Kayleigh McEnany: This is the elephant in the room

Kayleigh McEnany: This is the elephant in the room

The panel discussed Biden’s dismal polling, indicating that most Americans do not want him to run for re-election in 2024. #FoxNews

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[Music] Hello everyone this is outnumbered I'm Kaylee mcadeni here with my co-host Harris Faulkner and Emily compagno also Joining us Fox News contributor Lisa Booth and Fox News contributor and host Of the David Webb show David Webb we Begin with President Biden expected to Launch his bid for re-election sometime Tomorrow this comes despite dismal Polling and Democrats growing concerns Over his age the images of the now 80 Year old president wandering off and Looking confused at White House events Appear to have had an impact on at least Some voters a new NBC poll finds that 70 Percent think President Biden should not Run again compared to just 26 percent Who think he should and of those who Said no 48 said age was the major factor Even the left-wing media says that President Biden needs to address the Elephant in the room check out this New York Times editorial board peace calling On him to take voters concerns about his Age seriously they say this but Candidates shouldn't pretend as Mr Biden Often does that advanced age isn't an Issue Mr Biden is 80 now the oldest American to serve as president and even Supporters including the political Strategist David axel rod have expressed Deep worries that his age will be both a Political liability in 2024 and a

Barrier to a successful second term if Mr Biden runs again as he recently said He intends to questions will persist About his age until he does more to Assure voters that he is up to the job Harris there's been reporting from Politico that long time friends have Expressed similar concerns but the Washington Post will get a little more Into this in a bit they did a really Interesting breakdown where they went And interviewed 130 Democrats from Across the country all the demographics That that came together to support Biden So Suburban women black voters Latino Voters and they found a depressed Attitude among many of them including Among young voters we know young voters Broke for Biden by 24 percent their Turnout increased by nine percent here's What young one young voter said about Biden's age he likes putting on glasses And eating ice cream does that get People out asked Eli toscovia graduate Student and president of the campus area Neighborhood association when you look At Biden you say that's my grandpa [Laughter] Um my grandpa was diabetic so he didn't Eat nearly as much sugar as Joe Biden Does look Maybe it's his ego has anybody Considered that this isn't about Democrats who are kind of pushing him

Out there it was like a Manchurian Candidate type type situation Um and and that this is his ego he Promised that he would kind of get the Party going and that he'd step back and And basically wouldn't run for a second Term and now all of a sudden he's doing That he's been telegraphing he was going To do this for months I don't know who Didn't think he wasn't going to run Right right I mean I didn't know if it Was going to be on a Tuesday or a Friday But we all knew it was coming what if It's his narcissistic attitude about the Office because he's been around for 50 Years he just can't let go Um why is that bad for the country Because we need new ideas even people Inside his own party know that but They're not having the same kind of Conflict with an agent biting aging Biden that they're having with aging Women inside their party Dianne Feinstein John Federman in Pennsylvania Was gone longer than she's been gone Didn't have a problem with that Biden Was in the basement or in Delaware for More than a third of his presidency so Far don't have a problem with that the Gaffs the minor incursion as Russia Moves into Ukraine and so on and so Forth I mean so many things have Happened maybe this is more about him Maybe he's a stubborn old grandpa it

Might be and then David there's the Small problem of enthusiasm yes within His party check this out Washington Post Again across eight National polls in 2022 and 23 an average of 38 percent of Democrats want Biden to be the nominee While a 57 majority wants someone else During Trump's first term an average of 73 percent of Republicans wanted him to Be the GOP nominee and if 75 percent of Democrats wanted Obama that's a big Disparity only 38 of your party wants You compared to 70 percent for Obama and For Trump take everything Harris just Said thank you so much uh no look for Years I've called them on my radio those Who are waiting for their hours in the Road Honda these politicians that stay In D.C until they get there 24 hours in The Rotunda and they get their Monumental casket viewing and they leave Sadly if you look at the history of Long-running politicians that seems to Be where they go you're right he wanted That title from the day he entered the U.S Senate from the first time he ran For president didn't matter if he was Kicked out for plagiarism he was going To announce Because he believes this is His title he's an amoral elitist Politician who's outside of the party's To your thing and more into the Biden Camp look at the Biden family look at How they've set themselves up over the

