‘INADEQUATE’: New DHS report sounds alarm on migrant vetting

'INADEQUATE': New DHS report sounds alarm on migrant vetting

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan reacts to a new DHS report calling migrant vetting ‘inadequate’ after eight individuals with ties to ISIS were able to illegally enter the U.S. #FoxNews

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Fox News Alert now the DHS inspector General's office issuing a stark warning On inadequate migrant fetting policies Just days before eight suspected Terrorists were arrested after crossing Our border here with moris Fox News Contributor retired acting ice director Tom homman Tom I wonder what you thought About the fact that they got through Then we got them the the fact is there Were days in between that and they had Fanned out across the Country look I think Lawrence Jones was Right earlier when he said we we're Lucky look we got the we got the best Intelligence apparatus in the world United States but they're not always They're not always perfect they get it Wrong they got it wrong Iraq they got it Wrong in 911 we got lucky this time but Look you know people people need to know This Administration I think this not Only is it Southwest border the biggest National Security vulnerability I've Seen in my lifetime but this Administration itself is a national Security vulnerability because the Decisions are making on a southern Border and with law enforcement with Their decisions is a lack of Communication uh ice seems to be the the Uh the stepchild that nobody wants to Deal with but yet we need them more than Ever they've been depleted they've been

Defamed uh and they've been demand and Now we're finding out that border patrol Is not communicating with law Enforcement in our country how long has That in the Case under this Administration look you Know it's the the IG didn't need to Spend millions of dollars doing this Investigation to come to this conclusion They could simply called me I've been Screaming about this issue on this Network Fox netor for three years they Can ask any border patrol agent or ice Agent about the vetting procedure and This Administration is unfriendly to ice They're unfriendly to the border patrol We know that and under this Administration Sanctuary cities have Exploded the biggest cities uh uh in in The United States the police departments Won't cooperate with ice these isn't a Coincidence these eight people were Arrested in sanctuary cities Philadelphia New York and La sanctuaries Are sanctuaries for criminals or Sanctuaries for terrorists so news Nation interviewed the acting ice Director and here's what he said about This information now that he picked up Uh picked up these eight uh three of Which uh the many of which are in New York let's listen let's listen sometimes There's just no information on Individuals I mean it's it's quite

Common where there just nothing you know You don't have anything it's no criminal Convictions there's no threat Information or or whatever on these Individuals or maybe these individuals Are from an area that are particularly Of concern but that pops up later when You get information later on uh and as Soon as we become aware of any Information like in this case we became Aware we're working uh collaboratively With FBI we went out and got Them no information on some of these Guys you mean countries that just don't Cooperate absolutely do you think China Russia turkey Syria do you think North Korea you think any of these countries Were thousands of their Nationals have Entered United States have been released You think these countries are sharing National Security information about the People that entered in United States Another country look PJ's a good guy but He soft Shing it look how do you how do You prevent this and and catch and Release and Catch and Release the law Clearly says if you enter the country Illegally without proper documentation You shall be detained not maybe not Think about it shall we detained because When you detain them then we have time To do Deep dive interviews look the Bor Show is trained they you know that look Through the pocket trash look for phone

Numbers and addresses talk to these People doing a deep dive investigative Interview but they're not allowed to do That anymore the the main focus of Secretary mycus is process quickly Release quickly CU we don't want Overcrowding if if we have overcrowding Then we got bad Optics let the board to Their job and catch relas let them do Their job one word answer if you get if Trump wins and you get back in there is That going to change day one thanks so Much it was two words but I get the Point uh Tom homman thank you I'm Steve Duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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