Kamala Harris blasted for poor job performance: ‘Whatever is below an F minus’

Kamala Harris blasted for poor job performance: 'Whatever is below an F minus'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha on Kamala Harris’ favorability rating, the Biden administration’s push for EV military vehicles and Biden’s use of a cheat sheet at a press conference. #FoxNews

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President Biden caught himself with a Few cheat sheets at yesterday's press Conference one of them with the names of Officials in the order of their remarks Yeah and another one was a detailed Sheet showing a photo in pre-written Questions from the first reporter he Called on How we're going to take some questions First questions from Courtney to Los Angeles Times President Top econ Up U.S domestic Manufacturing in Competition with China are you damaging A key Ally in the competition with China To help your domestic politics ahead of The election Fox News concerned Joe Concha joins us now Joe what's worse the President needing the questions in Advance or the journalist that's in Quotes giving them to them It's just amazing Todd Ashley that this President continues to be the most Protected the most homogenized the most Inaccessible present that we have seen In Modern Times And yes he did do a Joint solo press conference yesterday it Wasn't solo obviously it was with the Leader of South Korea he has yet to do a Solo press conference this entire year It hasn't been since November since he's Actually been up in that sort of Situation for an extended period of time

And that's because his handlers are Petrified that he can't do this very Well for an extended period of time in Terms of answering real questions as far As inflation is still three times as High as it was when you took office sir What do you plan to do about that even Though you already have signed the Inflation reduction act which is an Aptly named we have a crime crisis in This country that we haven't seen since The 1990s the Border continues to be a Catastrophe from a humanitarian Perspective from a national security Perspective what actions will you take In order to secure it a heck of a lot Better than it is now we're seeing test Scores at a 30-year low ACT test scores Among America's students there are a Thousand questions you could ask as President but they're never going to be Answered because he takes only a very Very select few questions from Hand-picked reporters who will ask him The types of things that he probably can Survive through and and that's where we Are at this point and it will go through The entire 2024 campaign where the Basement strategy is Alive and Well Ashley you know and when we talk about President Biden we also obviously have To talk about Kamala Harris because Axios is reporting that top White House Officials are trying to more or less

Reboot Her Image even though 73 of Americans view Kamala Harris as Unfavorable how big of a job and how Hard of a job is this going to be for Them That's the thing you can't put Humpty Dumpty back together the toothpaste is Already out of the tube in terms of the Impression that the vice president has Made right she's patently inauthentic And whatever she does any sort of public Speaking uh she is repeatedly awkward to Listen to in those situations and then When you look at Job performance her Number one job it was finding the root Causes of mass illegal migration and Fixing that crisis that is at the border And she gets whatever's below an F minus On that front most Democrats Ashley will Privately tell you that they would Happily replace her on the ticket Tomorrow but that would alienate some Black and or female voters if that Occurred the reason why Joe Biden is Running now at this point guys is Because I think the original plan was Biden runs in 2020 and if he wins then He passes the Baton on to his vice President and boy he looks like a hero Because now we have our first female President and a woman of color in that Regard card and now instead after seeing The way she's performed the way she is Spoken in public events the president is

Stuck with her and we are stuck now with Joe Biden because there is no baton to Pass to at this point and that's where We are and that's why Joe Biden is Running again because of the lack of an Alternative guys and we're stuck with Energy Secretary Jennifer granholm who Says she supports the bite Administration's efforts to implement And all electric vehicle Fleet at least In the military by 2030. listen Do you support the military adopting That EV Fleet by 2030 I do and I think We can get there as well and I do think That reducing our Reliance on the Volatility of globally traded fossil Fuels where we know that Global events Such as the war in Ukraine can jack up Prices for people back home It does not contribute to energy Security okay you just heard that in Light of the fact that clearly she wants To pay our number one military and Economic adversary in China in order to Convert our Fleet to all electric Again helping our number one adversary Are we trying to surrender to China Joe Like what's going on What is going on right why do we Continually bow down to China uh when They inflicted covid on us the coveted That came out of one of their Labs is The is the uh overwhelming conclusion at This point 1.1 million Americans having

Died as a result obviously I mentioned The test scores before that was a result Of covid uh and obviously businesses uh That never recovered or were shut down Altogether yet we continue to kowtow to The CCP I have one question for the Energy Secretary Todd Ashley if the Military goes full electric we're on a Battlefield exactly will the charging Stations be located I mean Todd you're The big toe on this show can you answer That because I can't I mean think about That we don't have enough charging Stations in Wyoming much less in the Jungles that we fight in next it is Unconscionable Joe I don't understand What's going on but Joe help this make Some sense of it and that's why we love Our Joe Joe Concho thank you sir thanks Jim See you guys tomorrow bye-bye I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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