Judge Pirro lays out why Hunter Biden could get jail time

Judge Pirro lays out why Hunter Biden could get jail time

Judge Jeanine Pirro gave her take on Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict as he faces a maximum sentence of 25 years behind bars. #FoxNews

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Joe Biden Harris I would suspect that There will be very little of anything Said because anything that they say will Be deemed to be hypocritical in terms of What this Administration stands for in Terms of increasing penalties for Offering a false statement and support Of a gun Application uh and you know that and and Commenting on this case is not going to Do Joe Biden any good other than if he's Looking for sympathy but I want to say One thing that I think is very important And that is that the fact that Jill Biden wasn't there the fact that the Whole family or not everyone was aware That the verdict was coming back really Tells me that they were kind of you know Thinking that maybe this show of force In terms of the Biden family being front Rows staring down the jury would Intimidate the jury because anyone who Understands the criminal law and that's Most of the people that you've been Talking to in the last few minutes knows That this case was an open and shut case And I think that there even leaving Recognizing the significance of this is Indicative of the fact that they thought Well maybe we'll get away with it we've Got time no this jury and this judge Were they were not going to waste any Time and the judge didn't even say Should we wait for anybody this is a

No-nonsense judge who took this case Showed America how a case works and Moved it right from opening statement to Verdict uh I want to get back to Something that you just mentioned and That was penalties in this case with all Of your experience on the bench and I Realize it's a different state you were New York and this is Delaware what Likely will happen with somebody who Doesn't have a prior you know usually When someone doesn't have a prior it's a Non a nonviolent crime uh you know that There there's a lot of consideration Given to the defendant However the fact That this defendant didn't plead guilty And indicate that he was remorseful is Something that allows a federal judge in Terms of the sentencing guidelines to Take that into consideration so you know Had he plad guilty he probably would you Know there would be no question about Jail time now maybe you know maybe they Can give a few months or whatever it Might be that's now totally up to the Judge but he's not in the best position Given the fact that he took this case Which was a straightforward case to Trial and started arguing crazy stuff Like alcohol or there was no cocaine on The counter when he applied for the Permit well there is on YouTube like There is cocaine on some on some you Know Furniture there but okay judge I'm

So glad you you always give us that Jumping off point so I'm going to Welcome now Trey gouty former Federal Prosecutor former South Carolina Congressman and host of Sunday night in America right here on Fox News Channel So he didn't plead guilty and he didn't Express remorse is what judge Janine Piro just said talk to me about looking You've seen juries your whole career why Does that play a role It plays a role in federal cases of Course you know president Trump was Prosecuted in State Court this is a Whole different Universe this is federal Court we have guidelines and and you get Credit for what we call acceptance of Responsibility it's really not remorse I Guess maybe that's a synonym but it's Acceptance of responsibility so you have Guidelines he has no criminal history he Has a certain Offense Code and then you Get a reduction based on certain factors Including whether or not you pledge Guilty and accepted responsibility so You don't get punished for going to Trial you just don't get the reward for Accepting responsibility having said That the guidelines are all advisory Harris they're no longer mandatory this Judge can do whatever she wants to do uh And you know and moving forward we saw a Hunter Biden really thirsty for a trial I I want to go to Leo Terell now um that

Whole stunt on Capitol Hill where he Shows up to a hearing he and then we Learned he was making some kind of a doc Doumentary I wonder if this will go in The documentary um but Leo politics have Always been part of This yes Harris and you know what he's Never faced Justice before he's been Shielded protected you talked about that Stunt on Capital heel his Defiance you Know this case was so overwhelming how Often do you have a case and these my Colleagues can tell you this where You're convicted with your own words Where you have family members who are Forced to tell the truth you have Objective individual and a jury doing The right thing Hunter Biden is now in Reality he now has to face the music Like every other American because the Biden family the proximity of the case Where it was located did not protect him Did not save him so he's going to have To face the music I think that's good For justice I'm a big favor opponent Supporter of legal rule of law and That's what happened to today Harris uh Andrew if you can talk to me about what Happens next with Hunter Biden just Today so so what does his life look like Are they going through strategy for Appeal what what happens well this is The tip of the iceberg for him you know He's going to sit down with his

Attorneys they're going to talk a little Bit about what happens next but I think They changed their focus almost Immediately to that September tax trial That's going to be the next big uh Ticket for him and that's going to be so Much bigger than this remember we were Was talking about October of 2018 in This trial and how much they were able To bring in now we're going to be Talking about years and years in the mid Uh 201 teens about all that was going on I think that the the family is likely And and sure to see so much more in Terms of that embarrassing detail all Right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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