James Comer: The walls are closing in on the Biden family

James Comer: The walls are closing in on the Biden family

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., gives an update on the Hunter Biden probe and says it all points back to President Biden on ‘Hannity.’
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All right now that the fireworks on Capitol Hill today where Marjorie tell a Green humiliated bang Bang's Ex-boyfriend little Eric swalwell during A hearing take a look at this Mr secretary do you believe that all of Us have a responsibility to elevate our Rhetoric and to denounce anti-Semitism And anti-police rhetoric in this country So that Jewish Americans and police Officers can be safer Congressman I do thank you and I yield Back The gentleman yields and now I recognize The gentlelady from Georgia Miss Green That was quite entertaining from someone That had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy and everyone knows it but They move to take our words down the Gentleman will state the words that he Wishes taken down Everything that the gentlelady from Georgia has said no you need to be more Specific accusations of an affair with a Chinese spy Those are engaging in personalities And they those words should be taken Down and the gentlelady should not be Able to speak anymore in this hearing The chair recognizes the gentlelady from Georgia and asks if she would like to Retract those words No I will not [Applause]

Who benefited from China here with the Very latest uh Revelations and he is Making a ton of progress uh his Investigation into the Biden family Syndicate he is the chairman of the very Powerful important house oversight Government reform committee and that Would be James Comer welcome to the show I'm going to give you the ball and let You run with it we now have nine Biden Family members six additional members Now so nine in total that we know Benefited financially from the deals That Hunter Biden was involved in Hunter Biden implicates his own father and Complains that he has to give half his Income to Pops he complains about paying For pops for pairs uh he we know he was Referred to as the big guy so my Question to you is this Now that we have all the Biden family Members implicated now that you now have Been able to follow the money and the Suspicious activity reports tell us Where we are in this investigation and What is it what where are we now headed Because what you said to me on radio This week was devastating for the bidens Yeah Sean as you know we went in to the Treasury uh assuming that there were Four or five Biden family members Involved in this Biden family influence Peddling scheme we assumed there were About a dozen Banks we assumed there

Were a certain number of suspicious Activity reports uh what we quickly Learned from going through the thousands Of pages of Bank violations that were This family was involved in there are Nine Biden family members and Counting Sean there are at least two others that I would bet money on will be implicated Before long there are many more banks That were involved there were many more Llc's that were involved this was a Family Enterprise but the LLC Sean they Don't appear to be legitimate businesses Their their sole purpose from what my Analysis is thus far is they were just Used to try to disguise or launder However you want to describe it where The source of the revenue was and and The source was you know places like the Chinese Communist party places in Countries that honestly have worse Reputations than than China and they Went to Great Lengths to try to hide the Fact that this money was coming in to The bidens by by transferring it to many Accounts the banks picked up on this That's why they filed Bank violations And then they went directly into Biden Families members personal accounts it Wasn't for seed Capital like the Biden Lawyers are trying to claim and when They talk about legitimate businesses Sean I have yet to find a legitimate Business I found a lot of llc's we

Continue to find more but you know Sean You and I can form an LLC and call it Hannity and comer energy that doesn't Mean we're in the energy business we Just have an LLC with the word energy in It and we haven't found any legitimate Business by the way Hunter Biden himself Went on GMA and he was asked do you have Any experience in oil gas Coal Energy Nope nope nope nope do you have any Experience with Ukraine no why do you Think they paid all this money I don't Know and he goes and then the Interviewer says maybe because your Daddy was the VP in charge of Ukraine Policy and he goes probably so the Question is here we're talking about Some of our biggest geopolitical foes We're talking about Russia we're talking About China and you said over a dozen Countries how much money when we know How much money in business the Biden Family did with hostile regimes and how Much money they put in their pocket at The end of the day and my last question Is part of a long question is do you Believe the president of the United States is compromised by these countries That we know hate our guts I'll answer the second question I don't See how Joe Biden could not be Compromised I mean this these family Members aren't energy experts they Weren't on boards at least with barisma

Hunter actually sat on a board there are No other boards that we can find that These family members sat on certainly Not the the grandchildren and the nieces And the nephews and the in-laws and Things like that and so what were they Doing why were they getting this much Money it all points back to Joe Biden And we're going to continue until we get The truth to the American people but I Can say this shot the walls are closing In on the Biden family We appreciate you being with us thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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