‘JAW-DROPPING’: This is a shot across the bow for Biden

'JAW-DROPPING': This is a shot across the bow for Biden

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the latest news emerging from the Biden family bank records allegedly indicating that they gained money from China. #FoxNews

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Well follow the family finances the Chinese American Banks applying Senate Republicans with records showing Millions of dollars flowing from Chinese Companies to the president's son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden member Of the Foreign Relations Committee Senator Ron Johnson joins us now for More Senator so great to have you on This morning so there was another batch Of papers of you know Bank documents That came out that showed money going to Hunter to Jim to Joe to Beau Biden's Widow who Hunter was sleeping with at That time so nobody in the media seemed To care about this Joe Biden said they Were lies is there anything more damning In this new batch that will have to get The media's attention or do you expect Them to ignore it just like the last Batch Good morning Rachel well let's face it Senator grass and I pretty well laid out The case against the the grifting Biden Family back in September of 2020 before The election our report was completely Ignored by the media and just as they Ignored the 105 laptop because they're Advocates for the left themselves and so We're finding out now is just New pieces Of evidence of the grifts that the Biden Family been involved with uh the bank Records basically confirm what the Treasury records showed from senator

Grassley's in my report I think what Recently was reported on Fox is the uh Trying to get into The Sovereign wealth Funds of like Ireland and some of these Other countries you know our reports Show something like a dozen different Countries that Hunter Biden was again Peddling the family name trying to sell Influence but I think uh you know the The trying to tap into Sovereign wealth Funds I think is pretty revealing you Know why would governments who own those Sovereign wealth funds why would they Want to pay into the the buying family Coffers and the Biden family grift well It's to gain influence it's you know who Knows exactly how it might benefit from Them but the the level of compromise of This President I think is just Jaw-dropping and maybe even more Jaw-dropping is how the media except for A few Outlets like Fox News is Completely ignoring it I guess they're Okay with it yeah I guess they're Hanging their head on the fact that okay They say well Hunter Hunter's a bad Figure Um he did bad things but can you connect It to Joe Biden have we been able to Connect it to Joe Biden because I know Hunter was paying for things for his dad That I know I wouldn't pay for my dad Um and and mortgages and things like That is there any way to make these

Connections Yes I mean unfortunately Senator grass And I ran out of time uh that was toward The tail end of that Congress and then We lost the majority so we would have The championship anymore but now the House does and so uh certainly I'm Encouraging James Comer and the house Committees to subpoena the other bank Records I thought what was interesting Is that Cafe bank I know they're they're Denying any involvement with China just Like Tick Tock but I thought I was Rather revealing they just handed over Records to our Senate committees Um without you know any compulsory Process I think it'll require a subpoena Process of compulsory process on part of The house to get the bank records and Not only understand the inflow from Different countries into the Biden Family Conference but then where you Know the outflow where to go once it Went into right A Bank controlled by Hunter Biden did it go down to the Cayman Islands somewhere the Bahamas or You know how did the big guy maybe get His 10 that's what needs to be Investigated by the way we handed all This over to attorney U.S attorney Weiss Uh he's been sitting on our records now For for months probably evidence for Years where's the U.S attorney's Investigation into this as well he's got

Stronger investigatory powers and then Certainly Congress does at this point in Time can you answer this question really Really fast I do have to go why do you Think that that Cafe Bank gave the Records so readily I think it's a shot across the bow so Just joined the bidens this this is what We can do this is the information we Have Scary times Senator Johnson you've been Right all along you've been Vindicated On so many levels thanks for joining us This morning Have a good day I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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