Ingraham: There is no turning back from this

Ingraham: There is no turning back from this

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said the Biden administration’s silence about the indictment of former President Donald Trump ‘weakens’ the nation on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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Hunting Trump destroying America that’s The focus of tonight’s angle [Music] Left has wanted to put Donald Trump in Jail since 2015. and today Democrats Have gotten them closer to that goal and Let’s be very clear the White House is The key player in this game of political Vengeance now sure they’re officially Saying no comment when they’re asked About Alvin Bragg’s indictment of President Trump But make no mistake tonight Joe Biden Bears the ultimate responsibility for What this will do to America You know our nation’s chief executive Has the inherent duty to do everything He or she can to preserve America’s Standing in the world as the world’s Leading democracy now that means whether Through back channels or public speeches Biden should have made it very clear That his party would oppose any local Prosecutor who uses trumped-up criminal Charges to punish and humiliate a former President But of course Biden didn’t do this Instead once again he bowed to the far Left which has been salivating over the Prospect of trump and a mug shot for Years A lot of Democrats spouting off saying That they think Trump should go to jail President Trump himself could end up

Being prosecuted once he becomes a Civilian Donald Trump may have to go to Court and could possibly go to jail People who know Donald Trump’s conduct Have long said he belongs in jail he Could go to jail for up to four years And tonight many on the left are Gloating you’ve read them on social Media and they’re not considering though What this is going to do to our country Tens of millions of Americans might be Half the country will come away from This side Saga with less faith in our Justice system they’re going to believe That if you hold one set of political Views you’ll be targeted but if you hold Another set of political views you’ll be Protected Americans will start believing that the Principle of equal justice under the law Is frankly a joke because they’re going To see the justice system is rigged An America where prosecutors who wield Enormous power are just political hacks Alvin Bragg is no different from any of The hosts for instance on MSNBC For them it’s get Trump or go home We all know that if Trump had quietly Retired from politics after the last Election he wouldn’t be facing an Indictment tonight He wouldn’t be facing any investigation In Georgia or by a special prosecutor in D.C either

Going forward when any American President or Diplomat speaks out against Let’s say the human civil rights abuses In Russia or China Well those countries are just going to Respond with you’re lecturing us nice Try but your system is morally bankrupt You did everything you could to put one Of your own former presidents in prison Right before one of your so-called Elections Well and at that point given what’s Happened who could argue with that The fact is Democrats are doing what We’ve watched tin pot dictatorships and Banana republics do throughout history They made a political decision to try to Put their Chief political Nemesis in Jail And they’re indicting him in a state Where it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever Get a fair trial Now their case was such a loser that the Department of Justice declined to take It and the Federal Election Commission Didn’t pursue it either But now on the cusp of what will be a Fascinating perhaps competitive GOP Primary 18 months before the Presidential election suddenly this case Is a priority on a state level Interesting timing This is a shameful day in the history of The country this is going to poison our

Political landscape for years to come And the entire episode makes Biden out To be a total liar So tonight those self-proclaimed Defenders of democracy They’ve been proven themselves Beyond Any reasonable doubt to be total frauds In fact they’ve proven themselves to be The ultimate election meddlers Pursuing a specious criminal case Against former president Trump for one Reason and one reason only because They’re worried that he might win again Now when Biden claimed that he was very Concerned about losing democracy in the United States and that he was going to Protect it after the 2020 election he Was lying All along he knew that the Democrat Machine would do everything everything In its power Shady or not to keep a Populist conservative like Trump away From the levers of power After Biden was elected remember how he Said he told all the world leaders that America is back People thought this meant that he was Going to bring the country together But that wasn’t everyone what he was Intending instead he listened to the French the far left who thinks Biden’s Problem is that he’s too nice They needed to Pivot to being an Administration of Rage

Where political opponents aren’t just Rivals they’re enemies enemies to be Punished by any means necessary Now Biden could have made it clear to Merit garland that they should be fair To Republicans at the justice department He could have insisted that the doj Enforced the laws against protesting at The homes of Supreme Court Justices he Could have spoken out against Anti-christian hate and violence we see That get seen it against churches and Pro-life Senators centers and he could Have said that if Trump decides to run In 2024 I’ll beat him the old-fashioned way I’ll Beat him on the issues because America Doesn’t jail political opponents I can read Lincoln’s second inaugural Address Now in the midst of an actual bloody Civil War Now after that was his speech all about Vengeance Putting Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis In jail hell no It was about how we as a nation needed To come together It was about reconciliation Now no one is saying that we should Ignore serious political crimes But unless there’s some bombshell here That’s been kept secret all this time This case is an embarrassment of nothing

No one thinks Trump committed a real Crime here but ironically the people in New York who do commit real crimes they Get off scot-free Courtesy of the Democrat Party and Alvin Bragg A healthy vibrant democracy doesn’t jail Its political opponents But the fact is the Biden Administration Has been a complete and utter failure on Every front So they’d rather spend the next year and A half sowing Division and hatred Than selling solutions to all the Problems that they created They don’t respect you they think you’re Stupid So they want to eliminate your options At The Ballot Box by getting rid of Trump The ultimate in election tampering isn’t It And they want you and the angle so Distracted by this bogus criminal case That we ignore the fact that the U.S Under Biden is spiraling down the drain Here are just a sampling of some of the Stories today that they don’t want to Talk about After transgender killed six at a Christian School the White House said They were praying for the trans Community while Joe Biden said they are Part of the fabric of America

And at the border we just saw a group of A thousand illegal immigrants Rush Across yesterday as DHS secretary Mayorkas claims he’s unaware that the Cartels used situations like that to Distract border agents to bring in guns Drugs and criminals you name it they did It We have a reeling economy on multiple Fronts inflation persistent and the Banks are floundering And at China’s Direction the world is Quickly decoupling from the American Dollar The ramifications will be devastating For America if that continues The Biden’s approval on the economy what Is it 32 percent his overall approval It’s not that much better Heck only 25 percent of Democrats want Him to run again So his conception of democracy is that His family can make a fortune selling us Out to China and anyone who disagrees With them will be subject to the Mob Intimidation or jail time As of today tens of millions of our Fellow Americans will never be able to See him as anything but a harsh selfish Partisan who only cares about keeping His grip on power Every single Republican in office today And tonight should be speaking out Against Bragg’s persecution act I don’t

Care if you support Trump you’re running Against Trump 2024 or not it’s not Really about him in the end Tonight the man who is set to be his Chief rival in 2024 stepped up to the Plate Ron DeSantis releasing this Statement almost immediately reading in Part the weaponization of the legal System to advance a political agenda Turns the rule of law on its head it’s Un-American Florida will not assist in the Extradition requests given the Questionable circumstances at issue with The soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor in Its political agenda Perfect bingo What is happening here should be a Warning to DeSantis or frankly anyone Else who may get within Striking Distance of beating Biden They should all realize that they’ll Become a Target too Some prosecutors somewhere will allege Something They fight dirty these so-called Champions of democracy It’s time for us to fight smart and That’s the angle hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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