Kayleigh McEnany: Biden lacks commonsense on Green New Deal

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden lacks commonsense on Green New Deal

‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany and OutKick founder Clay Travis discuss the revival of the Green New Deal by climate alarmist on ‘Hannity.’

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Anyway here with reaction let's give a Nice welcome she's the author of the Upcoming book Serenity in the storm [Applause] Travis welcome up here All right it's a simple philosophy Everything's free and we're gonna you Know how to really disarm in terms of The economy and energy production and Will enrich China along the way how does It make sense you know Joe Biden said I Oppose the green New Deal he said over And over again well he's essentially Backroading back during the green New Deal through these new EV standards Which we know 75 of lithium is in China So let's get China Rich let's cut our CO2 emissions Hemorrhage jobs and all of Our emission Cuts be wiped Away by a day Or two in China in what they emit it Makes a whole lot of sense that's common Sense you pay 15 to 20 grand more they Pillage Mother Earth with big machinery To get the Cobalt and the manganese and The nickel to build the batteries uh you Know Clay I'm looking at all this does Anybody here prefer an EV I don't care If you do and is there any one person Oh not one person here yeah and you know This because we do radio the EV they're Trying to wipe out AM radio so you can't Even listen to your show your show my Show all of us right right uh but you You mentioned that 93 trillion you know

When we started the Tea Party we were at 10 trillion dollars in debt we've added 22 trillion dollars in debt in the last 12 plus years 93 trillion dollars more even little Things like Russia you know we're trying To prevent them from being able to sell Their oil have you seen the data they're Actually selling it to Middle Eastern Countries and they're using it and now They're working their way around all of This all of it is much less clean than The oil and gas that we produce and so It's infuriating to see the cost that is Coming out 70 of people think the Economy is awful under Joe Biden and They're right it is I mean do you guys Feel comfortable with the economy right Now I mean it's ridiculous all right let Me ask this question If we produced all of our energy yes and We were energy independent again uh is That good for foreign policy do you Think a national security okay do you Think it's good for high paying career Jobs right okay do you think it's good For our allies in Western Europe you Think it's good for them okay give me One reason we shouldn't be producing it Because it is the lifeblood of the World's economy you're exactly right I Mean look I I heard one person put it This way earlier in the week do we want To energy independent to focus on an

Energy source where we are abundant in This United States we can drill for it We have it here at home or be dependent On China for Rare Earth minerals in Order to produce our energy I think the Answer is obvious but we have a President he said this the single Existential threat to the world is Climate change this is where this guy's Heads at I could think of a few others Like you won't Harden I think I know Where it says literally vulnerable China Russia Saudi Arabia you know these are New alliances it's a huge we're making Them our most hated uh adversaries Wealthier right look at what they are Able to do because we're not producing Our own oil and gas it's not just that We're diminishing our economic output Output we're Rising them up it's crazy And it's infuriating and there's no way To defend it I just wish once all of the People that are advocating for the green New Deal I wish they would give up Flying private right just if you care so Much About the future of this country maybe Flying commercial for the rest of your Life instead of flying all over the Place on your privacy well that's right You can do that I love Davos every year You get 1100 private jets flying in to Talk about climate change and lecture us About eating meat that's my favorite

That's right yes we they've never heard Of Zoom all right so how do we stop this The only way I see to stop it is to win The next election yeah yes no doubt About it you must win we must have a President who a nominee I should say who Goes into this clear ride as to who They're up against uh who delivers a Choice to contrasting agendas get rid of The personal attacks here's my plan Here's how Joe Joe Biden's ruining you Because the unpopular personal polling Of Joe Biden doesn't translate to Electoral Victory unless we deliver the American people a Clear Choice what do You think I I think Haley's 100 right About that I also think you have to call Out some of this craziness when they say Oh we're gonna just do away with oil and Gas in the next decade I mean Joe Biden Is dementia riddled in my opinion I Don't think he really understands what He's saying but there are a lot of True Believers he seems brilliant You know he almost spelled eight Correctly you know he only left one Letter off uh yesterday Um but you know there's so much out There of True Believers that they Legitimately think that by 2033 there's Not going to be oil and gas powered Vehicles I think they're all a little Bit they've lost their minds I would Also just say really quickly Joe Biden

Hit in the basement last time we tried To smoke him out of the basement tough To do we got to smoke them out of the Oval because he's going to try to hide There that's a great line How great is Kaylee in play great job Thank you both appreciate it hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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