Karine Jean-Pierre Tells CNN She’s “Not Going Anywhere” Despite Lack Of Effectiveness, Honesty

Karine Jean-Pierre Tells CNN She's "Not Going Anywhere" Despite Lack Of Effectiveness, Honesty

Comments made on 1/25/24

Doing this for 20 months this is a grind Of a job any Administration regardless Of party you're Keeping you're tracking 20 I used to Cover the White House K I was there your First day officially the job are you Sticking around for eternity no well as Long as the president wants me in the Job I will be here I'm not going Anywhere I love my job I love my job I Get to get get to know folks like you I Get to speak on behalf of the president Of the United States and it is important It is important what we're trying to do Trying to bring back the economy trying To do things that's going to affect Generations to come that invest invest In America that you hear the president Talk about there is no other place that I would want to be right now than Speaking for President Biden

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