Israel reportedly targets Gaza with ‘bunker buster’ bombs to destroy tunnel networks

Israel reportedly targets Gaza with 'bunker buster' bombs to destroy tunnel networks

U.S. congressional candidate Chris Banweg, R-Ohio, discusses the challenges Israeli forces face while confronting underground tunnels Hamas forces are using in the Gaza strip. #FOXNews

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You breaking right now smoke Rising Above the Gaza Skyline as Israel expands Its ground offensive against tamas Militants and as Ida forces enter the Second phase of the war one of the Biggest challenges for troops is the Very elaborate Hamas tunnel system built Underneath the already challenging Urban Battlefield Ohio Congressional candidate Chris bwag is a Marine Corp Lieutenant Coronel who served in the Middle East And he joins us now uh good morning to You you know Israel has Elite forces Incredible technology but there are Those who say that this tunnel system Will neutralize all that so how do IDF Forces navigate this Situation well first off thanks for Having me on but I I think it's fair to Say that the challenges ahead for the Israeli Defense Forces cannot be Overstated uh in my experience with Central Command and working with the IDF I can appreciate just how incredibly Challenging this battlefield will be It's um once you get through the Gaza Area and in into this it's like a second City Underground with all the challenges Of an urban conflict area but Amplified You think about small spaces and unknown Pathways and the fact that as a baseline There is no natural light and if you can Recall the last time you tried to Navigate your own house in the middle of

The night without turning on the Lights uh you can start to imagine where Their day begins when we start to talk About tunnel Warfare and the underground Around areas that Hamas has now we also Have to consider that Hamas chose this Battle and they have already shown their Barbarism so when we think about the Amount of time and ability they've had To prepare it there's no limit to the Number of traps and ambushes that they Can put in place for the IDF and they Have shown their intent to injure the Israelis to hurt them as best they can There are reports that bunker Buster Bombs are being used seems like it makes Sense you want to bust the bunker so you Use a bomb but it seems like there could Be ancillary issues with regard to Casualties of your own troops Potentially the hostages explain how These work and why they're going to be Utilized now Todd that's actually a Great question in in my uh my past Deployments we've used some similar Technology in uh in Iraq earlier in radi And mosul um you can set but delay Potentially on the fuses some of these Explosives so that they will go to the Depth they need to and detonate um when We think about the math and the science That goes into it the technology is Absolutely there for us to be careful in The way that we are applying these

Ordinances but it's not perfect as you Said there is risk to both anyone Underground and our troops that are in The Area absolutely Lieutenant Colonel Marine uh corpal Chris BWI thank you so Much for joining us we appreciate it

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