Industrial Revolution’s DEVASTATING Impact on Fatherhood

Industrial Revolution's DEVASTATING Impact on Fatherhood

The fatherhood crisis in America is nothing new, but its roots run through a unique saga in history.

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40% of American children are growing up Apart from their natural fathers what is Causing this flight from fatherhood one Obvious reason is the way that fathers Are mocked and ridiculed in the media Today portrayed as incompetent idiots Well the homos Simpson stereotype so Then the question is where did these Negative stereotypes come from you have To go all the way back to the Industrial Revolution before that most men worked With their wives and children all day on The Family Farm the family industry the Family business the Industrial Revolution took work out of the home and Of course men had to follow their work Out of the home into factories and Offices and for the first time men were No longer working with a family members People they loved and had a moral bond With instead they were working as Individuals in competition with other Men and that's where we see the Literature start to change people began To protest that men were changing that They were losing the caretaking ethos of The colonial era they were becoming Egocentric self-interested aggressive Equ postive looking out for number one So this was the first time that negative Language began to be applied to the male Character and particularly to fathers

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