Karl Rove to Kamala Harris: Welcome to reality

Karl Rove to Kamala Harris: Welcome to reality

Fox News contributor Karl Rove sounds off on Vice President Kamala Harris for claiming Republicans ‘like having the problem’ of immigration as an election issue. #FoxNews

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So Carl Roes with us live in Austin Carl Good morning to you a couple things uh Little curveball here guys show us Number five first because this is Illegal Immigration um and what you're going to See screen left is during the Trump Years and that yellow line shows you What happened during the Biden years Okay so that that's people coming across That's right so that's the preface for The following sound bite with the vice President kamla Harris and Katie Kirk some people seem fixated on Joe Biden's age but I want to ask you it's Cuz they have nothing to run on Katie Well immigration now they're running on To which they could actually participate In fixing right and so no but really you Know so yeah you're right they're Running on immigration because they like Having the problem um and they want a Political issue to run on in November What do you think of That I think this is complete baloney I I I can't uh I can't remember a speech Of Kamala Harris in which he outlines a Way to cons to secure and control the Border what does she propose when when We've heard her talk about this she Extols the great work that she has done In the so-called triangle working with Guatemala Honduras and Nicaragua and Trying to strengthen their economies but

What in the heck does this Administration think needs to be done to Secure the borders she hasn't offered a Plan all she does is she says the Republicans haven't cooperated with us On a plan that we haven't laid out that Doesn't make any sense so I mean this is Just politics this Administration thinks That it's doing itself and the country Of favor by having an open door to Illegal migration but now they're Hearing from democratic Mayors Democratic Governors Democratic voters In places like Chicago and Denver and Washington DC and New York that this is A problem well welcome to the reality of Arizona and Texas who have been Suffering under this for a long long Time you had a reporter in Eagle Pass That has 70,000 people in the Eagle Pass And Del Rio sector in those two little Towns and 12,000 people a week are being Dropped off by the federal government Coming across the border and Chicago is Complaining because over the last year And a half it's had 18,000 people Arrived try doing that every single week And see how you like it Carl let's go on The way way back machine remember during The Bush Administration when uh Chuck it Was Chuck Schumer to help Obama Torpedoed the immigration bill at that Point because they said that they wanted It as a political issue right well it

Was Harry Reid but you're right it was Democratic leader of the Senate yeah we We we had a vote set we were setting up A vote where we would be able to have People a able to offer ideas and Amendments to the administration's Package a bipartisan package with John McCain Ted Kennedy and George W bush and We had conservatives happy with with the Idea of being able to make Recommendations to improve that package And Harry Reid pulled that down that VOE Orama down allowed only four amendments Each one of which blew up some element Of the comprehensive immigration reform Package most of them sponsored by Senator Byron dorgan of North Dakota Who's now who was then defeated in the In the Senate but you're right Harry Reid did it for one reason one reason Only he wanted to keep it alive as a Political issue so that they could say The administration had failed to get Anything done and then Barack Obama Could do something about it when he got Elected or whomever got elected because This was 2007 and and it was Hillary Clinton who was at that point the front Runner but then the Democrats did Nothing about it during the time that They were in and now we're in the fix We're in we had the border under control Using administrative power and executive Authority under Donald Trump now the

Border is is a gigantic flood of Illegals that are taxing the social Services the law enforcement the Hospitals the neighborhoods Public Safety all along the border and this Administration has the terity to offer This woman Kamala Harris who's done zero To help secure the border and claims That really her focus is on the the South and Central America portion of This you know we don't need to worry About what's happening on the border Carl we're out of time but I'm going to Share this look we're just back from New Hampshire put it up guys issue number One in New Hampshire was immigration I Mean everywhere we went in that state Everybody talked about the border now You've got all these Republican Governors Brian Kemp and Ron santis in Florida Glenn yunan in Virginia they're All like they're reaching out supporting Governor Abbott just a quick answer on This in our Prime Time coverage on Tuesday night Dana came on the air and She said if I were Donald Trump I'd go To the Border what do you think about That idea Now yeah absolutely but go to the border With a concrete set of steps that need To be taken be able to articulate what They are and the contrast with the Lackluster do nothing policies of the Biden Administration would be Crystal

Clear yep thank you Carl see if it Happens in Austin Carl Ro I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley airheart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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