Jim Jordan drops bombshell report on DHS’ role in censorship before 2020 election

Jim Jordan drops bombshell report on DHS' role in censorship before 2020 election

FOX News contributor Joe Concha on reports that the DHS worked to suppress free speech on college campuses and the vote to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. #FOXNews

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Speaking in the house houseu shary shair Jim Jordan just revealing new emails That show DHS Department of Homeland Security created a disinformation group At Stanford University before the 2020 Election which worked with big Tech to Police speech on college campuses one Email from the group said quote we just Set up an election Integrity partnership At the request of DHS in cisa and are in Weekly comms to debrief about disinfo Fox News contributor col for the Messenger Joe kcha joins us now Joe if You think about what DHS was created When it was created post 911 yeah and What it is intended to do and now look At what it has is has been doing behind The scenes with speech I mean what do You think about all this Department of Homeland Security and we see what's Going on at the US Southern border not a Lot of security down there and obviously Then getting involved in the speech game Seems outside of its purview and and What this report shows us is something That we already knew that there was Collusion between social media and Traditional media heading up to the 2020 Election we even had people that work in This building uh who were suppressed and Censored including Shan Hannity uh Contributors Molly Hemingway n grid even The Babylon B which is a satirical site Had to be censored because they were so

Effective with their messaging and when You think about that 2020 election and How close it was in terms of the Electoral College Georgia Arizona Wisconsin all by far less than one Percentage Point decided those States They go the other way Donald Trump is Your president here's the challenge now For the GOP when you look at the Homepages of the New York Times Washington Post CNN.com as I did today On my way in here you don't find one Story out of dozens on what Jim Jordan Exposed yesterday so it's just more bias Of omission censorship and suppression Because they know they're culpable in All of this Jim Jordan went on to say The censorship industrial complex is Bigger than he originally thought and I Know we have to move on but what's stood Out to me from what Jim Jordan exposed DHS said it could not openly endorse a System to flag misinformation so it got Stanford to do it for them that should Really raise a lot of concerns when it Comes to our college and university System even more so than what we've seen Or equally is so with what we've seen With the anti-semitic response there on Our College Stanford is the ivy league Of the West right but they did the Dirty Work speaking of anti-Semitism the house Advancing a bill to censure Congresswoman Rashida Talib for her

Anti-israel comments 22 Democrats Joining the majority of Republicans what Is your reaction to that Center vote Kudos to those 22 Democrats that you see In your screen right now Todd who voted To censure rashita to lead because when You use a term like from The River To The Sea it's very clear what that means To all the terror groups out there Including Hezbollah and Hamas it means The destruction of Israel and Exterminating everybody who lives in it Period no ambigu around this it's very Clear and she purposely used that term Knowing that it's almost like a message To those groups like don't worry I got Your back why else would a US lawmaker Say something like that so publicly Here's the problem now you could censure R rashita t but in the 2022 elections When she ran for re-election she won by Nearly 50 points in her District she Isn't going anywhere if she doesn't have To she could be like Maxim Waters and We're talking about her 40 years from Now the only way Rashid T is Ed from Congress would have to come from within A primary challenge somebody more Moderate does that happen time will tell Yeah that's right and there were four Republicans who voted against the Censure and I'm sure that their reason Was on Free Speech grounds but this is a Vote saying she's allowed to say what

She said we're just as a body saying we Don't like it precis that's the official Vote and the Republican votes I think They're saying that we don't want to Weaponize the censorship of people every Time we disagree with something a Slippery SL all right Joe thank you so Much I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kill me and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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