Israel, Hamas inch closer to hostage agreement

Israel, Hamas inch closer to hostage agreement

Omer Lubaton Granot, founder of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the possibility of successful hostage negotiations. #FoxNews

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And on that note now Israel and Hamas Are edging closer to a hostage agreement That's what we're being told now but Again we've been told that for days the US Cutter in Egypt brokering these talks That would pause the fighting in Exchange for the release of nearly 300 Hostages the founder of the hostages and Missing families Forum Omar lubaton Granat uh sir thank you for your time I Hope I did well with your name but I Appreciate you uh you being here today You know what it's been on my mind all Weekend One of the things I find disturbing Thank you for having me yeah you bet is That Hamas has not given many images of Proof of life and as the IDF moves Through Northern Gaza and soon this war Is going to develop in the southern part Of Gaza um what what can you tell us About your level of confidence that Negotiations could be Successful I think it's very hard to Tell because I think that Kamas is Irrational player Um so I think that any leverage or any Pressure that Israel or the the US can Can bring and do on Hamas with mediators Or or you know with diplomatic means or Military means I think that they use Everything they can because each day Path the the you know the chance that we Will see our loved ones back home alive

Safe and sound is is decreasing and we See what's going on we see what's going On with Noah that you that you just Mentioned her and is living here in the US it's such a sad story yeah doubt About it I mean there's not just Israelis there but they're Americans Being held in Gaza 2o uh the president Was asked about it on Sunday just give This a listen Here Mr President when will more Hostages get Out when will more hostages get Out so what he said was I'm not in a Position to tell you that I'll make sure They're out and then I'll tell you and That that might be the best posture Publicly right now but this is the Proposal Hamas would release maybe 20 Women and children Israel would release 20 women and children from an Israeli Jail uh there would be a paus in Fighting Hamas once up to five days I Don't know if that's going to Fly what do you think would be A it's really hard what would be a sound Agreement where both sides could even Trust each other on those conditions I think of course you know after all What's going on there is no trust Between the sides but for me you know The side I represent my family the Hostages Families we we want any deal that will

Keep our family safe and bring them home But we also understand you know we also Have families that are now in the Forefront of the battles my brother is There in the South so you know we care Deeply about our soldiers that danger The life for us we care deeply about the Citizens that live next to the borders So we want to believe that we can find a Deal I'm not an expert in those kind of Deals I'm not you know I'm not I don't Know all the all the details that I Believe the IDF and our government knows But I want to believe that we can reach A deal when we can bring them home and Keep our other interests um you know Alive and in the in the Forefront om We're going to stay in touch with you And many others we're not going to let The issue go I know you've had many Family and friends we need your support There I know you do we need your support The Americans people we need the support Of the American government I want to Thank you for having me yeah you bet I Know you suffered greatly too with all Your families and friends um in southern Israel so hang tough and we'll hope for The best thank you sir for your time Thank you so much okay

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