Iran to chair UN Human Rights Council forum: A ‘national insult’

Iran to chair UN Human Rights Council forum: A 'national insult'

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman discusses the latest updates after shocking video showed an anti-Israel mob threatening Jews in Russia and the ambassador of Iran chairing a U.N. Human Rights Council forum. #FoxNews

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Fox News Alert tensions growing in the Midd east as Fox News learns that the Israeli ambassador to the country of Bahrain has left the country as the Kingdom immediately stops all economic Ties with the country of Israel this Comes as the Israeli ambassador to Russia is revealing new details about That horrifying anti-semitic mob hunting For Jewish people as that plane from Israel landed last week remember that Video ambassador benv saying quote in The end most of them ended up in a VIP Room and they hid there and spent some Time there both the regional and the Federal authorities should take this Very seriously because it could have led To victims and that really would have Influenced the entire situation in Russia former US ambassador to Israel David fredman joins us now good morning Ambassador good morning thanks for Having me well thank you for coming on Yeah the latest information is they did Hide in this VIP room and the terminal They were flown out they had to be flown Out by a helicopter after that 30 of Them were from Israel and thankfully None was injured what's your Reaction well this was very hard to Watch I mean this was you know uh the Word for it is a p grum it's it's the It's the angry mob that goes after the Jews and it it originated in Eastern

Europe and um you know it actually Originated in the 17th century in Ukraine many many many Jews over history Have have died in these angry attacks And that's what this was and you know There's still a couple hundred thousand Jews living in Russia um you know Moscow St Petersburg not not as not as much at Risk but in the South they they ought to Really think about leaving I mean this Is an incredibly dangerous and explosive Situation for the Jews in southern Russia indeed and and Ambassador uh as As you look at the the root causes of This and financing you've got to look to The country of Iran and you know the Proxy forces are firing stuff off at Israel all the time when you look at Some of Iran's human rights violations It just flies in the face of the fact That as of right now the ambassador of Iran is going to take the chair of the UN Human Rights Council today but you Look over at the big screen it was just Uh about a week in the last week a young Woman died after being beaten for not Wearing a veil that was in Iran in the Center you can see Masha amini died in Custody because she didn't wear her Hijab correctly and then of course Screen right uh Iran permits the Execution of juvenile offenders no law Against domestic violence samex contact Uh punishable punishable by death so is

Is that the right country to put in Charge of the UN Human Rights Council you know guys Iran is delivering To the United States right now a massive National insult um I mean we are just Without dignity right now when it comes To Iran I mean they attacked us 28 times Since the War Began our response was to Uh you know send a couple of missiles Over at empty warehouses coupled with an Apology their human rights record is Atrocious I mean these two beautiful Young women because they dared not cover Their faces properly were taken into Custody masam mini was uh died uh two Days later from her wounds um uh Gan was In a coma for a month she unfortunately Just succumbed to her wounds um they Shoot uh protesters in the streets they Take denters and they uh execute them Publicly uh the foreign minister of Iran We give him safe passage into our Country we protect him he gets up in Front of the United Nations and he Lectures the United States right and Israel he threatens us and now they're The head of the Human Rights Council I Mean this is outrageous you know during The Trump Administration I remember the Conversation with the president and with Ambassador Haley we left the Human Rights Council because we could not Dignify that that entity by being a Member of it now the Biden

Administration chose to come right back In and they're going to be sitting there In the Human Rights Council which which Is going to be chaired by the Islamic Republic of Iran the one of the worst Offenders in the world of Human Rights It's an it's it's we are being deprived Of whatever National dignity we have Left by participating in this charade Mhm yeah Ambassador I looked up what Exactly their responsibility is or his Responsibility will be his Responsibility will be for the Protection of Human Rights around the World and to address human rights Violations to report them and find a Solution how did we how why was he Selected how did we come to This listen somebody should give him a Big mirror because that's the where he Ought to be looking in terms of human Rights violations we we came to this Because the United Nations is a Floy Institution and um I think we need to Get much tougher in the UN we pay 22% of the United Nations expenses we're Only one out of 195 countries you know I Think we ought to pay one 195th of the Expenses but all these other countries All these Rogue Nations that are getting The benefit of the UN let them pay for It yeah um Ambassador we have seen a Wave of anti-Semitism across the country The FBI director a couple of days ago

Said it is at historic levels the reason Lawrence is over at the Second Avenue Delhi is because somebody did a swasa on The building um so what do you make of Yesterday the vice president talking About the new plan the administration's Got not to fight uh anti-Semitism but to Fight Islamophobia because at the same time You you look at the president's polls With Arab Americans and they're down at 177% and he needs places like like Michigan which is a swing state if Joe Biden wants to get four more years Yeah look it's all politics and it's a Shame because this is something that Should be above politics and it's not Right congresswoman uh premila japal she Was one of the few members of Congress Who refused to join in this you know 400 Plus member resolution uh condemning Hamas and standing with Israel she Warned publicly she warned President Biden a couple of days ago you're Getting too close to Israel and you're Going to lose the Islamic vote what Happens two days later camela Harris Makes an announcement you know I'm Waiting for the announcement on Anti-Semitism and you know the punchline Is we're going to fight islamophobia Right it's t what how tonev can you get I mean at this time when you know Jews Are 2% of the population they're

Receiving 60% of the religious based Hate crimes I mean it's I mean I I I I Don't support islamophobia I'm I'm Against islamophobia but today is not an Issue about islamophobia it's about Anti-Semitism 100% you're right Ambassador thank you so much for joining Us my pleasure thanks for having you're Welcome I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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