Karl Rove: This is how 2024 will play out if Trump is the nominee

Karl Rove: This is how 2024 will play out if Trump is the nominee

Fox News contributor Karl Rove discusses polling that shows a majority of Americans do not want a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 on ‘Sunday Night In America.’ #foxnews #fox #sundaynightinamerica

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So how do we make sense of this A majority of Americans do not want a Rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump but Biden is running again and Will be the nominee and Trump is running Again and is the overwhelming Front-runner for the Republican Nomination People claim they want change they want New and different choices and yet the Same candidates are renominated Time and time again Joining us now to discuss is former White house chief of staff for President George W bush Mr Carl robe welcome to You Carl all right help me reconcile Those they seem inconsistent people say They don't want a rematch of 2020 and Yet both Biden and Trump are the current Front Runners so how do we make sense of That Well they're the most familiar faces Around and it's the beginning of the Contest remember at at this point in 2000 in the 2003-2004 election uh Leading into the Iowa caucuses Howard Dean was ahead in 2008 Hillary Clinton Was ahead uh in 2004 uh excuse me 2012. uh Newt Gingrich was ahead going Into the Iowa caucuses so there's right Now these are the two most visible People uh in the electorate and you're Right people do not want them to run Again that take a look at at uh the the

Monmouth poll among Democrats only 25 Percent would prefer that Biden run Again 44 said they would prefer that he Step aside that's how that word that They use prefer and 30 percent said they Had no preference those are the people Who are being polite here who are really Thinking more like the 44 percent in the AP National opinion research poll 27 of All Americans said yes I want Joe Biden To run against 73 percent no there were Similar numbers 70 percent said we don't Want Donald Trump to run again so if I Were a betting man I'd put money on Trump and Biden to be the nominees but I Would bet on the field against them Because I think that sentiment is only Going to grow people are not going to Get more excited about either one of These two choices All right Carl to get to Congress you Have to win a couple of neighborhoods to Get to the White House you got you got To win the electoral college what states That Republicans lost the last time Around do you think would really be in Play in 2024 I mean where can they pick Up Electoral College votes Well we had we had a couple of states That were very narrow and you know Arizona and Georgia in in particular in Wisconsin to a lesser extent all three Of those could but but look this is Going to depend on the candidates my

View is if it's Joe Biden and Donald Trump uh Joe Biden is likely to win Unless the concerns about age grow and Our concerns about Kamala Harris grow But if it is Biden against any virtually Any other Republican Arizona Georgia Wisconsin are going to flip and then Probably some other states like like Pennsylvania and Nevada which was very Close in New Hampshire which was close Uh so there's there's going to be some Play in this in this electoral map but Only if it's a different face because People know who Trump is people don't Know who Biden is both of them have Their detractors and they also have Their detractors inside their own party In the National in the Associated Press National opinion research poll 19 Percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Republicans said they would not support Their nominee if they were respectively Biden and Trump that's a real problem if You nominate if either party nominates Those people and that they're going to Be a bunch of people inside the party Who are saying you know what Biden's too Old Trump is too controversial we need To turn the page and the party that Turns the page I think is going to have The upper hand in 2024. All right you have forgotten more about This than I will ever know I take your Word that that all the names you just

Call were the Front Runners and they Wound up not being the nominee it seems Like President Trump's lead is pretty Prohibitive right now but what challenge What do Challengers need to do to make a Race of this on the GOP side Yeah well first they need to articulate A vision that says I am changed and I'm New and different I've been a successful Governor or successful Senator I've been A successful leader in private sector I And I've got a vision for the future That causes you to say you know what That sounds good second of all they've Got to deal with with President Trump They've got to say you know what you did A lot of good things but you got baggage You got baggage in the fact that you've Been indicted for things you may be Indicted for more things that you're a Controversial figure that and that you Failed to do things you know you said You'd build the wall well when you came Into office here's how how long the Wall Was when you left office it wasn't much Longer you said you'd take on China and You get this you Proclaim that you got This fantastic treaty with China to buy A bunch of our American agriculture Product and it didn't happen you did Nothing to attack China on on the issue Of of uh stealing our intellectual Property of stealing our ideas and Manufacturing processes and Science and

Technology you didn't do anything about That so I appreciate the good things you Did but frankly we need new leadership That's actually going to get things done And I've got to demonstrate record in Doing that they're not going to be able To tiptoe around them they've got to Deal with them head on and they've got To say you know the American people want More than a rerun of 2020 which is Exactly where the American people are as Virtually every poll is showing us yes These men have their supporters yes These men have their detractors but more Important than that is we've been Governed for 32 years by members of the Greatest generation and the idea of an 82 year old and a 78 year old battling That for the White House is not people's Idea of what they want to see Karl Rove from the great state of Texas Thank you for joining us Carla forward a Visit with you throughout this election Cycle I want to Brian Kilmeade I want You to do me a favor I want you to click To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page this is the only way that I know For sure that you're not going to miss Any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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