Ingraham: We’re headed for crises we haven’t seen in decades

Ingraham: We’re headed for crises we haven’t seen in decades

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explains what the next 18 months will look like ahead of the 2024 presidential election on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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I'm Laura Ingram this is the Ingram Angle from Washington tonight Don't take the bait that's the focus of Tonight's angle Oh the left is so upset that there Weren't riots in Manhattan when Trump Came to get booked by Alvin Bragg's Persecution Squad now they were Desperate for January 6th style images But the only problems were at the hands Of Mast antifa freaks who were trying to Start trouble Now in this clip one is playing the role Of kind of an evil Mary Poppins Character so brave that they're all Still hiding behind masks Central Casting for morons I am here with some antifa members I'm Trying to report I now have this um Person who is blocking me I have these Guys as well here who are trying to Intimidate me I don't appreciate it very Much and uh they they told me that I Need to get the S out [Music] Here They're also all very attractive are They not But it's a terrible precedent and bad For the country that these politically Motivated Trump investigations are going To go forward no matter how outraged any Of us are of course the angle will not Shy away from covering this and we will

Offer legal analysis that you won't see Anywhere else But to really understand what the next 18 months are going to be like Politically You have to stay focused on a few key Points first In 2020 Joe Biden won with only 306 Electoral votes So if he had lost Pennsylvania Georgia And Arizona for example president Trump Would have been re-elected Second in 2020 Biden received 51.3 Percent of the popular vote As of today 538 summary of the polls Shows that Biden's approval rating is Only 43 percent And according to Real Clear Politics Biden's average approval rating on the Economy is only 37.1 percent Third There is no reason to believe that the Economic situation for any of us is Going to improve significantly between Now and the election if anything things Are going to get worse layoffs have Started for instance in Tech and Beyond Last month the FED projected that the United States real GDP would grow by an Anemic point four percent and in 2023 uh Only 1.2 percent and 2024 things are Just as bad now no wonder Democrats are Hoping that Trump's legal woes will Drown out this other news

These hideously bad economic numbers Mean that many voters are looking at a Very Grim economic future and Biden Supporters in the big cities they're not Immune from these problems according to The U.S census between July 21 and July 2022 L.A County lost 91 000 people Cook County Illinois home to Chicago lost 68 000 people in the same period Still in its Mayoral race yesterday Chicagoans voted once again for Decline And despair Meet mayor-elect Brandon Johnson whose Crime fighting strategy consists of Abolishing the police You said she was dead that was her Sister the Wicked Witch of the East the Wicked Witch of the West Is worse than the Who killed The Witch of the East or the Fuel no no it was an accident I didn't Mean to kill anybody Yeah he's worse than the other one uh He's worse than Lightfoot apparently Chicago has not suffered enough Or they took those let's go Brandon Chance literally in any case how could The Dems have won with their track Record People are not feeling any safer Communities have not transformed by Putting more money into police I'm Absolutely confident Um that we will be the generation that

Will respond react to the global Movement that has called them for Redirecting money away from policing and Militarized police forces Well I guess voters in these big cities Aren't moved on the issue of crime There's no other explanation For example in Chicago 21 people were Shot and four died over the weekend Or consider what happened in San Francisco last night where a 43 year old Tech CEO was stabbed to death in an Upscale neighborhood Or in D.C just two days ago when a 31 Year old woman was murdered by someone Who was released by a Biden appointed Judge after multiple criminal arrests Nothing right now is going right for Biden China has become the most powerful Country in the world while we're stuck In what appears to be an endless Conflict in Ukraine crime is up Americans are losing their patriotism And their faith the military can't even Find enough volunteers to fill its ranks By every possible measure we're headed Toward economic and geopolitical crises The likes of which we haven't seen since The 1970s And the Democrats are stuck with Biden He's literally the most popular Candidate they have The mayors of the Twin Cities are here

As well Jacob Frye from Minneapolis Where are you Jacob He was here I was I guess he knew I was Going to speak the progress we've made In building an economy from the middle Out and the bottom up Because when it comes to the top down my Dad's kitchen table not much dropped on That kitchen table from the top down Faced with these facts Biden and his Team have no choice but to look for ways To shift blame And that's why you're going to see Biden Doing everything possible to offend and Anger Republican voters over the next Few months that's why they supported the Indictment of President Trump that's why They keep threatening to ban everything From gas stoves to gas-powered Automobiles that's why they attack Parents who complain about pornography In schools and Why They seized upon a Horrific school shooting in Nashville to Bash social conservatives We have seen a record number of lgbtqi Bills Anti-lgbtqi uh bills more this is a President that has been committed to This community that has been committed To our to our kids in the trans Community to trans Youth and he's going To continue to fight for them And that's why they won't ramp up Domestic oil and gas production

They don't really care if things get Worse in the United States things are Already so bad that Biden shouldn't be Re-elected and they aren't getting any Better in fact they'd be happy to see Things get worse if they can blame our Problems on the GOP This ain't your father's Republican Party This is what I call the mega Republicans The mega republicans in Congress Threatened undo all this progress They're putting our economy in jeopardy Biden would like a debt default that he Could blame on the GOP But what he wants most of all is more Violence Another January 6 type event One that they can blame on the Republicans that's why the left made Such a big show out of the increased Security when President Trump went to New York this week They want to encourage the narrative That GOP voters are dangerous radicals How do you predict somebody who probably May not have all their sanity to begin With suddenly deciding that they've had Enough deciding that they need to lash Out at the government I think we are Going to see incidents of violence Because I see nothing from the Republican Party leadership doing Anything to Tamp down this sort of a Grievement with local state and national

Law enforcement Peter strzok the ethics standard Bearer For the Democrats look they want to Terrify Suburban voters in places like Connecticut and New Jersey so that those Voters will feel like they have no Choice but to stick with old Joe and yes Old decline Now all of this is based on a lie now we Know it's a lie real danger comes from Out of touch Elites who think that there Should be one set of rules for us and a Very different and much more favorable Set of rules for them They're the ones who've wrecked our Economy damaged our schools devastated Our cities and empowered our Geopolitical enemies that's dangerous But none of that matters to Biden and His supporters in the Press They just need examples of unruly Conservatives that they can then use to Threaten their supporters in the big Cities So here's the lesson for tonight Don't take the bait we need 270 Electoral votes to change this country If we don't get them next November we Face four more years of Decline and Despair We cannot get to 270 by simply carrying The same states that President Trump won In 2020 we need to convince millions of Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 to

Join our side We can't do that with threats we can't Do it with anger we certainly can't do It with civil unrest when you're Complaining you're not winning and we Want to win in 2024. So of course we're going to keep Pointing out Biden's lives and other Unfair practices But don't be distracted by the hateful Rhetoric of Biden and his supporters The only way to stop the Democrats is to Beat them and the only way to beat them Is to say laser focused on the economy On rebuilding our place in the world and On replacing Biden's failed policies With the same type of policies that had This economy roaring in 2019 And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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