Jesse Watters: Biden is a walking, talking cookie crumb

Jesse Watters: Biden is a walking, talking cookie crumb

Jesse Watters discusses the latest developments in the investigation on President Biden’s alleged money laundering schemes on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Welcome to Jesse Waters prime time Tonight where's the money we found it Here's the big fat check Joe Biden got From China Elon Musk spills his guts about The Feds the Halloween Scandal everyone's Talking about plus take a [Music] Woo think back to when you were a kid Your parents catch you with your hand Stuck in the cookie jar your first Instinct blame your sister or play dumb What cookie despite the cookie crumbs Littered across your lips children will Lie to survive but deflection doesn't Always go away with age look at our President a walking talking cookie crumb For each crumb there's a laptop an email A photo a whistleblower an LLC Joe Biden's been shoveling Chinese fortune Cookies down his throat his whole career Like a kid he thinks the cookies are in His tmy and we won't find him where's The money I'm joking Mr a bunch of Biden's so used to being Protected that he thinks he need to find Gold bars in his closet to get in Trouble as long as they don't find cash Sewn into my windbreaker I'm Fine well following the money is hard Work Man retrieving old bank records that's Really hard to do man or looking up your

Balance for your loan on your loan That's a killer man that's cost so much Money for those Banks the president Thought he was going to be able to run Out the clock on having to turn over Bank records the president thought but You know records of your bank files are Stored in cabinets in warehouses and it Would take years to send a bunch of Bankers to dig through boxes of bank Records and Xerox them and turn them Over it's actually electronic you just Type in an account number and you hit Print and it doesn't take a lot of money To do it you'd be surprised how much Money banks have Joe it's why they're Banks it's where we keep the money and James is finally getting his hands on Biden family Bank record so far the left Says there's no evidence incriminating Joe Biden they're not putting forward Any evidence that Joe Biden received any Of this money Republicans have not tied The president uh Joe Biden to Profiteering from them there is no Evidence that Joe Biden directly Benefited from anything that Hunter Biden was doing the majority sits Completely empty-handed with no evidence Of any presidential wrongdoing no Smoking gun no so we've established that A Smoking Gun is dirty money coming from Overseas in the Biden's bank account Well look what we have here that's a

Check made out to Joe Biden for $40,000 his brother's wife wrote him the Check but where' the money come from James comr found out $40,000 in Laundered China money landed in Joe Biden's bank account in the form of a Personal Check China wired Hunter's company 5 Million Hunter's company wired Hunter 400,000 Hunter's company wired Biden's Brother money and then Biden's brother's Wife wrote Joe a check for 40 Grand well Wait a second what's 10% of 400,000 that's 40 Grand that's 10% for the big Guy so money hit Joe Biden's bank Account from China and it added up to 10% for the big guy I wonder if the Democrats will change what a Smoking Gun Means this happened on the five on Monday what Happens if the next Check originates somewhere really bad Jessica and I mean really bad and it Goes through hunter or it goes through GES and it goes directly into Joe Biden's checking account is that a Smoking Gun okay um so two things yes or No yes or no no it's not it's not I was Promised a Smoking Gun and if I deliver A Smoking Gun you have to admit that gun Is smoking so the new excuse is it's Okay to bribe politicians family members

And now it's okay to bribe politicians Themselves and it's okay for politicians Family members to shake down our enemies For bribes Hunter was texting these Chinese guys you better pay me the money My dad's sitting right next to me and He's going to be Angry and then the Chinese texted back Yeah we want to do business with your Fam they sent him the money and the Money got to the big guy and the bidens Got this money for favors Joe Biden did For China while he was VP he greased Approvals for the Chinese to buy American car companies he hosted the Chinese at the White House he wrote Letters of recommendation to Ivy League Schools for them no Administration was Softer on China than Obama but none and After he left office the bidens worked On natural gas deals for the Chinese Helped them take over African mines the Chinese were paying him in diamonds and Then the Chinese said Hunter you need to Help Uncle Joe run for president and Then China helps Joe get elected President and Joe shuts down the China Task force doesn't mention the lab leak Doesn't pop the Spy balloon and is Inviting their nuclear scientists over To look into our nuclear facility so What's Biden's lawyer say about this now You ready they say the check was a Loan so every time Joe gets dirty money

Directly into his checking account They're going to say oh it's just Repaying a loan they just write loan Repayment on the check and think it's Going to fool us Menendez should have Just written loan repayment on the gold Bars what an Idiot this is why the CIA didn't want Biden to run for reelection they knew This was coming out comr has just begun To get Biden family bank records you Think this is the only Chinese check Joe Biden got it's just the beginning hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere Else

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