Iran-backed proxy hijacks British-owned ship in Red Sea

Iran-backed proxy hijacks British-owned ship in Red Sea

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports the latest on the war against Hamas from southern Israel. #FOXNews

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So the IDF releasing new video that it Says is evidence that Hamas was holding Hostages inside a vast network of Tunnels and some of those tunnels right Beneath goda's largest hospital we've Got live team Fox coverage General Kean With the analysis in a moment but first To try Yanks who is live in southern Israel with more on what we think we Know at the moment Trey Hello hey Bill good morning I do want to Start with some rare good news amid this Horrific story we learned over the Weekend that 31 premature babies that Were at gaza's alifa hospital have been Evacuated to the South this was done in Coordination with the United Nations and The Palestinian red crescent we Understand today 28 of them made it into Egypt where they will receive further Medical Care it comes as Israeli forces Continue to operate inside Gaza City Yesterday they released new information About shifa hospital and Hamas Activities there we do now know at least Two foreign hostages were taken into the Hospital on the morning of October 7th That according to C CCTV video the men Are Tha and nepes workers they were Flanked by Hamas gunmen were not showing The video out of respect for their Families this Revelation raving new Questions about what international Organizations knew about the operations

Within the hospital also overnight the Israeli military along with the shinb Security agency released new video of The tunnel system they say is beneath The medical facility the initial tunnel Shaft was found beneath the hospital 30t Underground and it connects to 160ft Tunnel ending with a blast door now the Israelis do expect to find more as they Keep digging in this area as the IDF Pushes deeper into and Below Gaza City There are new Regional concerns about Iran and its proxies climbing an Unstable escalation ladder on Sunday Iran back houthi Rebels hijacked a cargo Ship in the Red Sea the British owned Ship called the Galaxy leader had no Israeli citizens on board and was Traveling from Turkey to India when it Was intercepted a lot of developments Over the weekend and that's not even Noting the northern front where dozens Of rockets have been fired from the Lebanese milit group Hezbollah into Northern Israel over the weekend Bill Another week begins a new thank Trey Yingst on the war in the Middle East as The sun is now down Dana I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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