Kentucky Gov. Beshear lost ‘close friend’ in Louisville shooting

Kentucky Gov. Beshear lost 'close friend' in Louisville shooting

Fox News’ Nate Foy provides updates on the shooting that left four dead and eight others injured, including two police officers. Police confirmed the shooter is dead as well. #FoxNews

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Fox News Alert as our coverage continues After a shooting in downtown Louisville Early this morning we know so far five People dead including the shooter we're Waiting any further information on how That shooter Um became deceased whether or not it was Exchange gunfire with the police or Whether that shooter took his own life There's a new statement right now by Just out by Senator Rand Paul saying Kelly and I are praying for everyone Involved in the deadly shooting in Downtown Louisville this morning our Hearts break for the families of those Lost the Kentucky Senator just putting That out a few moments ago eight injured Six taken to the hospital two of the Injured are police officers one of those Police officers is currently in surgery So we're waiting an update on multiple Fronts here also for the gunman to Actually be named and to learn whether Or not this gunman was an active or Former employee of that bank police Merely saying they know that there was Some sort of connection in to the bank With that shooter Nate Foy is reporting On the very latest what are we learning Now Nate well Sandra first and foremost The shooter is dead so there's no more Of a threat to the public uh the bank Also just tweeting out that the the Security and safety of customers at the

Bank is of Paramount importance to them As you mentioned four victims here uh Our thoughts are with their families as Well as the eight people injured Including two police officers one of Whom is in critical condition the other One not described as being in critical Condition there are reports that the Officer who is in critical condition was Shot in the head so we will keep Monitoring any information about how That officer is doing but you mentioned Police in Louisville responding within Three minutes after this shooting Started just absolute heroism on display Similar I might add today is two weeks To the day since the Nashville shooting At the Covenant School where we saw a Similarly heroic response to that you Can expect this to reignite tensions in The gun control debate with Democrats Pointing to guns being the problem where You can expect more Republicans to focus On the Mental Health crisis in the Country right now as well as security Concerns but we just heard from Governor Andy beshear who mentioned that he Actually knows people who were involved In this including one person who did not Make it one of the four people who were Killed take a listen to the Kentucky Governor Yes I know that there are steps that the Police department is taking to do things

Better after a recent report but we Certainly saw I think the very best from Them today and I want to thank them and All our other law enforcement officers Corresponding and doing their best To try to save some of my friends and Many others thank you all President Biden has been briefed so We're expecting to hear more from Kareem Jean-Pierre at 2 p.m today we'll send it Back to you Sandra we're monitoring the The that last question that happened in The news conference a short time ago a Reporter said that there was some sort Of word of another shooting taken place I just want to be clear there's an Update from police on the ground uh Through their um their local Twitter Feed and their Facebook feed which They're actively putting out updates on They are confirming that that shooting That was asked about an eighth and chest Chestnut was outside jctc the suspect Fled there's no active shooter they're Reporting right now Um so they're staging another media Location outside the jctc Um we'll get an update I'm sure from the Police shortly we don't have an exact Time of that update but we'll certainly Continue monitoring that and I know you Will as well Nate thank you very much

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