Ingraham: ‘Governor hair gel’ is coming to a red state near you

Ingraham: ‘Governor hair gel’ is coming to a red state near you

Harmeet Dhillon: I don’t hear Newsom talking about California a lot on his tour around the country because it isn’t a pretty story. #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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Well we all know despite its gorgeous Weather and abundant resources California is bleeding residents more Than a half million leaving between April 2020 and July 2022 alone Now as shocking as it may seem high Taxes high crime and reparations Payments aren't huge draws In fact the Democrat super majority in The state legislature is so desperate to Keep people from leaving the state that They're threatening them with an exit Tax if they do Now shockingly left-wing Governor Gavin Newsom opposes this cash grab but we Figured out why because Governor hair Gel has bigger aspirations We know we have a big battle coming Which is why we'll help lead the fight To make sure we elect leaders in 2024 Who believe in democracy our country is Facing an existential battle for who we Are and who we're willing to become It's not an exaggeration The truth what's happening in those red States It's not who we are it's Un-American It's undemocratic Right gav and your closing of churches And schools and various businesses for More than a year it was just what our Founders would have done it was so Pluralistic of you chasing those people Off the beaches

Well his big national tour announcement Late last month made no reference to Fixing the economy or the Border or Standing up to China nope because he has No answers there So it's all about stoking hate and Division by revving up the culture wars We're going on the road to take the Fight to states where freedom is most Under attack where Republican leaders Ban books criminalize doctors fired Teachers intimidate Librarians kidnap Migrants Target trans kids Stow gracism Now an obvious dry run for a different Campaign theme well Newsome's red state Tour is just the latest sign that President Biden May either not run at All or he may have serious competition Now check out Biden's numbers in the Newest CNN poll even CNN couldn't spin Them Just a third of the Americans polled in This survey 32 percent of the exact say Yes 67 percent nearly two-thirds of Americans does not believe that he Deserves re-election there was a bit of An up an upward trajectory after the November midterms that little uptick has Seemed to stalled out Now at stalled out and his Campaign-style tour Newsome generally Avoided hitting the areas where Biden is Literally and figuratively stumbling He performs worse on individual issues

Than his overall approval rating only 45 Percent say he's honest and trustworthy Only 35 percent say he inspires Confidence 32 percent says he has the Stamina and sharpness for the job these Are absolutely disastrous numbers which Is why Newsome basically shadowed Biden's trip to Selma last month by Going to Montgomery where the Bloody Sunday March ended because when we think Of Gavin Newsom the son of privilege and The founder of plump Jack Winery we Think moral crusader I'm here in Montgomery Alabama as a Reminder not only the moral courage of Leaders like Dr King and Rosa Parks but All the hard work that was done after Those moments on which the rollback of The progress that we've all enjoyed that We have a lot of work to do to build a Movement to counter what's happening in Red States across this country What's this thing he keeps doing that's Very strange but he's hoping for a Newsome movement to knock off president Stumbles and he's trying to demonize the Red States and to do it of course he's Not going to run on you know lowering Your gas prices instead if he runs he'll Take the unimaginative path of running Against Trump The problem in our country right now Authoritarian leaders who are so Hell-bent on gaining power and keeping

It by whatever means necessary that They're directly attacking our freedoms In state after State that's why I'm Launching the campaign for democracy Lame We had more people vote in the last Election than ever before and record Turnout in the midterms as well so this Is a totally weak argument about Democracy in fact if anyone's Threatening democracy it's the people Who want to pack the Supreme Court But his argument is not as weak as the Performances in Florida [Music] [Applause] [Music] It's totally offbeat Is it just me or is he unable to clap on Beat By the way if he's a Democrat nominee How does he take on the man who won Re-election by 20 points well Newsome Spoke to students at Florida's new College where DeSantis has begun to Restore the proper balance to public Higher education His message was that DeSantis launched a War on the college and was hurting Students threatening their education he Told them I want you to know you're not Alone you matter we care Oh inspiring Now sure this is a lot of hot air and I

Don't think he's going to get very far In Florida with that message it's Booming economy and pro-business Environment is a magnet for Americans Why would voters in Florida or anywhere Else for that matter want to take advice From the same people who are destroying California Now let's be candid almost no place on Earth has the advantages of Gavin Newsom's California in terms of beauty Climate natural resources There's a reason it's long been known as The Golden State If Gavin newsom's policies don't lead to A healthy economy in California and they Don't How could they possibly work anywhere Else But Republicans should do more than Laugh Newsom off They shouldn't run away from a debate With him instead they should embrace it Republicans have to remember that the Reagan Library is not the only Institution in California there are Almost 40 million of our fellow Americans living there including over 6 Million people who voted for President Trump in 2020. we can't abandon them Every Republican seeking national office Should make a point of going to California and making clear to them that We want to help

Joining me now Harmony Dillon CEO of the Center for American Liberty and attorney Extraordinaire Um Harmony Gavin Newsom on his tour I Mean it is pretty hilarious uh he's Presided over the utter decline of California he's ushering in more Decline And yet he thinks he has the answer for What ails America your thoughts Well Laura I think if I'm a presidential Candidate on the Republican side running Against Gavin Newsom what I would be Focusing on on a daily basis is showing B-roll from California cities and from The Central Valley and showing how Making California into a sanctuary state For every ill in this country drug abuse Illegal immigration transgender Mutilation of children has really Destroyed the quality of life in our City I mean this is a city where a Millionaire was murdered on the streets Just a couple of days ago and where cops Are retiring early because the Prosecutors don't prosecute crimes and So he should be running from California He I I don't hear him talking about California a lot on his tour around the Country because it isn't a pretty story Getting people to the polls in California is not going to be done with The transgender message it's not going To be done on the Dobbs case it's just Not it's going to be done on on giving

People their dreams back and giving America a chance against China a real Fighting chance against China maybe the Border a little bit but it's the economy Stupid I keep saying this and I keep Hearing people get you know pulled off For the last latest shiny object You're absolutely right Laura and the Vicissitudes of the economy are such That last year you could sell your house In California and probably make a profit On it if you'd had it for a little bit Of time right now the housing prices are In a tailspin so people who have Mortgages are locked into them and we Don't have a lot of Mobility at the same Time Companies are laying people off right And left and you know jobs are shrinking So I think we're really heading for a Cliff here in California and other blue States and we have yet to see the worst Of it and I don't know how Gavin Newsom Is going to deal with that I think he's Frankly checked out of California at This point Um how would you rate how the RNC is Preparing for 2024 so far in state maybe State gops with the mail invalid ballot Harvesting problem we're going to see Again in places like Wisconsin and other States One to ten What we just saw in Wisconsin shows it's

Maybe a two right now and so I think That we haven't gotten the message yet That we need to be investing uh my People on the ground are telling me Democrats had about 500 ballot Chasers In Wisconsin we had a tiny fraction of That maybe less than 10 percent of that So it's not serious we really need to Really change our attitude That's that's that's the key you got to Win elections right Harmony thank you Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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