Jonathan Turley: The odds are against Trump on immunity

Jonathan Turley: The odds are against Trump on immunity

Fox News contributors Jonathan Turley and Andy McCarthy discuss how former President Trump’s legal issues are colliding with his 2024 campaign. #foxnews #fox

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You cannot take somebody out of a race The voters can take the person out of The race very quickly but a court Shouldn't be doing that and the Supreme Court saw That former president Trump hailing a Supreme Court decision preventing Colorado and other states from kicking Him off their ballots it's one of the Many legal challenges colliding with his White House campaign Shannon bream is in Washington with our Legal Eagles Andy McCarthy and Jonathan Turley Shannon Yeah good evening br Marth and guys if Only we had something to talk about There's non-stop legal stuff going on Here but let's start with that yesterday Um the Colorado ballot a winning Argument for the Trump team but they've Got this immunity case he loved the Supreme Court yesterday I'm not sure He's going to feel the same way this Summer yeah that's the problem with Sequels is they don't always go what you Had hoped for uh the fact is the odds Are against the president on immunity Now it's true that once you get into That High Grass of presidential immunity You often don't know where you'll come Out because some of the justices may be Concerned less with the result as they Are with the rationale that the DC Circuit itself was sweeping it's not Just Trump's arguments that are sweeping

And that may have given pause for some Of these justices to say we need a Little more delineation but there's a Very good chance in my view that they Could end up sending the Mandate back to The trial court in June is with most Most likely um then that would restart The trial and they'd have to get through Pre-trial motions but if it goes back in June It's possible that you could have a Trial before the election and it Certainly um in this case the special Counsel has said that he does not feel That he is bound by the longstanding Policy of doj to avoid trials before an Election too close to the election yeah But before we even get there andy There's this matter of the New York Trial uh that you got to get through and The Trump team has sent a blistering Letter to Alvin Bragg up there saying You're proceeding with all these trials And these things like Alan weberg being In court court again with a plea deal This week and yet in their words you are Allowing people guilty of brutal attacks On law enforcement and murderers to just Roam the city free it's a very it look He's in a political battle as much as a Legal one and he's fighting it that way And he's got a lot of ammunition with Alvin brg who is the Paragon Progressive Prosecutor uh and who does have a

Well-deserved reputation in New York for Minimizing the number of cases they take And then taking the cases they have and Pleading them down contrast this with The 76y old Nonviolent weisselberg who he is now Prosecuted twice in 18 months and is About to put in I guess Riker's Island For another five months so jury Selection starts we think on the 25th um Jonathan how well do you think that's Going to go for the former president who So far has not found New York's court System to be very friendly for him it's Not very friendly and it's a nightmar Jury pool I only rival by Washington DC Which he will also face with a special Counsel and you know the fact is that Even a hung jury in New York is quite an Effort for the defense in a case like This uh but brag is continuing to just Pull out the stops we just saw that uh In this case with the objections in the Letter that you get the feeling that He's running out and shooting the Wounded before he gets to Trump and the Question is at what point does a modum Of restraint kick in on any of this but I think that the the brag prosecution is The most flawed and questionable of all The cases and I would be surprised if it Could withstand a pellet review all Right gentlemen much more to discuss Throughout the night we'll get to more

Legal topics thank you both uh Brett and Martha back to you all right Shannon Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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