Jewish man dies after confrontation with anti-Israel protesters

Jewish man dies after confrontation with anti-Israel protesters

California police have not yet ruled out a hate crime in the death of a Jewish man who was killed during an Israel protest. #FOXNews

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Okay today marks one month hard to Believe right after hamas's deadly Attack on Israel and here at home Protesters on both sides of the conflict Are still rallying over the ongoing War All right in California you have a Shocking story of a Jewish man attacked And killed during clashing protests over The weekend truly unbelievable Tod pyro Has the details hey Todd story here guys The death of 69-year-old Paul Kessler Officially ruled a homicide and Prosecutors say they have not ruled out Pursuing this case as a hate crime Kesler attending a rally just north of LA on Sunday that rally was to honor Victims murdered during the Hamas terror Attack on Israel one month ago Witnesses Say Kesler was hit in the head with a Megaphone by a pro Palestinian Counter-protester he then fell backward Hitting his head on the Ground my friend had told me no that was Your friend that they took to the Hospital and I was like oh geez what Happened to him and he said oh my god There was a lot of blood he goes you can Go take a look at the blood on the Ground and I did so so then I left uh The area to go to the Hospital Kesler died in the hospital Yesterday morning hours later hundreds Of community members gathered to mourn The senseless loss a local Rabbi

Speaking out saying quote it never Should come to this we have a funeral Coming up of someone who simply wanted To wave an Israeli flag the Ventura County Sheriff's Office set to hold a Press conference on kesler's death at 10: a.m. eastern time this morning back To you thanks just horrible I know right Hey let's bring a rabbi Michael barklay Of Temple near Simka close to where the Protests were uh Paul kler lost his life In Westlake California uh rabbi did you Sense this was getting going to be Violent you know we had 100,000 people In in DC the the White House was defiled But there was really no violence what About by you did you senses could could Happen I I I think that anyone in any Sense since happen eventually these Demonstrators have been going out with The intention to incite violence I don't Know that they intended this and it's a Horrible tragedy but I actually had sent An email to my congregation on Saturday Night saying don't go by this Intersection they just want violence They're looking for some sort of Incident like this and don't get baited Don't fall into the Trap you know uh I Know that you you told our producers That he did a turn He did attend your high holiday services And that you knew Paul I know you didn't Know him well what is the community

Saying about Him um look I actually I actually uh Looked at some old emails I had from him I haven't seen paes before the high Holidays before the pandemic and I'd Like to read a quote if I can uh from Something Paul had written to me back in 2017 after the shooting in Texas Paul Actually wrote after each one of these Tragedies we asked prayers and thoughts To go to the victims and their and yet They continue even if we subscribe to Rabbi kushner's position that there's Randomness in the Universe action Especially in this regard would be more Effective in preventing the need more Thoughts and Prayers you know sir go ahead no go Ahead please I'm I'm curious because We've been seeing what's been happening All across the country with the Protest how's the Jewish community Feeling right now a lot of folks that I Talk to say this this is only going to End one way and and we just witnessed it With your friend's Death again I I didn't know him well Enough to call him the friend so I I I Don't want to be misconstrued but I Think the Jewish community and I Certainly can't speak for all Jews you Know we say there's two Jews equals Three opinions four rabbis and five Temples so uh that being said I think

That the Jewish world is is waking up a Little bit bit the anti-Semitism that is Been demonstrated by people like T and Omar you can fill in Rest it's coming home to roost and and Has going on for a number of years now It's gotten much much worse um people Are are scared and they're angry and my Concern is right this moment uh Domestically is that they trust the Police TR of these are good guys I know Them well and let them do their Investigation um they have not at this Point uh they they have a lot of Different incident reports and we need To let them do what they need to do Before we react emotionally in whatever Form I think that's a really important Thing for to kind of stay Calm let's just wait and see what they Say at 10:00 and beyond all right thank You very much for joining us appreciate You sharing the story uh and hopefully It ends here but it probably won't I'm I'm pretty amazed because as he Mentioned elen Omar and the squad making Things worse standing up and speaking Out D demanding a ceasefire genocide Joe This is within the Democratic party and Then Barack Obama saying nobody's hands Are clean so that leads that's almost a Goost sign for other people to say you Know Democrats are upset about this too Israel is not listening to them the

President's not listening to them and That's just going to up the anger up the Anti and we've noticed on social media So so much anger out there these Protests people will put things online Of men and women screaming at each other All the kidnapping signs that are that Are being taken down uh people are Talking about all the anxiety that They're having they can't sleep at night Even here in our country and then we Witnessed what happened to Paul Kessler He was only 69 years old a local Rabbi Talked to his wife and she said she was In a State of Shock and she said you Don't expect people or he said you don't Expect people to go to a rally and not Come home today's the press conference I Know we'll be airing that it's 10:00 California time I was really really Taken back at a tweet that I saw from Cory Bush saying that those on the right Are putting uh Rashida to's life uh at Risk by highlighting the the clear Anti-Semitism that's happening all Across the country um the Democrats they They have to clean up their party they Have to they have to stand with what's Right and they know what's right here um I got to tell you as someone that's been In all these Jewish communities I was at A school yesterday I have never seen the Amount of let's just be honest here Jews Normally identify in in America with

Democrats they are frustrated one of my Friends told me I took him out to dinner And he just vented to me he goes I will Never vote for them again if you cannot Stand with us just as us being humans They will never get my family's vote Again well Hamas is a terrorist Organization it is deemed a terrorist Organization so when you see these Pro Palestinian protests and they're they're Chanting what Hamas chant It's really hard to wrap your head Around especially knowing the stories of What happened to the Israelis and one of One of the Hamas spokes priest of people From the political Wing was on the BBC Yesterday and said we didn't Target Civilians there were no civilians heard On on October 7th just really how about 795 how about 244 taking hostage only a Small number are are IDF or Israeli Military the rest of all civilians proud Of it Brian you were talking about this Lasto they're putting it on social media Yeah so they they they want they're Probably getting donations from it two Different worlds it's crazy

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