Jesse Watters: Biden’s Green New Deal is falling apart

Jesse Watters: Biden's Green New Deal is falling apart

‘The Green Fraud’ author Marc Morano joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss the collapsing green industry.

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[Music] Prime time has just scored another big Victory the whales have received a stay Of execution along with my Beach views We've been telling you for months how Biden's offshore wind projects are Destroying the Jersey Shore but just Yesterday the Danish windmill company Pulled the plug on two massive projects Off The Jersey coast the company's Admitting bomic doesn't work despite Billions in giveaways the windmills Still won't work they won't make money Because of high r Ates inflation in China but that's not all offshore wind Farms in Massachusetts were just Cancelled offshore wind in Connecticut Is collapsing and offshore wind projects In New York are about to get cancelled The whole green New Deals falling apart Right before our very eyes Biden's Favorite electric bus company proera Just filed for bankruptcy it's what Happens when your buses catch on fire General Motors and Honda just killed bu Their lowprice electric car joint Venture Ford just stopped work on their New Michigan electric battery plant the Company's losing $36,000 per EV per Biden's handing out $7,000 coupons to Buy electric cars and no one's buying Them this is what happens when companies Make cars for politicians instead of Companies making cars for customers no

One even thought to ask the customers if They want wanted an electric car the Smart money is in oil that's right Exxon Mobile and Hess have discovered 11 Billion barrels of oil off the coast of South America with a B it's the biggest Discovery in a decade it appears as if We're going to run out of minerals for Batteries before we run out of oil for Cars Joe Biden tried to run our economy Like Joe Stalin but just like the Soviet Union the math doesn't add up and now Billions of are gone and all we have are Cars that never made it off the lot and Windmills that never made it out of the Warehouse now if I know Democrats and I Do we're about to witness one of the Biggest green bailouts in History Mark Morano is the climate Depot Publisher and author of The Green fraud Did you see this Coming I hate to say I told you so but Absolutely I mean I was working in the US Senate environment Public Works Committee when the really the first Governor to make a splash with this was Arnold Schwarzenegger in California he Did 2006 the California climate Bill the Global warming Solutions act he was Praised as a man saving the planet it Was the ultimate virtue signal well Guess what many other Governors Senators Countries all wanted in on that virtue Signal so for decades they kept coming

Up with the Net Zero the solar the wind Mandates the tax credits the subsidies And it didn't really it was small enough That it didn't really affect the Energy Mix or we weren't feeling it obviously Enough and all of this happened the Inflation reduction act last year well Everything collapsing on its own now you Can no longer virtue signal this Nonsense we had world leaders at un Summits all limit the Earth's Temperature to two degrees all go to 1.5 As though they were playing Price is Right playing with a giant dial it's no Longer possible as you just laid out Jesse on every metric of Biden's green Energy agenda it is in complete collapse And this is the key part despite massive Inflation reduction acts so-called uh Subsidies mandates tax credits and I'm Talking about not just now but many Years in the future and you're right we Look to Europe to see the future Germany Already bailing out offshore wi they're Already going to double down and start Bailing off a report came out and said We have to spend 75 trillion on this Green transition easier to transition Your gender than energy the way the Biden Administration is going about it It's just not happening Mark how Arrogant do you have to be to think you All of a sudden can just build all brand New cars all brand new energy put

Windmills all up and down the coast put Solar panels all over and just change The entire world economy like that how Arrogant do you have to Be as arrogant as every person in History that you study they always think They're different they're smarter and They can do it and in the case of I was Off with the committee for construct Tomorrow we had a protest out off of Martha's Vineyard about these windmills We went out to ostad orad directly we Had a 1980s Radio Shack megaphone and we Had an alliance of fishermen and we had An alliance of uh uh even trans rights Activists in San franisco liberals all Together so we asked the question where Are the Volvo driving save the roale Liberals when you need them well they Came out and now you have 50 governors In New Jersey opposing the offshore wind This is arrogance at its height you Can't manage an energy economy save the Before you can save the world you need To save the people in it they forgot That simple rule and they literally came Up with their 5 10 20e plans and they're Not backing down this failure is only Proof that they haven't spent enough and Mandated and then they're going to have To bail out all these companies that Went bankrupt because none of the math Adds up I see it coming can see it Coming a mile away but we're stopping

Them we're stopping them Shore by Shore Coastline by Coastline this this is Celebration it is they're collapsing It's time to c pop the bottles people we Got it

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