Karl Rove: It’s a sign of weakness that Biden isn’t taking questions

Karl Rove: It's a sign of weakness that Biden isn't taking questions

Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in on a pro-Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis super PAC hitting back at former President Donald Trump in a series of ads and President Joe Biden coming under fire for his lack of news conferences on ‘The Story.’ #foxnews #fox

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All right take a look at this what Happened when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was speaking at an event in New Hampshire this is the things that you Get used to if you do decide to run for President this kind of stuff happens a Lot out there on the campaign Trail at Protester up on stage this was in New Hampshire uh over the weekend and they Got in there pretty quick and got them Out of there security pretty active on The scene there and uh the governor sort Of you know kind of made a little bit Light of it um yeah this is the kind of Stuff that happens when it um gets a Little spicy up there I think you said So he's not officially running yet not In the race yet but we are starting to See some pretty strong ads on both sides Of the Trump DeSantis equation watch This Ron DeSantis loves sticking his fingers Where they don't belong and we're not Just talking about pudding Trump should Fight Democrats not lie about Governor DeSantis what happened to Donald Trump Okay uh meanwhile the pr listen to President Biden when he was asked got a Little irritated when he was asked again When he's going to make a decision about 24. So you made a decision I told you my plan is to run again Oh the testy there uh let's bring in

Karl Rove former deputy chief of staff For President George W bush co-founder Of American Crossroads and a Fox News Contributor he's watched many of these Processities uh play out over the years Carl it's great to have you with us Today so Um it looks like these two are running Head to Head even though Governor DeSantis has not put his hat in the ring Quite yet Carl Well I think that's right um I I was Mystified frankly by the by the Trump ad Uh not too many people have heard the Rumor that of Governor DeSantis uh uh Once ate some pudding with his fingers I Mean I think we probably tripled the Number of people who've heard that and Just simply this exchange between you And me but I thought it was also though A key sign that Trump is worried about DeSantis and I thought desantis's reply Was he was better because it was about Substantive issues and about Trump's Record in office uh we'll we'll see how This all plays out but it's it's clear We've got two two boxers who are willing To go at it in in the match yeah it Seems a little bit silly season he said You know he doesn't remember that ever Happening unless maybe when he was he Was a kid but it's certainly there's a Lot of important things on the people's Minds as they look towards this this is

Um from today uh Governor DeSantis sort Of shutting down a reporter when he was Asked about some of the GOP Senators who Are now supporting uh president Trump Watches Governor can you tell me are you Surprised that former president Trump Lined up nine Senate Republicans I mean This is a big announcement I mean like Honestly you're asking me about Political process I mean why don't we Why don't we focus on this issue So obviously he wants to stick to the Event of the day there Um does it matter that some of these Florida legislature folks are peeling Off and and supporting the former President who's also a Florida resident Yeah well look if you're if you're Running you like to have all the people Of your home state for you but but since The president Trump now is a registered Voter in Florida Governor DeSantis has Got to know he's not going to have that Support So endorsements matter let's see How much they matter uh what's amazing Is is that uh the endorsements for President Trump are not Universal I mean That is to say he he doesn't have every Florida legislature he doesn't even have You know it today there they put out the Both Tennessee Senators and three of the State's Congress Republican Congress Members uh endorse Trump but there are

Several others who didn't so you'd think The former president would would you Know sort of reap almost Universal Approval from from elected office Holders but but apparently not so it's Helpful for him to do it it's not Necessarily a show of strength and I Think descent is probably it's got to Find a a more happy way to sort of Dismiss those kind of things because They are going to ask him political Questions at non-political events yeah Interesting I you know there are some Donors who say that there they're going To stay on the sidelines for a little While there was a lot of early money Going into the DeSantis camp and now They're kind of watching it a little bit More closely as they see some of these Polls come in you know but what do you Say to those who who look at the Florida Governor who clearly was the early Person who was seen as the person who Potentially could beat the former President who say oh you know he needs To get in now he needs to get more Aggressive he can't be on the sidelines At this point he's got to get in No I disagree I mean and maybe it's Because of personal experience Governor George W bush of Texas filed an Exploratory Committee in March made no Statements about the potential Run for The presidency until he entered the race

In June and that was pre you know Internet that was pre you know social Media that was pre how campaigns have Been sped up by all the new technology That's available to them so I think Governor DeSantis is wise in staying out Of the race and being Governor longer He's got a legislative session that's Going a little bit more and after that Then he ought to make a decision and get In at his time of his choosing but the Idea that simply because Donald Trump Got into the race last year means that Everybody else needs to get into the Race early this year that that just is Not the way that the world Works nor Need it work that way so let's talk a Little bit about President Biden we saw The comment that he made he was a little Bit Testy I guess he keeps getting asked Obviously when he's going to get in There's some suggestion that he might Make sort of a low announcement on April 25th which is the same date that he Announced his last election campaign on Um and and a lot of heat that he's Getting about not talking more to the Press let's put this screen up that Shows the Presidential news conferences Because obviously he's got the bully Puppet pulpit and he's got when he Hasn't announced he's running he's got a Real opportunity to speak out as

President but he's not taking advantage Of it very often Carl uh when you take a Look at these numbers across the board What do you make of it Well first of all he he again doesn't Need to get in now he anybody but like DeSantis he ought to come up with a a Better way to dismiss it and move on but You're absolutely right the longer he's President the shorter the time he's a Candidate and the more he commands the Bully pulpit as our president and you're Right the fact that he doesn't have news Conferences think about this I cannot Remember a visit by a U.S president to a Foreign country particularly one where He's staying four or five days in which There was not at least a formal news Conference between the leader of that Country and the president United States In which they took a couple of questions From the from that country's press Corps And from the president's traveling press Court you know why not and and I think The explanation is easy they know that The president is suffering and they Worry about putting them into too many Places with unsquare PID questions and Therefore unscripted answers and so I Think it's a sign of weakness on the Part of the president that he doesn't do It he is the president he should have The bully pulpit and the failure his Failure to use that is indicative of I

Think a concern by his team that he's Just simply not up to doing that on a Regular basis and that's problematic if You're asking at the age of what he will Be almost 82 to be re-elected as President for four years in which if he Serves all four years he'll be closer to 90 than he is to 80. he has really Dismal approval numbers right now on on Pretty much every category uh and I Think you're right it's hard to imagine Any other reason that they don't put him Out there than that they are concerned He does often sort of garble his words And say weird things like we're going to Go out there and lick him when he was Talking for a few moments and uh in Ireland in what you know was really Termed like a four-day stretch without a Lot of business Um Mitch McConnell has returned to the Senate Carl and we're going to listen in As he makes his opening statement the Senate minority leader hi winner Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I Want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any Great news bites any great into views Coming your way on Fox you can get it All here on YouTube so subscribe right Now

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