parties Prime minister Netanyahu says that would Be akin to the United States declaring a Ceasefire in the immediate wake of Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 attacks the Prime Minister says this war will continue Minute by minute hour by hour day by day Until Israel achieves total Victory Absolutely to yeah yeah we're also Learning that this particular commander Who was killed is partly responsible for Hamas's use of paragliders and of course

We all saw that imagery of the Hamas Fighters paragliding into Israel before Launching their attack so he is dead That is significant Jonathan Hunt Live On the ground for us in Jerusalem thank You so much

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