Iranian regime must be ‘toppled,’ Israeli official says

Iranian regime must be 'toppled,' Israeli official says

Israel Bachar, who is the consul general of Israel, joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the ongoing threat from Iran and what the U.S. can do to help the Jewish state fight back against the aggression. #FoxNews

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So Israel Bahar serves as Israeli Council General to the Pacific Southwest He joins us now thank you for H being With us Israel so good morning tell us The lay of the land right now uh with in Terms of Israel in terms of Iran I you Know you feel like Iran was already sort Of a pariah in that part of the world um They can only that can only have become A worse problem at this Point correct I think the fact that um Iran is still this regime is still exist And control Iran I think it's a stand on Western democracies it's an antihuman Tyrannical regime who destabilized the Region uh from its first day it goes Against American interests against the Western interest and against Israel um So we need to come together the world to Make sure that we are isolating Iran by Reining cripping sanction to Strengthening the Israel American and Mod Arabs Alliance and third it's about Time that we are going to name the Revolutionary guard of Iran as a Terrorist organization that's what we Need to do all of us together right now And it's it's time about to stop the Hypocrisy on the word stage which was Which is dealing with Iran on a Democratic level or any any conversation With them I think this regime must be Tled and sooner is better Israel when Hamas attacked we as America

We supported Israel and when Iran Attacks we are not Biden told your prime Minister that the US will not support an Israeli Counterattack what are your Feelings about That first of all we are grateful for The American support and to the American People the the American Army and also to The administration that support us in a Defending mechanism that that we create In the region with them about the attack You know we the Israeli believe that if We need to attack we need to do it by Ourselves and we never ask any other Country to do it for us but what we do Need is the Diplomatic International Cloud and definitely America has the Power to give us this kind of a cloud uh In the end of the day it's not about Personal matters uh uh in the International diplomatic word it's about Understanding the reality it's about Understanding we are at in the on the Word stage and the word needs to Understand and decide whether it wants To go with a chamberline approach or the With the churchan decision what to do Against Iran so Israel is going to do What we need to do in the end of the day And we're going to decide the time and The scoop uh and the scope that we're Going to retaliate against Iran that Needs to be seen but we do appreciate The help that the American people

Supporters on this endeavor well Israel Has certainly proven over the years to Be very effective at uh standing up to Bullies in the region so thank you very Much Mr Bahar for joining us thank you Very much good morning thank you you too I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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