Jean-Pierre Insists “There’s No ‘There’ There” When Asked If Hunter Paid His Own Way On Ireland Trip

Jean-Pierre Insists "There's No 'There' There" When Asked If Hunter Paid His Own Way On Ireland Trip

Comments made on 4/18/23

Just to close the book in Ireland since We just got back it was a highly Personal trip there were a lot of Cousins there you did Valerie And Hunter Biden they go on Air Force One did they contribute did they pay for Airfare accommodations ground Transportation what look we took we this Is not the first time let's be very very Clear it is consistent with other Presidents when they've had family Travel with them abroad this is nothing New so just want to make sure that we Make that very clear to the American People and of course we followed every Protocol that any other president or Every other president has taken when They when their family has traveled and So yes all right So we we took every protocol that is Necessary and needed when a family Travel we did nothing different than Past presidents and so yes they paid They paid for their way with a share Yeah like every other this is this is Not unusual this is not the first time That families have traveled uh with Presidents so there's there's nothing There's no there there as they were Saying

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