Journalist slams anti-Israel progressives: They ‘need a new sign for their yard’

Journalist slams anti-Israel progressives: They 'need a new sign for their yard'

Journalist Batya Ungar-Sargon joins ‘FOX & Friends Weekend’ to discuss antisemitism within the progressive movement and the political ramifications. #foxnews

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Jewish Americans on edge as college Campuses become a hub of anti-Semitic Protests including Harvard where Professor Alan dtz a Democrat warns this Hurts his party in an oped DT says quote The Democratic party now faces a choice The homas atrocities of October 7th have Forever fractured any political alliance Between Centrist and liberal Jews and Woke anti-israel progressives it's Either them or us journalist Bia Sargon Joins us now to react baa so great to Have you on you're the perfect guest for This topic so Alan dwit says in this Oped that the policies but maybe even More importantly the attitudes in the Progressive Movement some of the signage That we've seen you know at the march Yesterday um that seemed anti-semitic That this may become unhealable Politically yeah thank you so much for Having me Rachel thank you for your Incredible coverage at this time and I ALS also just have to say thank you to Everybody at Fox News every producer Every writer you guys have been Incredible in a sea of anti-Semitic Media and bigotry so thank you so much From the bottom of my heart yeah Speaking of signs I was joking with a Friend over Shabbat that the Progressives need a new sign for their Yard right black lives matter in this House we trust the science no human is

Illegal and kill the Jews right I mean That's what we're seeing Professor D is Absolutely correct that the Progressive Movement is deeply deeply anti-semitic Rashida Talib out there ending hamas's Chant from The River To The Sea why Anyone would pick that as the hill to Die on I don't know but even President Obama out there with a clip yesterday With absolute moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel absolutely disgusting Stuff but what I have to say Rachel is Where I disagree with with Professor dtz Is this is not about Jews this is about The American people and the American People will never accept anti-Semitism It is a slander on this great nation to Think that any political party that Countenances anti-Semitism has a shot Here with any good-hearted Americans and As just a tiny piece of proof Rachel They asked Americans who do they think Is responsible for the civilian Casualties in Gaza and guess what Rachel Just 133% of Americans said Israel is Responsible 63% said Hamas is Responsible and the rest just didn't Know and so I feel very sure that this Country will not accept this Progressive Movement with its disgusting Anti-Semitism and anti-israel sentiment And we're going to see the unity of the American people and the good-heartedness Of the American people Prevail you know

I love that you're expanding this out Beyond you know Muslims versus Jews that This is really an American issue and and We have a lot to say As Americans and These poll numbers that you you have put Forward are very indicative that of that You know one of the questions I've Always had I I know you had this Conversation with my husband on on his Show Once where he asked you because he Was a member of Congress and felt like So many republican policies were very Pro-israel and so many of his Democrat Colleagues either weren't pro-israel or You know their policies were a little Bit more wishy-washy in that way and he Said why are so many Jewish Americans Democrats to begin with and that might Be something that some of our viewers Might be uh wondering About yeah I mean the number one Predictor of whether an American is a Progressive or a Democrat is whether They've gone to college it's the class Divide and a lot of American Jews go to College and so they end up Democrats so Do you really fast I have only a couple Seconds left do you think there are many Liberal Democrat voting Jews who will Jewish Americans who will vote um Republican or Abstain I think we owe a big debt of Gratitude to President Biden for taking On the progressives and ignoring them

But I think president Trump's policy Obviously was the right one in this case And he's the the direction for American Jews thank you B we'll be right back

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