If your last name is Trump, the standard of justice is turned on its head: Jarrett

If your last name is Trump, the standard of justice is turned on its head: Jarrett

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on jury selection beginning in the Trump hush money trial, which he argues is a double standard of justice for the former president.

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Box's legal analyst Greg Jarrett so Greg It's finally going to happen how many Days do you think this will take to get 12 jurors and six Alternates could take as long as 10 days Maybe two weeks um but it's really up to The judge uh to limit the amount of Vader the questioning of the jurors and You know move forward you know but I Must tell you I've never seen such a Tangled torturous prosecution that would Be brought against no other person Except Trump it's it's punitive it's Politically driven brag contorting the Law taking a business record misdemeanor Barred by the statute of limitations and Magically inflating it into 34 felonies As Eric sha pointed out to do that he Had to attach it to a supposed election Law violation well it's not Federal Election Commission investigated and They said this is uh perfectly legal it Is not a campaign donation the doj Concluded there's no crime here but you Know enter Alvin Bragg who's charging Under federal law even though he's a Local prosecutor and has no jurisdiction And authority to do that but the judge Is letting him get away with it so I I Just got to stay on that point about the Judge because Michael aanti who's no Former uh no no fan of the former President had this to say on Twitter he Talked about about um the da encouraging

Cohen and Daniels uh to go out there and Do media interviews and then he followed Up by this he said to my friends on the Left who insist that they want to Preserve democracy and Justice you Should be equally outraged by this Constitutional protections against uh Either exist for uh including the former President or they don't exist at all What is happening in this hush money Case is a travesty so if you got Michael Aanat who has spent his career now he's On the other side of Justice trying to Take down Donald Trump saying that the Judg is not being fair right here when It comes to a gag order how can the Former president expect a fair Trial well the gag ORD is a clear Violation of the First Amendment but Judges get away with it because by the Time it's challenged on appeal the case Is over but this case is also something Else a classic example of unequal justce Justice and selective prosecution Hillary Clinton did pretty much the same Thing she too used a lawyer to secretly Pay for the phony steel dossier and Booking it as legal expenses she was Fined by the FC but she wasn't Prosecuted and neither was Barack Obama Even though he was fined a whopping $375,000 for hiding donors and keeping Illegal contributions But if your last name is Trump the

Standard of justice is completely Different and turned on its head you're Right it's a double standard uh Greg Let's talk about their the prosecutor's Star witness it's Michael Cohen who used To be Trump's lawyer exactly we chuckle Because he's flip-flopped so many times In the past we don't know what to Believe he's been in prisoned for Federal charges himself so here is a Reminder of what he has said because he Told the grand jury a year ago his goal Was to tell the truth but what is the Truth he flipflops Listen I will be in DC and in New York Uh anywhere Mr Trump necessary I'll be There I did not want to go to the White House I was offered jobs not only is Donald Trump not a racist he believes That all people are part of One race the Human race I know what Mr Trump Is he is a Racist he is a con man and he is to Cheat the words the media should be Using to describe Mr Trump are Generous Compassionate principled Empathetic kind humble honest and Genuine he is capable of Behaving kindly But he is not kind he is capable of Committing acts of generosity but he is Not generous he is capable of being Loyal but he is fundamentally disloyal Greg how can this be the star

Witness you know Cohen who was never Much of a lawyer is good it seems at Only one thing lying prodigiously you Know Brad's theory in this case is well Cohen PL guilty to campaign Finance Crime so Donald Trump must be guilty too Well that's not the law The Plea of one Person does not determine the guilt of Another it's not even admissible Evidence at Tri And Cohen gratuitously plug guilty to a Non crime just a curry favor with the Feds in exchange for leniency for his Many other crimes including fraud but Get this recently in court he recanted What he stated in his sworn plea deal Which means he either again committed Perjury in The Plea itself or perjury in His recent court testimony and that Prompted the judge to call Michael Cohen A Serial perjurer I can't imagine any Objective juror believing anything he Has to say any half decent defense Attorney will utterly destroy Cohen on Cross-examination and expose his Litany Of lies all right uh thanks Craig Appreciate it that's instant analysis There I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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