Ivy League student charged with making online threats against Jews

Ivy League student charged with making online threats against Jews

FOX News’ Alexis McAdams reports on the latest example of growing antisemitism on U.S. college campuses and hears from students at Cornell University about heightened fears and new safety measures. #foxnews

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Federal agents have arrested a suspect In the disturbing case of threats made Against Cornell University's Jewish Community as anti-Semitism surges on College campuses throughout the us we've Seen a lot of these stories Alexis McAdams is live outside Cornell's Jewish Student Center with more this morning Good morning Alexis Brett good morning you can see it Over my shoulder there there's a still a Police presence in front of one of those Buildings that this student who is now a Suspect in this case reportedly Threatened according to law enforcement So we know that this junior here at Cornell University was arrested here in Itha yesterday facing federal charges After police say he posted several Online threats saying he was going to Kill Jewish students on this campus here As the police have been on alert here We've been talking with Jewish students Here Brad who tell us they're happy Someone's in custy and hope this sends a Strong message Listen since they caught them so quick I Think people will not be emboldened and They will not do something like this in The Future Cornell University in Ithaca has been on High alert since investigators say Patrick d a junior at the school

Reportedly posted online threats to Shoot up the kosher dining hall that was Just one of them Brett investigators say He also wrote that he would slit the Throats of Jewish students on Cornell's Campus so the FBI and the state police Stepped in immediately they used D's IP Address to track them down matching it To nearly a dozen post so one student Tell me that the Jew students are still Concerned and worried for their Long-term safety They wanted new new security measures on Their Windows um you know we're Installing here uh new security systems And locks on our doors to help protect Our Building it's not just Cornell dealing With the rise of anti-Semitic threat Since the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7th anti-semitic incidents in The United States have increased nearly 400% according to the Anti-Defamation League the American Jewish committee Telling Fox News schools can't try to Appease everyone here they have to Condemn these Acts it's not a matter of you know if There's going to be a future attack Against yoush students on a campus it is A matter of when and until they really Step up and change their rhetor and Change their response uh Jewish jents Aren't going to feel safe on

Campus and Brett just finding out Moments ago that Patrick Dy will be in a Federal courthouse here in New York Around 2:30 this afternoon so we'll keep You posted on all the charges that will Then be talked about inside of that Courtroom he could face up to 5 years Behind bars here for these threats his Dad talked to the New York Post last Night saying that his son suffers from Depression and uh said that he had to Take some breaks from school so they're Talking about his mental Fitness as well At this point Brett Alexis McAdams in Itha Alexis thanks I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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