Judge Jeanine: The evidence is clear

Judge Jeanine: The evidence is clear

‘The Five’ co-host Judge Jeanine discusses the possible outcomes of Hunter Biden’s federal trial as the jury deliberates. #FoxNews

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25 years is the maximum sentence three Different charges and we'll take you Through each one count number one false Statement the purchase of a firearm That's been disputed by his attorneys Nonetheless that's count number one Count number two another false statement To a licensed Firearms dealer remember He signed that form at the time and Count number three possession of a Firearm by an unlawful user of a Controlled substance this is really the Heart of the defenses case they're Arguing that you cannot prove that he Was an addict at the time when he got The gun let's take it over here we'll Talk to the judge and get some expert Analysis with you ladies right now yeah It's great to have you here judge Because so last night on the five when We left uh just towards the end you said You thought there would probably be a Verdict certainly today maybe even Before noon yeah uh do you still feel That way today yes I do because as Everyone has been saying it's a Straightforward case the evidence is Clear you know and what ABY LEL is Profer to the the the jury to try to get The defense to buy into their version is Well you don't have any real pictures You don't have this you don't have that You know he we don't know that he was Using at the time we didn't see any

Cocaine on the on the uh counter when he Was filling out that form to get a gun But the truth is that um it's rare that You hear a defendant's voice bellowing Out in the courtroom talking about how He is addicted to crack cocaine I mean The the evidence here is so overwhelming It's it's almost pathetic that the Defense is arguing what it's arguing so It all comes to and I heard you in the Earlier hour it all comes to the issue Of Nullification and the the the issue is Whether or not the Biden family sitting There staring down this jury from the Start from jury deliberations is going To make this jury uncomfortable and you Know I don't know if there's such a Sympathy um component to this I know That Ashley's been running out in tears One of the bidens but at the same time When the jury looks at this in the Deliberation room they've got a guy Who's addicted to crack C Kan based upon His book The the text messages his Girlfriend his ex-wife and um you know This Zoe carsten as well as his voice And it's clear that that's the issue do You want someone who's addicted to crack Cocaine to be running around with a Firearm the answer is no and you know When when ABY LEL says oh they don't Have pictures well who brought up Alcohol addiction when did that come in

I haven't heard any evidence of that but He wants you to buy quote is the lack of Photos can speak more loudly than what Was spoken by her under a grant of Immunity talking about his former Girlfriend was on stand I found this Interesting Leo Weiss yesterday Apparently opened up his whole closing Argument by saying people sitting in the Gallery are not evidence pointing to Them yeah Biden family members you may Recognize them from the news but none of That matters it what did you think of That strategy uh it was brilliant it was Necessary it's an experienced prosecutor The family is the elephant in the room You've got people in this small town in Delaware everybody knows the Biden You've got the first lady of the United States you've got Secret Service all Over the place you've got all these Identifiable players dressed to the Nines all lined up in a unified front When in reality it's a dysfunctional Family and the jury's thinking gee you Know he's probably okay now they're Going to take care of him or he's over It now no he's not over it he wrote a Book he's got a laptop the laptop that That same family wanted you to believe Was a lie is now a central piece in a Federal case before a federal jury so You know let's get rid of all of the Smoking mirrors here here's a guy who's

A crack addict who went to buy a gun who Got the gun his his girlfriend who his His brother's widow who's he he's having An affair with throws a gun out because She knows he shouldn't have that gun and The Biden Administration is the Administration that added years to in The in 2021 to anyone who files a false Application to get a gun it went from 15 Years to 20 years that's Joe Biden who Did that that's the Biden White House That did that and now all of a sudden Hunter shouldn't be held accountable Like everyone else he's not Above the Law plus the White House they'll have The president you know participating in A gun safety event later today of course And like if the shoe were on the other Foot you could imagine what they would Be saying yes you can and you know there Is no mercy when it comes to you know Donald Trump and but the reality is that This is clearly a a a case where I Haven't seen evidence like this in a Case I really haven't really this is so Solid it's ridiculous you've got the Defendant's voice in the room bellowing Out that I was addicted to crack cocaine You've got the girlfriend you've got the Ex-wife and you've got the uh the Widow I mean it's crazy it's crazy but you Know what's not crazy what the five I Mean it's a little crazy but we'll see Little cra have you been in New Jersey

Lately yes exactly but then the um the Verdict could come down today I know You're here for everybody you're going To get to hear judge Janine's thoughts As soon as that is done thank you guys Take care I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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