Jesse Watters: This is garbage

Jesse Watters: This is garbage

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., joins ’Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss a bill that could give the government the power to watch ’certain transactions’ made by people in the United States.

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Let’s try to get some answers out of the Senator Lindsey Graham who supports this And is here now you got to be kidding me Senator did you read this Yeah I don’t think I support the Restrict Act You don’t support this because you were Named as one of the supporters because This is garbage well is this the one With John there’s two bills out there One allows a review of businesses that That are connected to China give the Secretary the ability to protect our Data uh is that the restrict Act We got s 686 Right here March 7th And we got A bunch of Republicans supporting it Because this thing is crazy town you Don’t want the government looking into Your private phone no I don’t and they Have a hunch you’re colluding with the Russians we remember how that turned out Yeah no well the Constitution trumps a Statute so let me come back and uh you Know give you a better explanation Here’s the problem is I see it uh China Is the parent company of tick tock and My nieces like Tick Tock I don’t mind Them using Tick Tock I just don’t want The Chinese government to seize all Their data and manipulate the Information America sees for political Purposes China is helping drug cartels

In Mexico China is not a friend Chinese Espionage is an all-time high against American business interests so I want to Push back against China but within a Constitutional framework you’re right About that so uh You’ve made these allegations and I’ll Come answer better next time okay well I Mean because on you’re Listed as one of the co-sponsors of this Thing maybe it’s like fetterman when Your Chief of Staff does all your work For you but Senator you got to go back And talk to these other Senators about This this thing is nuts and it’s going To get abused like it always does so we Got to clean this up could we clean this Up well yeah I mean number one yeah I Owe you a better explanation I’m giving You uh Jonathan’s got a bill to make Sure the Secretary of Commerce can deal With us not just Tick Tock but the General idea that China we’re under Attack by China now that’s a fact Chinese Communist party is stealing American Data Espionage against American Businesses is an all-time act according To FBI it’s the number one challenge They face China is providing drug uh Precursors to make fentanyl in Mexico That’s killing Americans so yeah I’m Definitely going to push back against China of being able to steer your data

But I want to do it in a Constitutionally sound manner so the Problem is real with China but the Solution can be more damaging than the Price You know don’t that’s what you’re Telling me on the United States citizens Yeah no I I for something China’s doing All right I totally get that and Constitutionally we can’t do all the Things you just said so let me get back With you but let me just get back with Me because you co-sponsored it two days Ago okay all right yep see makes me look Bad I don’t know a better explanation my Bad but I will say this about China China is really a threat to America at Multiple levels the fentanyl coming in From Mexico they have a direct link to That is coming out of China I want to Make Mexican drug cartels foreign Terrorist organizations I want to Protect American data from Chinese Manipulation by the Communist party That’s my intent and if this bill Doesn’t if it goes beyond that I’ll come On your show and say uh my bad all right Well it goes way beyond that but we like The other another bill you’re behind About designating the terrorists down There in Mexico yeah I like that all Right thank you very much Senator we Appreciate it hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News

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