Kayleigh McEnany: The Biden campaign is miscalculating here

Kayleigh McEnany: The Biden campaign is miscalculating here

‘Outnumbered’ co-host Kayleigh McEnany and former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Biden’s plans for debate prep at Camp David and what issues matter most to voters as they head to the ballot box. #FoxNews

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Joining us here on said Kaye mckin Co-host of outnumbered and Kevin McCarthy former Speaker of the House Great to have you both so I mentioned The debates two weeks from tomorrow this Is NBC news on the Biden debate strategy I want to see what you think about it Kaye they said inside the campaign AIDS Believe Biden walks on the stage with The upper hand mostly his mandate will Be to let Trump be Trump which they Believe will reveal extreme leanings and A less stable Trump than four years ago What do you think of that strategy so I Know the debate team there's some Reporting they may be hunkering down in Camp David I I think they are totally Off I think if they expect to show up Against an undisciplined Trump they Haven't watched the last month and a Half where he's been very disciplined Very on message I was reading today in Politico they expect to show up and CA Trump that attacks them over Hunter Biden in a very personal way I think They're miscalculating um maybe they Need to go so far as to read their Favorite paper the New York Times read To the bottom those in Trump World have Said Trump has specifically said in Meetings there is a risk overreaching on Hunter it's not worth politically Attacking Hunter they are going to meet A trump who's disciplined who's smart um

And you know go prepare for that Trump You know the Trump 1.0 debate I think You're going to meet the Trump 2.0 Debate from 2020 I don't know how you Feel about Kevin but uh tomorrow the Former president goes to your old Stomping grounds going to meet with House Republicans Mitch McConnell is Going to be there as well what's Happening here I think this is good this Is culminating everybody together and It's the strength of President Trump I Was just with them Monday down at Palm Beach and I agree with with K Kaye that He's disciplined he he is much different Than he was before just walking onto the Stage by Biden is going to be difficult For them just this the she they're going To be seated Though that was one of the concessions That the B people I would have them walk In just that view that but the one thing I see he's also speaking The Business Roundtable how different it is today Than it was four years ago and if you Look at the sheer political numbers four Years ago he was down by8 points um Biden's numbers are the lowest that's Ever been for a president running for Reelection it has flipped plus eight for For president Trump of where he's going Into but the business Round Table these Are people who maybe supported him at Time but even opposed him at time

They're all uniting around him he just Had a very successful swing through California Silicon Valley LA and Newport I've had friends who have never given to Them before who were afraid maybe get Attacked they're not only providing them Money they're showing up and behind is It the policies or is it the conviction That made them change the conviction was The the the straw that broke the camels Back it was like you could come after me You know this this is unbelievable what You're doing it's it's really the attack On Democracy what they're seeing and Even the polling show it NPR poll just Independence and they said who would be A greater threat to democracy by 53 to 42 they picked Biden four more years Which is so weird because that's the Biden team's whole thing is that Democracy is under threat if Trump wins Again yeah I think a lot of this just Goes back to the economy I mean a threat To democracy people think of a threat to Them personally as well I mean when I'm Reading that in order to own a home in This country you need to be $43,000 richer you need to have an Income of $100,000 at a time when the median Income is just North of 50,000 you know People threat to democracy these kind of Esoteric broad themes that are talked About in the media none of that combats

People's personal economy so for all the Convictions for all the convicted felon Language it comes back to basics it's That simple line it's the economy stupid I think that a age old adage holds true Uh there was a primier battle in levada Yesterday and hear a lot about Nevada It's a Brattle ground state here are Some of the voters and what they care About in this election so far it's our Immigration situation the open border And the people that are coming in with a 30-year background in law enforcement I'm just waiting for the next great Disaster to happen here in this country We need more affordable housing we need More opportunity for places that are Really quite livable and which you could Raise a family I'm worried about uh Climate change is my number one issue I I worri about it for my kids and my nine Nine grandkids illegal immigration not Legal immigration I understand legal Immigration but illegal doesn't seem um It's not fair for all the immigrants who Have come in Legally oh interesting to Hear from the voters here is how the Senate primary turned out for the Republican Sam Brown was an easy winner He's going to go up against a Democrat Jackie Rosen Republicans feel very good About this seat they look at the National polling between Trump and Biden They look at Nevada and they think

Trump's got an edge and so much of the Polling sometimes Trump hits uh 50% Which would spell good news for brown Another one here in South Carolina okay This is the district that runs the coast Down around Charleston Nancy mace turned Out to be an easy winner she was Challenged by two other Republicans so She'll go on to the general election Come November as well I'm sure Kevin McCarthy may have a thought on that this Is kind of a bit of a surprise there is A district in Ohio that runs along the Ohio River along the West Virginia Border uh the Republican Bill Johnson Had the seat forever uh he left uh to be The president of Youngstown State University Johnson won this District by Like 35 points Trump won the district by 29 but in this special election Yesterday you got Michael ruy beating The Democrat Michael chipr by about nine Points don't know what that means we're Told that turnout was anemic you had About 55 60,000 votes a total uh in that Special election nonetheless the two of Them will go again at it come November So to you guys we Say you draw anything from that well in The Ohio Race it's another it's another Vote for Republicans he'll be sworn in So it's another one they're going Forward low turnout uh in South Carolina Trump has not lost except one

Endorsement it was New Jersey His endorsement matters and it's Endorsement is more powerful after the Conviction I've found that it's even Stronger so it really helps for Sam Brown in Nevada when he got that yes I Mean and that was only a few days out And give credit to um Danes and Senator D he has done a marvelous job with the Senators getting involved in primaries Getting the president Trump behind it He's getting the best candidates forward Uh this is how we took the majority in The house when they didn't we hope to Have him on the show tomorrow as well in Kaye Nevada that's something that that's A state that Republicans have not won Since 2004 good fortunes be turning Around there yes I mean you see Trump Very competitive in the polling winning In most polls you look at and that could Have down ballot effects could help to Unseat Jackie Rosen I just would point Out you know Ohio's six District yes the Republican won but Democrats are saying This should set off alarm bells for Republicans um Democrats consistently Overperform in the polls we've seen that In several of the last elections so for All of those shouting red it's just yet Another reminder um polling isn't always Accurate and Ohio 6 is you know should Have Republicans study a little harder As to what's going on in the Trump is

Not on the ballot if he is I wonder how Much that changes Trump was an easy Winner in 2016 and 2020 in Ohio eight Points each time and it's a special Election 60,000 votes thereabouts to Your point 280,000 in 2022 so turnout is I'll see outnumbered at noon okay I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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