Kamala should teach people how to be the worst VP: Jeff Van Drew

Kamala should teach people how to be the worst VP: Jeff Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van Drew and PragerU personality Xaviaer DuRousseau discuss how the media is calling the Tennessee House racist and propping up storming capitol buildings on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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I wonder if that applies to pro-lifers Well we'll check later I'll send the White House joining me now is New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew and Xavier Derusso prageru personality thank you Both for being here Congressman Kamala Harris made a beeline for Tennessee to Chastise the house but she failed to Attend even one of the funerals of the Six slain individuals including three Children from last week your thoughts on All of this my thoughts number one it's The first time I've seen Kamala Harris Take a B-Line to go anywhere to do Anything the only thing she should be Doing is if she wants to is to teach People how to be the worst vice President in the history of the United States of America that was shameful I Mean they were so worried about January 6th but here we have not just people not Just constituents not just average folks But we have legislators who are part of A gang philosophy and carrying on Inappropriately and breaking down the Halls of the State House that's wrong She should never be supporting that and You know what it's so typical of the Ultra liberals so typical it's okay for Us to do things but never for you yeah That's what she was doing I'm just Disappointed in her and that's pretty Hard for me yeah well the the double I Don't like the double double standard I

Have one rule for everybody and Xavier Uh these congressmen they weren't just Expelled because people didn't like them They were expelled because they violated The house rules of decorum now these two Congressmen are saying that this is Racist okay and the media is going along With this narrative now the reason for This is the third white congresswoman Who joined them in the protest was Spared watch the media reaction I want Your reaction It's racism it's a double standard in Our society obviously I don't have to Say I would doubt they would have done This to White members when you see the Racism like that just out in the open it Does you know take your breath away this Kind of blatant racism is what is going To backfire on them Xavier is this racism or members being Held accountable for violating State House Rules You know it's typical leftist Behavior To just totally deflect and put Everything on racism this is called Holding them accountable because we've Already seen the left has no problem Burning down buildings if they're not Getting what they want and if we don't Start holding these lawmakers Accountable then our Democratic Republic Is just going to turn into a battle of Who can lead the bigger protests people

Need to stop treating our Capitol Buildings as if they're Section 8 Housing we need to start having Accountability and we need to start Looking at the left and questioning what Are their priorities for Kamala Harris To not have time to attend any funerals Or to even meet the families of these Victims but she does have time to push The agenda of the left to take away our Constitutional rights to guns and to Make sure that she's keeping these far Left lawmakers into position of power They do not care about you and I they Care about their agenda what we're Seeing cops in the in the state house in Tennessee being jostled and pushed last Time I checked this was called an Insurrection congressman we had images Like this is this another case of Activists feeling that their personal Crusade trumps any rules of decorum or Even decent etiquette absolutely it's an Insurrection if you do it but if we do It it's really what's required and needs To be done Kamal Harris didn't is never Visits veterans has never worried about What happened to the families of the Afghans that were lost in battle the Americans that were lost in Afghanistan Never worried about our border went There once didn't do anything at all Isn't protecting our country yet this She runs over to is she a vice president

Or is she a political hack I think she Behaved a lot more like a political hack Here it's disappointing to see that Whatever party you are well uh what Breaks my heart is is you have people Who are caught in the middle of this and When you have a community Suffering The Way Nashville is I have friends there The first impulse should be Be with those who are grieving these Children who who never asked to to be Shot during the school day tend to that Then move to the politics but here they Move right to the politics and demonize People it's the worst thing you can do In a community they won't even talk About it yeah they won't even talk Xavier I want to give you the last word On this as you watch this play out your Thoughts on what we're seeing here and What we what the takeaway should be The takeaway is that the less priorities Are all backwards and once again they Are capitalizing on trauma and they are Capitalizing on death to push an agenda Because they do not compare or they do Not care about us they only care about What benefits them it's heartbreaking Thank you both for being here Congressman Xavier happy Easter thank You both hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will

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