Israeli military’s entrance into Gaza City imminent

Israeli military's entrance into Gaza City imminent

FOX News’ Trey Yingst reports the latest on the IDF’s looming invasion from southern Israel. #FOXNews

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Good Monday morning everybody Fox News Alert 1:00 in the afternoon in Turkey Right now and Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin is about to leave that country After meeting with officials from the Country to discuss the escalating Tensions in the mid East he may speak to Reporters in the next 10 or so minutes If so out at the airport you're going to See it live here Brian all right his Visit to the Middle East comes as Israeli forces continue forward in every Way possibly uh entering Gaza City as Soon as today while the IDF claims to Have taken control of a Hamas Outpost Within the strip meanwhile across the Globe Pro Palestinian protesters hitting The streets in major cities this Weekend and we're at tourah Academy of Bergen County we'll be talking with Folks on how it's impacting them here on The local level and in Jewish Communities all across the country but First we check in with Trey y he's live On our Southern uh in southern Israel With the latest hey Trey yeah hey guys good morning right Now we know the Israelis are pushing Deeper into the Gaza Strip they have Gaza City surrounded and I do want to Just show you the level of Destruction Behind me near to the border the Israelis say they've hit 450 different Targets over the past 24 hours

Destroying Hamas command centers and Different posts uh we do know that they Are being ambushed and the air support And the artillery units along the border Are trying to destroy any of the Buildings where Hamas Fighters are Hiding in that's part of the reason you See so much destruction here I do want You also to take a look at this video That our cameraman Yaniv turjman filmed Last night along the border we could see These massive explosions as the Israelis Used bunker Buster bombs to try and Destroy the tunnel Network beneath Gaza Now this comes as Fox News was granted Access into the Gaza Strip this weekend We were with the Israeli military as They push deeper into the strip and got A firsthand look at the battles between Israel and Hamas take a Look you can hear that gunfire in the Distance the Israelis are trying to Engage anyone who tries to Ambush their Forces and the battle is Street by Street it is urban gorilla Warfare as Hamas is popping out of tunnels and Ambushing Israeli Troops Right now we're embedded with the Israeli military inside the Gaza Strip These forces have been ambushed shot at And lost more than two dozen of their Own soldiers still they fight block by Block in bloody Urban battle their enemy

Hamas Guerilla Fighters popping out of Tunnels and trying to kill as many of The Israelis as they Can you see the level of Destruction There there are more than a million Palestinian civilians internally Displaced inside Gaza many homes Destroyed they'll have nowhere to return To and this does come as the Americans See what's happening on the ground here And are trying to send a message to Hamas's Regional allies including Iran Not to get involved in this fight we do Know in the Red Sea today there is the USS Florida a submarine that has 154 Tomahawk missiles on board again the Americans trying to signal to Israel's Enemies across the region not to get Involved guys back to you and Trey it Was amazing video watching you actually In Gaza with the IDF um you know since They're in there and they're not Necessarily coming out you know they're Staying they've got the Gaza City uh Surrounded at this point as you just Pointed out how are they Resupplying uh the people on the front Lines essentially uh with water and ammo And food and medicine and any equipment They might Need it's a great question and they are Taking convoys in and out of Gaza but That journey is the most dangerous part We were in an APC with the Israeli

Military for 15 to 20 minutes just to Get into Gaza more than a mile into the Strip and when we got there it was far Less tense actually inside until the gun Battle started just because there were So many soldiers they have such a Presence in these different areas but The soldiers are living on cans of tuna And canned corn it's a very simple uh Life inside Gaza they understand that They're not going to stay in these Positions for a long time so they have Really just what they can carry with Them as they move from house to house And Advance deeper into Gaza yeah Trey This is an interesting juxa position Today because you have Secretary of State Anthony blink and he's just about To leave turkey and over the weekend his Whole message was that he is pushing the B Administration is pushing for this Humanitarian pause and the thinking There is that it would be easier to Negotiate for hostage releases if There's a brief pause in fighting but That's happening as fighting around Gaza City is ramping up so it does not seem Like Israel and the United States is on The same page on this one how are Israeli officials handling uh the push From the United States calling for these Pauses yeah the Israelis and the Americans do not see eye to eye on this Issue the Americans say there needs to

Be a pause in the fighting in order to Increase the amount of humanitarian aid While the Israelis say they need a Maximum pressure campaign against tamas In order to get the hostages released I Think we do have some of the video here Of the Jordanian airdrop that took place Overnight Jordan actually took one of Their transport planes over the Gaza Strip and dropped Aid into Gaza for Palestinian civilians now it wasn't Announced but this is something that Certainly was coordinated with the Israelis Israel understands the amount Of pressure they're facing from the United States and others to get Aid into Gaza and so quietly behind the scenes They're allowing things like this to Make sure that the Palestinian civilians In the strip have just a small amount of Aid to get by but the world food program Says the amount of Aid getting into Gaza Simply is not enough and the Humanitarian crisis there will continue To deteriorate so Trey I understand to Have any rescues you need to get into Gaza City so if there is there a sense That the hostages become a priority as Reports are that the IDF is in Gaza City absolutely it's a priority for the Israelis and as we were standing on that Rooftop inside the Gaza Strip I spoke With Lieutenant Colonel gillad pck and I Asked him about the situation and he

Gave me some new information and that Information was that the Israelis Believe the majority of the hostages are Being held inside Gaza City Beneath the The city in the tunnel Network beneath Gaza City and so this is different than What we originally thought there was an Understanding maybe they were spread out Throughout the strip and other Population centers like hunas and Rafa The Israeli military says they think They are underneath Gaza City and it's Part of the reason they have the city Surrounded they've cut the Gaza Strip in Half and they appear to be pushing in Warrs you know Trey I I've been reading Some reports of the mood on the ground From Gins and and I just wonder you've Been covering this conflict for years Before we got to this war have you Noticed a tone change in the moderates In in the Gaza Strip there's a huge frustration among Palestinian civilians in Gaza that I've Been talking to about what happened some Of them were horrified by the massacre That took place in southern Israel on October 7th and they understand that What Hamas did set the Palestinian caus Back decades now often times people look At the situation on the ground and They're not able to make the important Distinction between the Palestinian People and the terror organization Hamas

And so there is a frustration among Moderate Palestinians about what took Place and there's an understanding that As this unravels there are people in the United States for example that are Taking to the streets and protesting Against Israel without having a firm Understanding about Hamas and what the Organization stands for yeah they also Have the Hamas flags up there too which Is absolutely insane uh Trey thanks so Much we'll check out with you in about 20 minutes I appreciate it

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