Kamala Harris blasted for ignoring Nashville victims’ families during recent trip

Kamala Harris blasted for ignoring Nashville victims' families during recent trip

‘Outnumbered’ panelists criticize Vice President Kamala Harris for praising the ‘courage’ of the expelled Tennessee Democrats and politicizing the shooting. #FoxNews

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Vice president Kamala Harris is getting Blasted for a surprise visit to Nashville to meet with the expelled Democratic lawmakers at the center of a Gun control protest but not the victims Of the mass shooting that sparked the Demonstration here's Harris praising the Lawmakers in a fiery speech [Applause] We are here because they and their Colleagues The Democratic caucus of the state Legislature and I'd ask you to stand as Well please Foreign Spoke of the courage of these lawmakers But not the courage of nine-year-old Evelyn Dickhouse who led her classmates To safety you'll remember that sweet Little girl pulled the fire alarm in an Act of remarkable bravery or if Catherine Koontz who ran into gunfire to Protect her students you'll remember she Left a zoom meeting the head of the School and ran towards the gunfire to Protect her students Harris chose to hug And congratulate The Expelled lawmakers Instead of hugging and consoling the Families of these victims you know Brian When you go to a place of national Tragedy you go as empathizer in Chief When you are the president same holds True of the vice president but she goes Instead and makes this speech about

Lawmakers evidently she scramble the Whole staff said I gotta go I gotta go I Want to go I want to go down there and Be a part of this and uh we're still Waiting for him to show up at the train Derailment we know about the toxic Situation in Palestine Ohio and then we See the president United States doesn't Go at all to Nashville for the shooting Nobody talks about the shooter the drugs That you might have been on the therapy Sessions and what the therapist might Know the parents this kid 26 years old Stays in her room and has seven guns no One's talking about the background check The gun stores nobody talks about Anything next thing you know we're just Talking about blacks and whites and Jim Crow and segregation in 1860. I'm Thinking to myself how did this get so Derailed and since when is it okay to Storm into a capitol building take it Over extreme expletives and then as a Lawmaker grab bull horns and and to go Ahead and fuel the fire I just think to Me it might I'm not sure expulsion was The right way never been in a state House it was rated before but they did Have a vote and this woman that sits There and says it must be because I'm White is the reason I wasn't tossed out You know why you weren't tossed out you Weren't tossed out because you didn't Use a bullhorn you hung in the back and

You pled not to be tossed out we should Get some of those clips right and she Was only kept on board by one vote Cheryl let's listen to the vice President she uses the word courage but Not in the context one would think let's Listen Because They chose to show courage In the face of an extreme tragedy Which is that 11 days ago Six people Three educators And three babies nine years old Were murdered Senselessly Due to gun violence The lawmakers were not the courageous Ones those children were yeah well and The two police officers that ran off They're those officers that that was Courage courage is a border officer that Is dealing with tens of thousands of Migrants crossing the southern border by The way she's the borders are and she Didn't she was right on that play to Tennessee but she doesn't think that She's a got the time to go down to the Border which is actually part of her job And this kind of goes back to what I Mentioned at the top of the show as We're following all these breaking Developments out of Louisville is that They are so quick to politicize this to

Make it about the message they want to Get out there it is about you know gun Control you know we need to have this Argument again and by the way the Justin's you know the two lawmakers they Had no problem making the rounds Yesterday morning especially on Meet the Press to talk about themselves they did Not mention the victims in Nashville They did not mention the police officers Yeah they made it about themselves this Was their moment in the spotlight and They took it these words matter when you Use the word courage it also matters When you use the word fight Lisa let's Listen to how the press secretary used That word on Friday Lgbtq I plus kids are resilient they are Fierce they fight back they're not going Anywhere And we have their back this Administration has their back We are so proud of the kids across this Country who have organized protest and School walkouts to tell the politicians In their states to stop this legislative Bullying they fight back this is after a Transhuter killed six Christians and the White House still has not said the word Christian well and Joe Biden or a President issued a day of trans Visibility just days after a transgender Terrorist killed six people who Kamala Harris didn't go to Nashville to visit

But she did for these two expelled Members who compared themselves to Jesus And you know the reality is to to what You know uh Brian Kilmeade said you know Look you've got these lawmakers that Stormed the capital right but then That's not worthy of being expelled According to the media and the left it's Actually thwarting democracy to expel People who engage in that behavior but You can go back to January 6th and they Tried tying Josh Hawley Senator Hawley To that simply for run objecting to Counting the Electoral College vote Something that Democrats have done uh Three times I think in the past 20 years Or they also tried tying a republican Member of Congress who gave a Capital Tour to people the day before saying Somehow he played a role in this but not The people who literally were with these Individuals stormy and capital so I'm Tired of the double standards it's time For Republicans to meet power with power Don't turn the other cheek and recognize We're going to get attacked no matter What you might as well get the job done Yep Emily yeah I mean so sorry so here We have a president that invited the Lawmakers those lawmakers to the White House but not the cops not the Responding officers that are rightly Being hailed as Heroes Across the Nation And we have then you know Fox reached

Out to the White House for a comment on The vice president will she be meeting With the Covenant Community will she be Meeting with the survivors as you know What's like in her schedule anything Like that the the White House official Said the White House has been in contact With the Covenant Community including in Advance of the vice president's visit to Your point Kaylee words matter showing Up matters and for a vice president that Emphasizes that so much all the time Representation matters me showing up Matters scramble the Jets guys there's a PR opportunity down in Tennessee you Know what the pr opportunity would be is If every day you looked every American In the eyes and said I know I'm your Your vice president and I may disagree With you on your policy I may not be Able to have that that same enthusiasm For a specific Faith or not but I see You I hear you and I support you how Much would it take for her to write one Sentence we acknowledge we support the Christian victims of the Covenant Shooting our hearts are broken along With that Community that's all it takes But instead she's too busy cutting sound Bites for her campaign for presidency Yeah and first lady Jill Biden we know She attended a vigil that would have Been a much better choice on the part of Our vice president as well hey everyone

I'm Emily compagno catch me and my Co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee Mcaneny on outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also Don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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