John Ratcliffe: This is a culmination of a years-long assault

John Ratcliffe: This is a culmination of a years-long assault

Former DNI John Ratcliffe joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the latest on the indictment of former President Trump and his upcoming arraignment this week. #FoxNews

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I want to bring in former Director of National Intelligence also a former Prosecutor himself John Radcliffe is With us John thanks very much for Weighing in here I want to show this Nancy Pelosi tweet because what we've Been hearing this morning is all about The equal application of justice and Nancy Pelosi tweeted uh that uh that the President will have his chance to prove That he is innocent she says no one is Above the law everyone has the right to A trial to prove innocence actually she Got slammed for this because that's not The way our system works our system is In fact innocent until proven guilty John Well Maria Um we saw this four years ago Nancy Pelosi is not the first one to apply This uh standard uh to Donald Trump the First one to do it was the trump-hating Uh lawyers like Andrew Weissman and Trump hating uh federal agents like Peter struck that were part of the Mueller investigation where Bob Mueller Admitted four years ago that Donald Trump had to conclusively prove his Innocence he was the first person and Only person in the history of the Department of Justice to have that Standard applied to him and now you see Nancy Pelosi shows that for the four Years that she was the speaker from 2018

To 2022 that's the standard she applied She applied that to deprive Donald Trump Of due process during two impeachments Where he wasn't allowed to have legal Counsel the first president not to have That during the the house proceedings And we've seen it continue over into you Know the Biden Administration and the Department of Justice Jim Jordan you Know talking about the disparity in Treatment equal uh unequal treatment Under the law between president and Trump versus President Biden on the Classified documents issue so you know This issue you know has continued now uh For years and what's happening in New York is only Um sort of the culmination of that Um of an assault that has been taking Place for you know at least four or five Years Put your prosecutor hat back on John and Tell me about this case I know that There's a statute of limitations that Has run off but what else do you see in Terms of the details on this case that The D.A is bringing and by the way we Should point out that nobody has Actually seen the indictment I mean we Haven't seen it the the Trump Camp has Not seen it and yet we read in the press That there are 30 counts of fraud Obviously they're linking that And that's and that's the point Maria

The only felony of which we can be Certain to come out of this uh Alvin Bragg prosecution in New York is the Felony committed either by uh D.A Bragg Himself or someone on the grand jury That he's using uh for this perversion Of our our justice system uh the accused Donald Trump and his lawyers don't know What's in this sealed indictment but for The past what 72 hours the American Public has been discussing supposedly 30 Or 34 felony counts leaking grand jury Information Um is a felony and so the only people Capable of that would be uh Alvin Bragg's team or members of the grand Jury itself so it really sort of Underscores the absurdity of what's Going on here and this is this is I Think as every legal expert has said not Just an absurd and pathetic legal Theory But clearly unconstitutional and I Appreciated Congressman Styles Explanation here here listen I believe In states rights under the 10th Amendment but what the 10th Amendment Does not allow is uh for states to come Up with a different interpretation of Federal law than the federal government Has and in this case the federal Government the Department of Justice has Looked at the theory that is being Advanced here and has said it does not Is not consistent with the law the

Federal Election Commission has said the Same thing Well look I want to get your take on Sort of the the talk out there and a lot Of people are saying oh this is only Going to strengthen Trump I mean look he Was able to raise four million dollars After this indictment just from Individuals in a very couple of days and You look at the polls and you see he is The number one candidate we have not Heard from Ron DeSantis in terms of Whether or not he's running and uh That's one thing to watch but at this Point you've got Trump at the top of the Line here in terms of where we are ahead Of this presidential election talk about The point of uh how long this takes to Play out when we have four months away From the first GOP Primary debate that's In August then you've got you know in Eight or nine months the Iowa caucus I Mean the 2024 presidential season has Begun Well Maria I mean the point is this is Election interference we don't know how No one really knows how this is going to Play out we just know that it is going To be a factor we have crossed the Rubicon from people saying you know on The left president Trump should be Indicted to the discussion is going to Be president Trump was indicted and However long this case takes and very

Clearly it's not going to play out Throughout the court system in in less Than the year that it's going to take You know to to uh you know reach a Republican nominee and so this action uh This political persecution is going to Influence our politics every single day Uh for the next year until a republican Nominee is chosen and that is by Definition election interference this is Wholly inappropriate uh you know a Complete perversion of our our political System and I think people need to Hopefully understand and see what's Going on here through these imposter DA's like Alvin Bragg but this is coast To coast you know this is Kim Fox in Chicago this is George gascon in California this is George Soros funding All of these people where we've put Socialists in charge of the American Judicial System we've put people who Don't uh understand or appreciate or Stand up for American values in charge Of our legal system to distort it Intentionally and deliberately and Unfortunately Donald Trump is the first But won't be the last person to be Persecuted under that system well this Is a really good point that you're Making because George Soros makes no Apology forward in fact he wrote an Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal just a Couple of weeks ago you're talking about

The 40 million dollars that he has Donated to get these DA's in place he Says I've done it transparently I have No intention of stopping the funds I Provide enable sensible reform-minded Candidates to receive a hearing from the Public judging by the results the public Likes what it's hearing I'm not sure Which public he's talking to because These DA's are using bail reform to put Criminals back on the street except if It's Donald Trump They're Maria they're not DA's they're They're imposter DA's these are Political these are political plants These are people who are only being Supported with you know 40 million Dollars in the case of Alvin Bragg a Million dollars from George Soros only Because of a promise that if you're in This position you will pursue political Prosecution of our opponents those on The right and um and that is again Happening coast to coast and it's really What's at stake this should be a Clarion Call to Americans who otherwise don't Tune into politics or don't think that It affects them it absolutely has and You know the Bedrock principles of our Justice system are clearly under assault Where again we have socialists who are Anathema to you know American values in Charge largely of our Judicial System Um you know through these State DA's

Um and prosecutors and and that op-ed From George Soros was was written last Summer so he told us what to expect real Quick before you go John give us a the Impact of all of this this abuse is Causing damage certainly for our National security we see our adversaries On the March Well China has said they're preparing For war and you know I believe that if Someone puts a sign in front of your Face you should read that sign and uh You know China Russia Iran are all Getting more aggressive uh because of What they see is happening here and the Undermining of of democratic principles And an Administration that won't stand Up for those and then won't stand up for Americans and American interests abroad And so we continue to be insulted uh Through incursions uh you know enemies Shooting down our military aircraft Assaults on our airspace spying on us Killing Americans through drugs and Through covid and there has been zero Response from this Administration uh you Know our adversaries are advancing Around the globe and and uh and our Interest in perceive Prestige is waning Very disturbing as we watch all of these Bank records indicate money to the Biden Family from China John Ratcliffe thank You for weighing in former director of National Intelligence from a prosecutor

I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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