Israeli military reveals how Hamas uses hospitals, playgrounds as shields

Israeli military reveals how Hamas uses hospitals, playgrounds as shields

Israel’s former justice minister Ayelet Shaked joined ‘FOX & Friends First’ to discuss how the terrorist group is trying to protect itself against the IDF as Israeli forces are expected to enter Gaza City. #FOXNews

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Meantime Israeli media says idea forces Will enter Gaza City today or tomorrow Where they will go Street by Street and Into a spiderweb of tunnels looking for Hamas Fighters the mission is of course Complicated as Israel releases this Video appearing to show how Hamas is Using hospitals and playgrounds as Shields for their Attacks here you can see the IDF Soldiers exposing a tunnel Opening this is part of our operation a Ground operation that was conducted on The hospital then revealed a tunnel that Was being used for Terror Infrastructures the terrorist also shoot At our soldiers from within the Hospital Israel's former Justice Minister IET ched joins us now I let Good morning to you um this is all Happening as the IDF has Gaza City Surrounded um the IDF is expected to Enter the city soon and this is where There could be significant casualties With Israel forces so just your thoughts This morning as Israel enters this next Phase of this War yeah it uh it's a mandatory act Because you know that our goal is to Eliminate the Kamas after they Slaughtered our family families they Murdered small children and they Kidnapped H children babies women and we Don't have any other choice and as as

You show they are using Hospitals kindergartens as a a a comp Compon out for for Terror they are using Like they they they shoot missiles out Of there and Rockets out of there and we Need to clean the area so you know they Have two options either to die or to Surrender you said you need to clear the Area how do you do that tactically fight An enemy that does this hides behind Hospitals hide behind nurseries while Limiting civilian casualties in those Hospitals in those Child Care Centers so we are uh fighting according To the international law and also According to the international law if They're using hospital as a a terror Center and as a place in which there are Terrorists either inside the hospital or In the underground it's a it's a Target So you know we are trying to PR Su the Population there to live but some of Them stayed because the Kamas using them As a human shield I don't know if you if You show in Fox News horrible videos in Which the Hamas shoot its own people the People that are trying to move to the South they just kill them and so the Hamas slaughtered our our families and They kill their own people as well and They try to push them not to move to the South because in the South they will be Safe and they want to use them as a Human shield but you know we are doing

All the effort that we can in order to To push them to to to evacuate the area But if they choose not to do that so They are support the Hamas they they Will have to to fight yeah uh Israel has Dropped Flyers they've sent millions of Text messages telling people to get out Of the region and if they don't uh their Own lives are going to be in their hands I I also want to ask you about Secretary Of State Anthony blinkin he's in the Region right now meeting with Turkish Leaders and he's pushing for a Humanitarian pause the Biden Administration's thinking is that if There's a pause in fighting it will be Easier to negotiate hostage releases how Do you feel about That it's a big no no for us you know And humanitarian po pose or ceasefire is Just the same it will help the Hamas It's like giving weapon to the Hamas we Are not going to let it happen unless They will release some of our hostages You know maybe the children the babies The women and we will not give them Ceasefire which is a big Big you know it's like to give weapon to The Hamas it's a huge help for them they Are our enemies they are our enemy our Goal is to eliminate them and we will Not agree to have a ceasefire only if They release our kidnapped children I want to ask you one more question

About Anthony blinkin he met with Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abas yesterday and during the meeting he Stressed this is a quote he stressed the US commitment to pressuring Israel to Protect civilians in Gaza increase Humanitarian Aid and reign in and punish Extremist Jewish settler violence Against Palestinians in the West Bank How do you feel about that messaging in That characterization of Things we are um giving humanitarian Aid We let uh the International Community You know to bring uh everything they Need food medicine this is fine by us if They want to help the population that is There regarding what's going on in Judea And Samaria well we have police forces We have military and the Israeli Citizens should act according to the law And if you you don't you get punished Punishment you know in Israel we are a State of Law and we are taking care of Extremist IET shakat Israel's former Justice Minister I let thank you so much For joining us this morning we Appreciate it thank you

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