Joe Concha predicts ‘arms race’ to weaponize artificial intelligence

Joe Concha predicts 'arms race' to weaponize artificial intelligence

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joins ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Elon Musk’s warning that artificial intelligence could threaten elections and his concerns on the declining birth rate. Concha also discusses AOC’s response to crime in NYC.  #foxnews

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By raising concern of um AI being a Significant influence in elections Um and even if you say that AI doesn't Have agency well it's very likely that People will use the AI Um as a tool uh in elections you know if AI is smart enough Are they using the tool or is it tool Using them So I think things are getting weird and They're getting weird fast at what point Does it start to really change our Society do you think I think it's supposed to have a probably An impact this year wow this year Shocking claims from Twitter CEO Elon Musk during part two of his exclusive Interview with Tucker Carlson joke Can discredit him on that so when he Says that we could feel the effects of AI this year I believe him what do you Think And particularly Ashley and I'm with you In in elections right in the political Process we we already saw social media Companies whether that be Twitter Whether that be Facebook big Tech in General have such influence on our Previous two elections 2016-2020 and basically acting as a Super PAC for the Democratic party in Terms of getting certain messages out While suppressing others AI is Infinitely more powerful according to

Elon Musk and if you think it's going to Slow down we heard Elon talk about a Six-month pause so we can see exactly What we have here because this Technology is so far beyond our grasp Already that we may not be able to Control it that's not going to happen Because this is a 27 billion dollar Industry right now ai is right in four Years it is projected to be 10 times Larger and if you think China is going To hold back in this situation let's Let's put it this way we had an arms Race between the U.S and the Soviet Union when it came to nuclear weapon Happens there's going to be an arms race As well between the U.S China other Countries in terms of who can get a Grasp and can weaponize AI as much as Possible and as quickly as possible and If the money is there then forget about It this thing's going to spiral out of Control with very little regulation Elon Musk is one of the few people Todd Talking about this right now while our Government isn't saying much and Joe you Raised the important point I mean my Takeaways from this interview elon's Really smart even he doesn't fully grasp AI what are the chances that the Bureaucrats and our elected officials in Washington understand what the heck is Going in slim to none and slim just left The building meantime Elon Musk didn't

Just talk about AI he also talked about Declining birth rates watch To have birth control and you know Abortions and whatnot now now you now You can still satisfy Olympic Instinct But not procreate Um so we didn't we haven't yet evolved To Deal with that because this is all Fairly recent in the last 50 years or so Um for birth control yes I'm sort of Worried that hey civilization you know Don't if we don't make enough people to At least sustain our numbers perhaps Increase a little bit then civilization Is going to crumble Joe why doesn't the left seem to be Concerned by that and in fact I would Argue seems to be encouraging fewer Humans on the planet Embracing it right you have Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-cortez who says she's never going To have a family never going to have Kids because climate change is going to Kill everybody anyway so why bring Somebody into a world like that and Marriage rates as we've seen are Declining significantly less and less People getting married therefore less And less people having children it's a Very valid point Ashley you know Meantime Joe there's some terrifying Security footage capturing a vicious

Attack on an NYPD officer in the Bronx This happened on Monday and you Mentioned AOC but now New York congresswoman Alexander Ocasio-cortez says crime is falling Dramatically in the Bronx listen What the data has showed us is that if You respond to violence as a public Health issue instead of as an Incarceration issue violence decreases And that's what we're doing here at Jacobi Hospital Eric Adams has just Increased police wages by 28 percent is That misplaced I think so we are now at A point where officially most officers Are paid more than a teacher with a Master's degree we are defunding safety Defunding our Public Schools defunding Our public pools I want her stats there because I know For sure at least one of those was a Flat out lie Several actually and and one thing she Didn't say is that she still supports Defunding the police she has not backed Off that stance while other politicians Were smart enough to say wait this is a Crazy idea so look 4 000 NYPD officers Resigned last year because they didn't Feel appreciated they didn't feel Respected by leaders like AOC or the Mayor or the district attorneys so a lot Of them went to Florida to go work there Where they truly are incentivized and

Truly are appreciated the bottom line is That New York is a close second behind California in terms of people and Companies leaving because they simply Still do not feel safe and this fallacy That somehow they are safer now is Incredible and it's only being said by AOC but not by her constituency maybe She was joking because it's a comedy Show not a very funny comedy show Joe Conscious funny we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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