Jimmy Failla mocks NASA’s diversity effort: ‘A setback for all humanity’

Jimmy Failla mocks NASA's diversity effort: 'A setback for all humanity'

‘Fox Across America’ host Jimmy Failla weighs in after NASA announced the addition of two ‘diversity champions’ to top roles, claiming it is for the ‘benefit of all humanity.’ #FoxNews

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Well the Joe Biden Administration taking Its woke agenda all the way to outer Space because yesterday NASA announced They are adding two diversity Champions To its top roles the agency proudly Explaining quote to be successful in our Missions diversity Equity inclusion must Continue to be the Forefront to ensure Our Workforce reflects all of America For the benefit of all Humanity Across America on Fox News Radio and Fox Nation he joins us now hey hey space the Final frontier yes for diversity well This is one small step for they one Giant leap for them kind this is absurd Okay at woke NASA and I love how they Frame it us for the good of all Humanity Because the average person hears that You go well I'd like to do something Good for them I mean of course I'd like To do that right but the only person This is good for is the guy getting this Cushy High salary gig to pretend we're Fighting some sort of civil rights Oppression movement there is nothing Nothing on Earth more integrated in the Year 2023 okay than the United States of America nothing more tolerant nothing More inclusive okay our military our NASA as a whole and that's why this is Ridiculous it doesn't even affect me I'm Too chubby to be an astronaut I ain't Getting into those costumes but I still Know it's junk those costumes it's not

Listen there they are going to the Moon Yeah unless you believe that movie where They faked it So you know NASA took uh Flack for Talking about climate regulation so for Them essentially they're just it's a Part of the administration yep and the Administration is woke and they're Pushing things like climate change and Things like that so this should not be Surprising but this is where I find it To be a setback for all of humanity the Thing that benefits all of humanity is Having the most competent astronauts and Flight Crews that can get us into space And do the research and Advance the Culture okay when you make this the Priority whether it's climate change Whether it's inclusion okay you're Signaling to the rest of the world that We're not as focused on doing the job as We are as having the best looking College brochure you want one of every Student standing there holding a helmet Which again is a nice thing nobody's Against it but when you see this in Places like the military okay the Military is as integrated as anything on Earth and has been for hundreds of years You go to the military you mean kids From the inner cities you meet kids from The country you meet every socioeconomic Background known to man but when we Signal to the world that well you know

We've got to focus on hurt feelings and Dei okay the rest of the world doesn't Look at that and fear our military okay But we're five years away from having Army tanks that have coexist bumper Stickers on the back like hate has no Home on this battlefield Ducey before You go what will the diversity Ambassador do oh for real shots at like A three-hour lunch there's nothing to do We're so diverse we're so inclusive this Is a charade big Ma I want the gig it's A it's a do it's a no-show construction Job go ahead and apply right now Do I get the costume For me it's just a costume it's not a Flight suit they're not putting me on That shuttle it's for me it's just Halloween Jimmy always a pleasure your Best thank you for dropping by I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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