Israeli special ops vet slams Biden for backing a humanitarian ‘pause’

Israeli special ops vet slams Biden for backing a humanitarian ‘pause’

Counterterrorism expert Aaron Cohen offers insight into Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza and the White House urging for a humanitarian ‘pause’ on ‘FOX News @ Night.’ #foxnews #fox

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Thank you let's bring in Aaron Cohen Israeli special ops veteran and founder Of cherries specializing in Counterterrorism training for law Enforcement Aaron it's always great to See you I to go back to Steve herrian And this whole concept that na Let's see We got uh nazala Hassan nazala is Speaking in if my clock is right in 10 Hours he is speaking a lot of concern in The Middle East John Kirby doesn't share That concern a lot of concern that he Might call for war on Israel what would That do to the scenario over there well It's not going to change anything with Israel's tactical operations right now I'll tell you trace Israel's strength And the heart and meat of Israel's Capabilities lies in preemptive striking And that's what Israel is doing right Now systematically uh they're dealing With five fronts right now they've got Hamas in the South as you mentioned uh Uh Gaza city is surrounded uh Israeli Seals have also uh uh blocked uh the Sea On the Far West End of Gaza uh uh Special Operations troops clearing all Of those structures before those uh Infantry units come in Hezbollah on the North we've got drones actively taking Out clusters of terrorists in the North In the southern region of Lebanon uh You've got the houthis that are firing Actively engaging the Israelis right now

So they've already declared war whether It's been overt or or covert the those Missiles are coming into Israel so Israel it doesn't have the luxury of the Would bees could bees and may bees and That's the mindset of of defending the State and so aggression determination And and and continuous bombardment both On the ground both in the air via drones It's nonstop with Israel trait you talk About continued bombardment it's Interesting because I want to play some More sound from John Kirby uh talking About the humanitarian pause that's what They call it Watch do we Advocate pauses by both Sides here temporary localized to be Able to get Americans out to be able to Get Aid in you bet you we do that Doesn't mean that we're calling for a General ceasefire A lot of people think they are calling For a general ceasefire when you stop Firing you stop firing that's cease Firing I think I think the president is Playing some games right now he's trying To uh he's trying to trying to play a Little slip and dip with the wording Right now to get a ceasefire in there But I'll tell you this uh based on my Experience and what I've been hearing Right now in Israel and the way that the Uh look there's a combat Rhythm right Now that's in effect and it's not going

To be broken uh the only thing that's Going to be broken is Hamas the sooner Hamas is destroyed the sooner the Palestinians will not have to deal with Being stuck in Gaza where they're not Allowed to get into Jordan cuz King Jordan has kept the doors closed El has Kept the back door closed in Egypt uh Hezbollah wants to dust it up Israel's Got no problem they got tons of Experience in malun and taibe and all Those Southern Lebanese towns they know Them better than the southern Lebanese Do and Israel as I've said to you before On multiple occasions has the ability to Get to every one of these people and I Don't think Israel is going to break Their combat Rhythm they cannot for the Future of the of the of the resolution Of the Jewish State they have to keep Moving they're in a rhythm supplies will Get moved up if we stop uh Hezbollah Hezbollah will be able to continue Supplying it's it's it's it cannot stop At this point right now you talk about That Rhythm uh how important is it that The Israeli Defense Forces have Gaza Surrounded I've got about 30 seconds Gaza surrounded is the key this is what We call a in Hebrew translated literally Means a pressure cooker and what it's Allowing Israel to do is to be able to Clear those structures those buil those Densely built up areas we discussed

Using What's called the um slow and Deliberate clearing so those are the Special operations forces the the Momentum can't stop once the once those Structures are clear then the elite Infantry units can start coming in and And the pressure continues to close in Order to be able to get over those Tunnels with special Machinery so they Can pinpoint the location of the tunnels And get back to those hostages that's The that's the operational tone right Now great stuff Aon thank you very much Apprciate hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to sub subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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