IDF says it destroyed a Hamas command center, recovered missiles

IDF says it destroyed a Hamas command center, recovered missiles

FOX News’ Trey Yingst provides updates on Israeli forces’ efforts to press into Gaza and ramp up pressure on Hamas after Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected calls for a cease-fire. #FoxNews

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Israeli troops pushing further into Gaza City as they target the underground Tunnels and terror terror Machinery of Hamas trying live in southern Israel This morning for us hi Trey hey Dana good morning it's been one Month since that Massacre against the Israeli people here in southern Israel And today the Israelis are bringing the Fight back to Hamas inside the Gaza Strip pushing deeper into Gaza I do want To just show you the level of Destruction behind me you'll see some Dust there rising up from the Gaza Skyline the Israeli forces are operating In the distance in the northern part of Gaza as you said they are working to Destroy the tunnel system and command Centers of Hamas we do know that Overnight the Israelis say they Destroyed one of those command centers And recovered a number of anti-tank Guided missiles and other Small Arms These soldiers have been operating Around Gaza City and working today to Try and develop a humanitarian Corridor For the civilians thousands of Palestinians that still remain in the Northern part of the Gaza Strip This Video here shows civilians waving White Flags they were escorted by Israeli Tanks on the main road the artery from The northern part of Gaza to the Southern part an opportunity for those

Who didn't heed the previous warnings to Get out of Harm's Way we've seen today Israeli attack helicopters and drones in The distance despite a reduction in the Number of air strikes as this evacuation Takes place those infantry troops are Still operating on the ground not only Searching for the 240 hostages the Israelis believe are being held in those Tunnels but also trying to kill any Hamas leadership still in Gaza City Dana Bill Trey I had one question so in that In that video you just showed the people Those are how who are those people that Are all marching there Together so those are Palestinian Civilians who live in and around Gaza City that didn't take the previous Warnings to leave and now as the Israelis are pushing deeper into Gaza And are expected to start sending units Into the center of Gaza City they're Trying to get those civilians out of the Way so this is an evacuation of Civilians the Israelis say that they are Going to continue trying to get people Out of the way as they push deeper into Gaza I see and also I wanted to ask you About this prime minister are you all Right okay prime minister Netanyahu Doubl I'm just gonna have I'm just going To have my cameraman pan up here you can See one of those attack helicopters that We were talking about it's been going

Back and forth and actually firing into The Gaza Strip as we speak and you our Cameraman's going to pan up here so that You can see that helicopter as we Continue to talk all right I wanted to Ask you about Benjamin Netanyahu he Apparently said I'm not going to play The sound bite so we can see this video But he apparently said that tactical Pauses are considered and have been done And he said that we've had them before I Suppose we'll check the circumstances in Order to enable Goods humanitarian Goods To come in or are hostages individual Hostages to leave but I don't think There's going to be a general ceasefire Give you a chance to comment on that as We see this help helicopter that you're Showing Us yeah look in that interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu it was it was Illuminating for A number of reasons and and two main Reasons come to mind here first of all He said there will be no ceasefire you May see a small pause in the fighting to Allow more humanitarian Aid to enter the Gaza Strip the Israelis understand They're facing Western pressure to make Sure that those 2 million Palestinian Civilians receive the much needed Medical support and the Aid that they Are in need of as this war enters day 32 The other has to do with netanyahu's

Comments about what will happen after The Israelis push deeper into Gaza he Indicated for the first time that Israeli forces will stay for an unknown Period of time inside the Gaza Strip They will occupy Gaza and this will be Used to secure and stabilize the Security situation on the ground but it Raises new questions about how long Israel will stay and if they do have an Exit Strategy right Trey thank you be safe There

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