Kellyanne Conway: Biden is bleeding these key voters

Kellyanne Conway: Biden is bleeding these key voters

Former Trump White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss President Biden’s upcoming debate preparations as he heads to the G-7 summit in Italy. #FoxNews

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Well with just two weeks until the first Presidential debate Biden will Reportedly hunker down for debate prep At Camp David but as he Jets off on his Second Europe trip in two weeks the Faces he faces a busy schedule here at Home is it too much for him here to React as Fox News contributor and former Trump White House senior councel Kellyanne Conway hey kellyanne hey anley Morning good morning we're just seeing Video of Joint Base Andrews Marine one Arriving there he's about to head to Italy there were reports now when he Comes back from Italy he's going to go To Camp David and hunker down and stay There for 10 days while he does his Debate prep the debate prep is two weeks From tomorrow do you think he needs that Much time what's your reaction he does Need that much time remember anley Hillary Clinton all but disappeared During debate prep as well sometimes she Said she was at fancy fundraisers but we Didn't see her for days at a time in 2016 and Donald Trump stayed on the Campaign Trail he was doing 5 six seven Stops today at that time I think that Benefited him enormously because if you Over prepare then you sound contrived And in the case of Joe Biden you lie I Think the news of the day uh coming out Of the Delaware trial is that we now Have a Department of Justice that's

Confirmed Hunter Biden's laptop is real That laptop the other tale is not just That Hunter Biden is guilty of these Three um felonies in Delaware it's that The Biden family is now connected Through that laptop hauling in at least $9 million that we know about including $646,000 from a Chinese infrastructure Firm by Hunter why is this important Because Angley it was the debate stage With Joe Biden and Donald Trump where Biden lied to the American people in 2020 and said he had never discussed Business with his son his son did not Get any money from China and that 51 Intelligence and National Security Officials uh claim that the laptop that The department of justice under Biden Now says is real was Russian Disinformation So I think Biden preparing is one thing I I wonder what what's going to happen With him medically at Camp David for 10 Days because we have no hard evidence That Joe Biden can stand anywhere let Alone in the podium intimidated by Donald Trump feet away from him for 90 Minutes without a teleprompter yeah it's Interesting I went back to watch the 2012 vice presidential debate it was Paul Ryan versus uh Joe Biden Joe Biden Looks completely different he sounds Differently he is understandable he has Much more energy Paul Ryan said I've

Known Joe Biden for 20 to 25 years he's Just aged very quickly he's aged a lot The guy I debated 12 years ago is not The same guy we have today is what do You what do you expect out of the next Debate and or the first debate I should Say and how is President Trump preparing Well president Trump will prepare the Way he always does he'll review the Policies um if you look at all the Polling including a brand new poll Coming out of Pennsyvania this morning Anley pennsylvanians Americans think They were better off under the Trump Presidency than the Biden Presidency the Pennsylvania poll shows That it also shows Trump winning that Very tight swing state if Trump were to Win Pennsylvania Georgia and Arizona This election's over so that's the most Important swing state right now for Trump why is this important because a Lot of those questions that are being Asked in the polls are the kind of Questions that will be asked in the Debate and if president Trump gives Everybody a binary choice and reviews The economy the Border no new Wars crime Even uh quality of life everyday Affordability National Security border Secur Financial Security fairness if he Reviews all of that versus Biden and Lets Biden speak my one piece of advice To president Trump as somebody was in

The room in 2016 and 2020 in debate prep Is let Biden speak numbers seem to numb His brain and there's if you let Biden Speak I think that his lack of energy Acuity agility ability transparency and Truthfulness will be on full display and It will underg what Americans believe in All this polling already anley which is That Biden's not up to the job and when He does the job he doesn't do a Particularly good one we've talked a lot About Virginia um Joe Biden won that State by 10 points and now they're neck And neck and look at Minnesota there's a New poll that finds Trump with Striking Distance of Biden Biden is getting 45% And Trump is getting 41% a republican Hasn't won there since Nixon and that Was in 1972 kellyanne it's pretty Remarkable obviously Minnesota and Washington DC the only states that Walter amandel carried in 1984 in Ronald Reagan's a landslide reelection Victory But Trump is expanding his map anley as You pointed out uh Minnesota Virginia Possibly New Hampshire name one state Name one County where Joe Biden is Expanding his map they're trying to hang On to places like Nevada state that Republicans haven't won presidentially Since 2004 six electoral votes where Trump's cleared 50% one thing in all These polls Trump is doing very well Even in these States among

African-Americans Hispanics Union Households political independents and Young people Joe Biden is bleeding these Voters I don't think debate prep is Going to help with that because he's got To defend his policies and those are out Of line with America okay we're watching This live video he is off to the G7 Right after this thank you so much Kelly And great to see you this morning thank You Angley you're welcome I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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