Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Outline A Concrete Plan To Ensure U.S. EV Batteries Don’t Come From China

Karine Jean-Pierre Can't Outline A Concrete Plan To Ensure U.S. EV Batteries Don't Come From China

Comments made on 4/20/23.

Gonna follow up on the White House's Proposal to mandate that two-thirds of All passenger vehicles by the year of 2032 be Electric It's a lot of batteries obviously so Does the administration have a concrete Plan to ensure that those raw materials For these new EVS either through Federal Support or some type of motivation for The private sector that those EVS don't End up coming from China and we don't Become dependent on a foreign power that Might not be friendly to us so here's What I can say every step that the President has taken is to build more Here in America that's every step that He's taken to bring Investments and jobs Back to America to build Supply chains Here in America and that's what's Happening and already the private sector Has invested more than 120 billion Million billion dollars to build more Electric cars and batteries here in America and that is because that is what The president has wanted to do and put Forth and he wants to make sure right we Are building here right here in in the United States

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