Kayleigh McEnany: This is fantasy foreign policy

Kayleigh McEnany: This is fantasy foreign policy

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., discusses the Biden administration’s response to attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Iranian proxies have now carried out Over 60 attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria since October 17th you just heard Us discuss that and according to reports Biden's weak response is leading to Frustration inside the Pentagon as laid Out in the pages of the Washington Post Here with reaction Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn so 61 attacks Senator On Americans that's since October 7th This comes after there were 80 previous Attacks under the Biden Administration We have three attacks in return seven Terrorists killed the scoreboard seems To be in the favor of Iran here do we Need a solomani trump style strike to Get the Iranians to back Down well Kaylie we have to have an Effective kinetic response if we're Going to be able to deter this and bear In mind we have lost that deterrence and Biden has lost credibility on this issue And when you start having people in the Pentagon going to Washington Post and Other outlets and talking about the Dissatisfaction you know that the President has been given those other Options but we have to remember much of This dissatisfaction with this Administration and much of the distrust That some in the p Have with the Biden Administration goes Back to the Afghanistan withdrawal and After that debacle we found out much

Much later through hearings that the President had been given options and What did he say no we're going to go Forward and then he goes out and he Declares it a success when people in the Military knew this was not a success so We have to reestablish that deterrence And we we have to have that effective Kinetic response right it was an Extraordinary success and then we know We lost 13 beautiful Heroes Americans That's right there at the Abbey Gates What what a tragedy Afghanistan was Everyone saw that China saw that Russia Saw that sure and Russia took action and Iran took action but this was a very Revealing moment this was in the Pentagon press briefing today watch what Was asked and watch the response from The deputy press secretary is the Pentagon waiting for a service member to Be killed before taking stronger more Effective action no absolutely not I Mean I I we would never want to see that We would never want that to be the Outcome of any Attack I mean are you waiting on an American to be killed that's a that's a Fair question what what are they waiting On Senator Blackburn they have no strategy and They're going to have to have a strategy These attacks are not going to end until We come forward with a way and a

Strategy and send that message we're not Going to tolerate this and one of the Things that must be done is to handle Iran and we have in the Senate voted to See that $6 billion Frozen but we need Sanctions on that oil production Iran Could put a stop to this if they wanted To but they don't and bear in mind They're the ones that are funding these Militias whether whether it's the houis Or Hamas or Hezbollah or Isis in Syria Or Iraq they are the funer so they're Keeping this up because they know that Biden is weak and that Biden is not Going to come after them they know it Because he hasn't done it so you have to Stop these attacks before somebody does Get killed and when you're North of 60 Attacks and they're not letting it up When the houthis have uh put people into A cargo ship a japanese-owned cargo ship And taken control of that you see the Escalation that is there and for This Crew over in the White House to think That they can appease their way out of This situation and not have that kinetic Response they're just pipe dreaming it's Not going to happen no it's not going to Happen it's clearly not happening They're there have been six attacks Since their pin prick strike you know Senator Blackburn you mentioned Something there about voting to freeze The $6

Billion okay I spoke with Democratic Congressman Jared moscowitz he led a Bipartisan effort in the house to freeze The six billion that Biden unleash Jared Moscowitz in partnership with the Republican Congressman sent a letter to Tony blinkin saying let's redesignate The houth who shot down our drone why is A democratic congressman In the house Democrats in the Senate Having to push the Democrat Commander-in-chief why is this Happening it is because this Administration has people that are Friendly to Iran in that Administration I've been on the floor of the Senate Talking about uh Arian Tatu who is there In the dod she has a top secret security Clearance she is Chief of Staff to one Of the assistant secretaries there in DOD and Cale when you have people with That kind of security clearance that are Pro-iran that have been a part of the Iran expert initiative Robert Mali was Another one who was in this Administration very pro- Iran and you Look at uh the participation of others In this Administration in the first Iran Deal in this latest Iran deal and now They're going to free up another1 Billion dollar for Iran Iran does two Things when they get a dollar they Enrich iranium just short of where it Needs to be for a nuclear weapon and

Secondly they put it into terrorism we Know they put a hundred million into Hamas Hezbollah houthis each Individually we know that they're Funding these other militias we know That they are their proxies and they're Carrying out these attacks and everyone Is aware of what is happening Iran Hamas They all say death to America death to Israel it is a part of what they're Doing is why we go fight this every day It is why we stand with Israel we have To stand with Israel and we have to have An Administration that will show the World that we will not be deterred in Our support of Israel yeah it's fantasy Foreign policy and it's leading to a lot Of American death and Carnage such a Tragedy Senator Blackburn thank you very Much hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere Else

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