Years he says whatever is necessary in Any circumstance whether running against When you look at the VP race when Romney Was running they're going to put you all In Chains No matter what I do remember He says it in one room this afternoon And another room tomorrow afternoon and He's making a play with all of the Unions so they can combine the votes Whether it be the federal government Workers afge the CTU look at Chicago Look at what he's doing across the board It's all about Biden's re-election and It's nothing about the country yeah That's right you know Emily the Interestingly there's a New York Times Piece that talked about the kind of uh The problem Biden could have with Age-related mishaps and what they mean By this is they say you know he stumbled Down the stairs of Air Force One for you Know during his first two years or he Fell off a bicycle but that takes added Context when you are a presidential Candidate you remember Hillary Clinton Stumbling into the van after a 9 11 Memorial she attended and how that was Just magnified well Reuters assures us Of this gone will be the aversion to Public events large and small likely Replaced by traditional campaign stops At diners factories and union halls with Handshake selfies and crowds of people That apparently is going to be the new

Biden campaign out of the basement out In the public do you buy it no I don't Because we've seen the exact opposite From him as president this entire time And if he issues the routine then why do We think he's going to embrace the Active all of a sudden in the hundred Years since Kelvin Coolidge held that Office only Reagan and Nixon have held As few pressers as this president had Multiple times he is absolutely sort of Bucked tradition just in Ireland last Week you always hold a traditional Abroad press conference when you travel So she didn't in Ireland the other day The Colombian president joined him at The White House then he by himself the Colombian president stood in front of The microphones in front of the West Wing because Biden apparently had Something better to do since again since Since Reagan he's Reagan hold 54 he's Granted less than that contrast that With your boss who held 202 or Obama Which gave 275. and here's the thing you know Remember when he was campaigning the First time how his press secretary then Campaign uh spokesperson assured us he's Going to bring transparency and Truth Back to the government how can that be Possible when he won't even dip into Traditional communication and keep in Mind how the White House has spun it

Right they say well it's because he Wants to advance messaging to young People in the ways that they accept Right it's true Tick-Tock and stuff and Not just briefings but the brief things And those Communications that's what's Get that's what gets disseminated and Amplified throughout the non-traditional Routes and keep in mind again so he Doesn't have time to stand next to the Colombian president but he had time to Interview with Drew Barrymore Jason Bateman Al Roker just to name a few and Recall that Drew Barrymore's first Question to him was whether Mr Biden was Giving a good gift to his wife so I any Day and twice on Sunday will accept and Appreciate the normal press course Questioning of this President I don't Think he's going to embrace anything Like that in terms of cadence for a Campaign you know Politico tells us There were two camps in Biden's Inner Circle there was the one saying wait Till the fall go be president walk Through Ukraine go to Ireland meet with Go to Japan as he's doing and there's The other camp that said no declare now We need the money and when you have more Months to raise money uh you you have a Better chance at fundraising a billion Plus as he did last time where do you Stand and also he's already the Incumbent right so I don't really see

The point in waiting when he's already The income government president he's you Know running again so why wait right so Also you know we're talking about a guy Who would be escorted Away by the Easter Bunny so I I think the idea of trying to Contain the Canada and do the base why Not replicate the the basement strategy When it worked in 2020 so I think They're actually smart to keep him from The public but look I'm 38 years old I've worked in politics throughout most Of my adult or throughout my Adult Career I've never been more worried About the country you know if you go Back to past elections I've worked on it It felt like it was about politics now It feels like it's about the survival of A republic I I mean you look at every Issue that we're facing whether it's the Economy you know 24 straight losses for For income for you know families taking A pay cut the loss of equivalent of Seventy four hundred dollars for Families under Joe Biden you look at the World stage the fact that we're on the Cusp of a potential World War we've had To evacuate four embassies you know and Then you look at the cultural front as Well some of these things that kids are Being exposed to that were supposed to Be protecting them from so in Los the Freedom as well Force vaccinations the Doj and the FBI being weaponized against

Us as conservative so I guess I I'm just Worried about the survival of the nation And I really honest God do not think That we can take any more of this from Joe Biden I think you're exactly right About that and it is up to the Republican nominee to crystallize what You just said get rid of the noise get Rid of the name calling and just Crystallize the moment we're at the Cultural Tipping Point and the choice That voters have exactly and they'll be Successful hey everyone I'm Emily Compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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