Ingraham: We’re being lied to

Ingraham: We’re being lied to

Fox News host Laura Ingraham discusses the arrest of 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira and what the classified documents he allegedly leaked show about the war in Ukraine on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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Amateur hour that's the focus of Tonight's angle [Music] Now in a small community North Dighton Massachusetts the feds showed up in full Gear they even brought an armored Vehicle all to take into custody a lone Scrawny 21 year old Air Force National Guardsman Today the justice department arrested Jack Douglas to Shara in connection with An investigation into alleged Unauthorized removal retention and Transmission of classified National Defense information Tashara is an employee of the United States Air Force National Guard We will share more information at the Appropriate time Angle will share more information And provide some much needed context First let's understand what the bite Administration is trying to do here It's somehow trying to turn one of the Worst intelligence breaches of the past Two decades Into a political win for themselves Now let's debunk this and explain it Well today they hope to win competency Points by the fact that they move so Quickly to arrest the leaker Of a big deal the documents had been Online for months on a platform called Discord and plus it looks like the New

York Times somehow managed to make Contact with the alleged leaker before Our own government The first trunks were photographed among Hunting equipment these ones were Photographed in a different location on A Grannis countertop using the gaming Profiles we were able to find Connections with other more popular Social media websites which of course Had family photographs uh online Including that counter that countertop That granite countertop Well even the Democrat ranking member The house Intel committee it wasn't Buying it The New York Times beat the FBI a 21 Year old uh uh kid Air National Guardsman who was trying to impress his Friends clearly there's an awful lot of Work a lot a lot of congressional Oversight work we need to do to fix These systems that are constantly Allowing or at least regularly allowing Our secrets to get out into the wild how Was he able to print them out how was he Be able to how is he able to remove them From a secure facility The facts here are so bad for the Biden Intel community that even CNN's Jake Tapper can't hide his disgust This classified information was Reportedly on Discord for months how Many tens of billions of dollars the U.S

Intelligence Community gets each year From the American taxpayer but it really Seems like there's there was a a lot of People dropped the ball here it's not a Proud period for the intelligence Community let's say that Well that's right and it's an Understatement just think of the Debacles of the past few months Like that Chinese balloon that floated Over sensitive sites which this Administration assured us all was no big Deal The president doesn't regret the the way That we handled the first balloon it's Not a major breach It was just 10 days ago that we learned That the what the angle had suspected All along that the Intel intelligence That China collected was mostly from Electronic signals which can be picked Up from weapon systems or include Communications from base personnel Oh that's all no big deal now don't Forget the administration wanted Everyone to think they were wise they Were so pragmatic and prudent to blow The balloon up over the Atlantic We wanted to wait until it was over Water so that we could mitigate any Potential civilian harm or property Damage Well my goodness how the Chinese must be Pinching themselves right now

And now this damaged the United States Um are finding that it's not that hard To get this information leak it uh and Put our national security officials in a Really difficult position this is Embarrassing it's bad The Biden people know they're in trouble Here so look for them to focus maybe on The biography of the leaker he likes Guns he's anti-big government He was a young charismatic Man Who Loved Nature God Who Loved shooting guns and And racing cars a young gun Was described worked on a military base And is a quote young charismatic gun Enthusiast he had a very dark view of The intelligence Community very Suspicious of government overreach Well this is perfect in a way for the Bite administration because just as with Their January 6th narrative their goal Is to Brand conservatism and Trump Supporters as not just toxic but as Traitors Now once again just as with the faux Insurrection the White House and the FBI Are just trying to score political Points and distract us from reality Obviously to the extent that Mr tashera Broke the law he should be punished Completely But this significant breach pulled the Curtain back on the Amateur hour that is Biden's foreign policy shop and along

With that his National Security Apparatus Now remember what the leaked documents Told us about Ukraine far different from The rosy analysis that we got just a few Months ago And what did we learn about China's role Again Not what we were told by the White House Or the Pentagon We haven't seen Any confirmation or indication that the Chinese have provided lethal weapons Lethal capabilities to the Russian Ministry of Defense throughout this Conflict Did he know that was false when he was Saying it Well the truth is we're not hearing the Truth maybe the 21 year old's view of The Intel Community isn't far off The American public has every right to Know the truth about what they're Getting for their 200 billion and Counting commitment to Ukraine If the prognosis for victory is grim we Should all know it if China is back Channeling lethal Aid to Ukraine we Should know that This is information that Americans Actually may vote on in 2024. Like that despite billions in Aid to Egypt over the years they were planning To secretly arm Russia With Rockets

Like the information that while Biden is Placating China they've tested and Deployed deployed a new longer range Hypersonic missile that's probably able To evade U.S defenses But perhaps even more important than all Of this this intelligence breach shows Us how vulnerable we become If a 21 year old with no special Training could do this much damage go Unnoticed for this long Lord only knows what secrets of ours the Chinese have As the Associated Press put it The suspect's arrest is bound to raise Questions about how the highest profile Intel leak in years one that continues To unfold with almost daily Revelations Of Highly classified documents could Have been caused by such a young Low-ranking service member Now also worth noting is that in some Circles Mr tashera would be lauded as a Whistleblower Well he revealed vital info that was Hidden from the public which could have Huge political implications And we certainly know that Democrats in The Press they love to celebrate certain Types of whistleblowers What I would like to see more of these People do is what vinman had the courage To do the guts to do Lieutenant Colonel Bidman showing Courage the courage to

Stand up to the most powerful person in The world Anonymous did the right thing By at least telling us that people are Are keeping a Keen Eye on the aberrant Behavior of the president I think Anonymous is a hero Of course liberals have a double Standard here that's hardly news at this Point but let's not get distracted Our focus should be what do these leaks Mean for our long-term survival as a Nation Are we really even a superpower if some Of our most sensitive military Secrets Can be posted on a public server for Weeks months without officials even Knowing And are we really even a superpower if Our own Secretary of Defense Sounds this out to lunch when the breach Happened I I don't know if there are other Documents that are that have been online Before they were somewhere in the in the Web uh and uh and where exactly and who Had access at that point uh we we don't Know They were in the web Well no one should be surprised if the Biden team tries to gloss over this Entire sad Saga by arguing that this is Just one bad guy who was maybe Radicalized and an all-male right-wing Chat room

But given how the Biden Administration Has weaponized the Intel agencies Misrepresented key national security Questions and left us vulnerable to Spies and to hackers Why should Americans have faith in Anything they do or say going forward And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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